Technical Problems with Forum Software

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Technical Problems with Forum Software

Post09 Jul 2011

We are currently experience technical problems with forum software that we are unable to resolve at present to a lack of time and resources and apologies for this.

One of the problems appears to a difficult in the registration of new users and has affect the forum for the last couple of months. In the meantime, it anyone wishes to join who cannot, please contact the Admin account at [][/url].

As part of the resolution, we are taking the time to redesign the front end of the website to allow for further development in the future.

If anyone experience technical problems in the use of the forum, please report it.

Thank you

Current known issues

    • registration form and captcha feature does not work
    • loss of editing tools (buttons) from post pages
    • problems with placing image attachments
    • minor formatting issues with forums

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