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Re: Swastika Anand?

Post21 Aug 2017


thank you very much for your scholarly input.

The Æsculapian Authority of veterinary medicine attained a great height during the Ashoka Dynasty. Ancient China, Egypt, and India made stellar contribution to veterinary medicine. The nasogastric tube has its origins from India. While modern veterinary medicine has advanced in parallel with human medicine, socio-culturally, in India, outside of academia, the Æsculapian Authority of veterinary medicine (AAVM) has been abused and degraded sometimes by the ruling class (Paterson, 2000).

In the West, AAVM has gained a level exceeding its level during the Ashoka Dynasty.

It is four times more challenging to gain acceptance into veterinary school, compared to human medical school. The four year curriculum is much more challenging than human medicine. The post-doctoral training for specialization is just a rigorous or more than some disciplines of human medicine.

While the BKs have been awaiting Sat Yug, veterinarians and veterinary scientists around the world have been contributing to a new era that dwarfs the BKs' dream of Sat Yug. Some areas where veterinary medicine has been contributing to the new era are ethorobotics, biomechanics, biomimicry, biomimetics, and genomic-based medicine and healing.


Paterson, E.T. (2000). Æsculapian Authority and the doctor-patient relationship. The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 15. Retrived from http://orthomolecular.org/library/jom/2 ... p082.shtml

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