More in one article than in 20 years of Murli

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More in one article than in 20 years of Murli

Post13 Jun 2021

I’d like to share this article, brilliantly deep yet wide-ranging, with anyone who has an interest in making sense of the experience of being in the world, how is it we experience it the way we do, what we look for in self, others, culture and society, including politics. And how we can reconcile with those whose attitudes come from a place of inverted love. How we reconcile the paradox of experiencing "the world” even as part of that world - the experienced is also the one having the experience,

I found it heart provoking and thought warming (!). Almost every sentence inspires one’s own thoughts in a way that requires the reader to make an effort not to go off in their own meditation but to keep reading. The beauty of the written word, however, is that one can return to it again and again, in one’s own time. it rewards patient reading.

As I have titled the Topic, there is more in this one article than in the sum total of all the BK Murlis. Unlike the BK Gyan, which is designed to make you conform, dependent and separated from the immediacy of life and its richness, this author clearly delineates a way of being, seeing, that frees us from falling into the traps we create for ourselves.
Love as a Way of Seeing - By Chad Engelland


Consider, in this regard, the renewal of life that comes from having children.

“In the household where a new child is born, all objects change their sense, they begin to anticipate from this child some still indeterminate treatment,” the philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty observes. “Someone new and someone additional is there, a new history, whether it be brief or long, has just been established, and a new register is open.”

The child’s wonder before the world is contagious. It is not just the child that is a delight but also the new interest in the world, as a new understanding slowly dawns.

We rediscover the living waters that swirl about below the ice whenever we speak and think about things, for children must figure out how to break into speech and come to understand things. And, in minding their efforts, we are brought to realise how strange it is that speaking happens, or that inklings of illumination about things can occur and be shared.

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