Responses to request for information from non-BKs

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Responses to request for information from non-BKs

Post16 May 2013

Much of the work behind 'Brahma Kumaris Info' is unseen and happens 'off forum' via correspondence or in personal meetings with both newcomer and exiting individuals, and concerned family members of BKs.

Time and geography allowing, it's always a pleasure to assist as best as we can and inform others about the true teachings, history, background and activities of the so called 'Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University' cult and it's sometimes possible for us to call upon supporters in various different continents to do so.

Where geographical location does not allow personal meetings, it may be possible to offer support via other methods.

If any individual is willing and interested to speak to such individuals and share their experiences, please contact us in order to do so.
xxxxxxxxx wrote:I've been reading your website which is very helpful. I am new to BK and have booked to go to a course in Oxfordshire this weekend about meditation.

Do you know anything about the oxfordshire centre as I am now thinking of not going?

thanks a lot

xxxxxxxxx wrote:Many thanks for your detailed email and for all the information you have given. I appreciate the time you took, so thank you. I ended up not going on the weekend because I felt uneasy about what I had read on your website.

I was looking for a meditation weekend and what I read was going far beyond anything I expected - or wanted! So although I did not get the email you sent until after the date of the weekend, it was still useful, and the website was useful too

with thanks

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