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Karma. Why did Islam Invade Bharath and Give Sorrow

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2022
by jayadeepan
According to karma Bharath must have invaded Islam and given sorrow to Islam, so Islam came back and give sorrow to Bharath

Why did Ravan give sorrow to Bharath?

Bharath must have given sorrow Rama must have given sorrow to Ravana and according to karma Ravan give back sorrow to Rama

Why did black people become slaves to white men?
Black people must have kept white men as a slave so karma is doing its job

Why did white men colonize Africa Asia South America India?
These countries and people must have colonized white and looted their wealth and treated them as a slave so karma bites back

I would like Arjun to ask this question to Baba dev Dixit
Or anyone other than PBK can answer the question. I do not expect any answer from BKs because they do not think

Re: Karma. Why did Islam Invade Bharath and Give Sorrow

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2022
by jayadeepan
The Murli says, if you give sorrow you get sorrow in return, Or if you give peace you get peace in return. So Bharat and Hindus must have given so much sorrow to the east India company, Otherwise, according to karma how can the east India company give sorrow to Bharath? In history, we do not see any proof for Bharath or Hindu Sikh Pakistani or Bangladeshi giving sorrow to white men.

In that case, the entire karma theory must be subtle and meaningful to the Subtle Region and meaningless to the real world.

When we ask Baba why are some gundas trying to attack me and then he said you must have done something when you were a king

If someone is raped by a rapist he must have raped the rapist in the past birth, So the Jews must have gas-chambered Germans and Hitler in the past life. But when you look at the history there was nothing wrong with Jews in the past 2000 years old history. And we do not see germans undergoing any punishment so definitely they cannot be wrong they have settled with Jews

we do not see India invading England or black people invading America in history, We had not a history of Africa doing bad things to others. Again the one who did bad (the white man seems to be living a happy life with all looted wealth and still superior to Africa India Pakistan or Mexico). Anybody has the answer to this

Remembering Supreme Soul

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2022
by jayadeepan
The Murli ( both BK or PBKs) states that you should forget the body and remember the Supreme Soul
When you try to remember an invisible it will make you absent-minded, and you cannot simultaneously remember the Supreme Soul, and soul and be aware of your body and its duty.

On the other side, knowledge says you must be ruling your body, To rule your body you must be conscious that you have a body and you must feel the ruling in the body. Otherwise, your absent mind will continue to increase and you will be lost in the world as a maniac. It is a very good concept you rule the body, but how can you rule the body when you are told to forget the body? You are told to think about the soul sitting on the forehead and the other side, you are told to forget the body and bodily being. In that case, how can you rule the body? You are told to drive the body and you are told to remember Paramatma at the same time. If you do that at the same time you will be lost in time, you forget to turn off the light, you forget your phone and you will be invaded by foreign thoughts. But you are told to be yourself. Here everything is contradictory. The question is just like Hinduism lost in the lies did The Knowledge undergoing lies because the drama has to repeat everything good and bad?

The Knowledge says you are lustful and teaching expects you to be celebrating, and only according to numberwise people get ruling power. In that case, 99% of the children are lustful and if you put them in a room they will have sex with each other or they may think about having sex outside the gathering. Baba cannot give you ruling power overnight says The Knowledge. And there is no way you can be free from sex overnight if you are a lustful thorn. If you have no lust then you should not be a student according to study. And we do not see gradual uplifting by Paramatma in both parties. You are told you will become diety in the end when the destruction starts until then you are doing pursuant. It has been going on since 1937 and students must be 90% ready. But when you look at BKs they are smiling like a Bollywood film star and pretending happy. And parks look like beggars and are lost in translation. Is it not the same thing Islam teaches in the end you will go to heaven?

Re: Karma, Why did Islam ivade bharath and gave sorrow

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2022
by jayadeepan
This sounds like Muhammed had sex with his sibling, I cannot see people having free from sex lust overnight, and the teaching says you will become free from sex lust in the end. And they expect you to be celebrating and not get angry and not get attached. But only in the end do you become perfect. So it should be gradual and why do you expect no sex when you are supposed to achieve that by purusharth for a long time (100) years? What is the point of purusharth then?

We do not know who is having sex with who? because it is impossible to control sex and mind overnight? Paramathma does not need to take responsibility he is just a Bindu, he taught sweat teaching in 1937 and now he is telling those are devils and those who follow Brahma are devils. But Virendra deva looks like he is in100% or 90% anxious and he is not a gentleman yet. So he has not controlled the sex lust. But when will he be a gentleman and when will he control the sex lust? BKs does behave like a gentleman but it is all acting like movie stars and pretending to be pure.

If you have controlled your sex lust already why do you do purusharth to control sex lust?