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Re: I know this may be quite cheeky (more souls and computers)

Post25 May 2009

Of course it can be extended to the whole of humanity, and it something I aim to do. But at this moment in time, the fact that we are on this forum means we share something which needs to be treasured.

People outside the Brahmin family are two faced, and so it stands to reason that the roots/seeds of those are there in the BK/PBK world also have to be that.

Not a very nice thought but then what is a movie without the villains? After all, they are just actors playing their roles accurately.

We just need to be true to ourselves.



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Re: I know this may be quite cheeky (more souls and computers)

Post27 May 2009

bindi wrote:but then what is a movie without the villains

Ah, but Gyan says that a life spent posing for portrait painters for 1250 years is preferable to the rich tapestry, the light and shade, the rough and smooth textures of life here and now. If Sat Yuga is so wonderful, and all are so pure and perfect, why do they need a king and queen? Oh that's right, to give the artists someone to paint.

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