Rights, permissions and moderation

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Rights, permissions and moderation

Post01 May 2006

Rights, permissions and moderation

Currently there are no needs for rights, specific permissions to use any particular forum nor any user moderation. It is hope that it stays that way and that mutual trust and respect will govern proceedings.


The forum categories are intended for guidance only and not set in stone but please try to be disciplined as to where you post what according to interest.

This is a "discussion" forum. It is open to all. And so please "discuss", avoiding wars or using Knowledge and Murli points as sticks to beat each other with. Be appreciative of cultural differences but do not feel inhibited by them. If you have to have conflicts, at least make them entertaining for others.

Editing posts

At present, users are able to edit their own posts for one hour after posting in order to remove typographical errors in good faith. Please do not abuse this by editing your posts to change a thread. It is very useful for others to be able to follow a thread in its original form. Others can always learn from our mistakes and you might never realise how important something you wrote is to someone else.

If a post requires editing or deletion after this time, please contact and discuss it with an Admin.
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Re: Rights, permissions and moderation

Post29 Jul 2011

I am unable to upload attachments to my posts.
I tried to upload *.jpg files as attachments to my post 2-3 times,
but I got error "cannot upload files of this extension."
and when I tried to embed some images in my post,
it showed just links to the image hosting website, instead of the images.
Please help or guide me in this.

Also, please make a small group of most active users,
whom I can send pm at a time easily.

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