How to make quotes, lists, edit, add user icon, video etc

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Re: How to make quotes, lists, edit, add user icon, video etc

Post31 Mar 2009

You can now reply to a post in 3 ways;

    Quote: which automatically quotes the whole of the previous post. It is essential to remove what you do not want and leave just the essence you wish to reply to, e.g. a single sentance or two.

    Post reply: which quotes nothing but allows you to format your reply.

    • Quick reply: which allows only a quick, simple text reply but takes no time to load.
When you wish to add a reply to more then one previous post, e.g. 'user a' and 'user b', the only way to do that manually using the quote buttons in the editor.

Each new author's name should be written in, e.g. [quote="username"] with a carriage return after the closing quote tag.
Code: Select all
[quote]Original text[/quote]
Your text here.

Videos can also be added using the URL button rather than as the full video player which is useful when they are 'off topic' or 'off forum' or you wish to give more meaning to what you have written, e.g. Treat me good.

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