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Post24 Mar 2009

I'd also like to add that members of this forum (personality aside) should take note that posting threads containing swear-words has caused some problems in the past. No matter how strongly one feels, using 'bad' words against someone, dead or alive, can only lead to censorship and lay either the poster or even worse, the forum open to outside 'attack'.

Its really not good PR for the forum's image. Once again, I do suggest that we (the forum members) should maintain our openness and integrity (and public image) - after all we do not wish to sink to the low levels some of us may be accusing the BKWSU of.

It would be very easy at times for an outsider to completely and publically dismiss the wonderful (and important) work this forum has brought about these last few years, just because we couldn't find another word for something expressive we're trying to say.

... and that's me over playing policeman for today ... :|.

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