BK Info - tech stuff section in the forum needed

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BK Info - tech stuff section in the forum needed

Post09 Oct 2013

I decided to start this topic, because IMHO, the forum needs to have the typical tech section. Not about BK stuff, but about technical matters in general - in forum, wiki (Encyclopedia).

And about problems we experience, our opinions, propositions, e.g. what lacks, what is broken, etc.

So, this is my question to Admin. Is it possible to add that section to the forum?

And now some other stuff (I was absent for quite a long time):

A few months ago I declared to make a small contribution to the website, and I offered to translate some parts of the website to Polish. At the moment the translation of the website articles is done in 90%.

I also figured out that a year or two ago, when I was very bored or so ;) and had a lot of free time, I did an "unofficial" Polish translation of "BK FAQs". At the moment, it has also been done in approx. 90% (in fact, I've been just working on it).

So, there's the news.

Besides, I noticed that some sections in the website are out of date. For example, I'd suggest the "BK FAQs" to be viewed, updated and edited (e.g. the information about provided open discussion for the BKs and PBKs is out of date, as actually both sections in the forum have been closed and left read-only).

The "Timeline" chapter in the "BK FAQs" also needs to be updated (many important facts in the history of the BKWSU happened after 1991). The "BK FAQs" was created in 2008, now it's 2013. So, IMHO, it seems to be abandoned for a quite long time.

That's all for now. If I notice something more, I'll post. I'd also like to encourage you all to give your propositions what should be changed in the website. After all, this is the website that we all, users, support voluntarily, so I think, that we all should care about how the BK Info looks and operates.

Take care friends.

Oh, and by the way, "raistlin" and "raistlin75" is the same user (just in case). ;-)

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