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Post29 Apr 2007

bansy wrote:I think I understand the non-necessity of having members names on the first page (prior Logging in), as we should not reply to posts simply by who is responding. However, it may be useful to have the time shown with the date, since the forum is used by all folks around the world.

Bansy correctly identified another element we wished to encourage.

If you wish to change the way the date, and timezone, is shown for yourself, you can do so in your 'Profile'. The default has been set to GMT and "d M Y" - which is (date, month, year).

You can reset this to; "D M d, Y g:i a" which is (day, date, month, year, hours and minutes) as before and save the changes. Only you will see in this way after logging in. Instructions are given on how to customise this on the profile page.

Individuals' post can still be found via their profile. I would appreciate individual's response to using the 'New posts' function and whether this does the required job.

A certain degree of compromise is required by contributors as we also have to consider how the site is seen, and archived, by search engines so that new individuals can find there way here.
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Post29 Apr 2007

bro neo wrote:Bloody hell, some one changed what I wrote..again. I originally said I had 2 references. The bulk of the original quotes from above are from


a) Yes, from time to time the forum software duplicates posts. It is a known bug but not a major enough one for us to attempt to fix right now.

b) With regards to changes made to your posts, firstly, can I make it clear that although posts are moderated for spelling and formatting, the content is never changed. Your links were fixed.

You can edit your own post for up to one hour after posting. After that, please contact Admin or a moderator. If you can point out the correction, we can make it. To make a quote, use;
Code: Select all
[quote="the author"]Your text[/quote]

with no return/space above or below it.

c) You can see above that, for some reason, the URL you put on the forum breaks. This also happens regularly. It is the apostrophe or underscore that does it. With a long URL, or in an incident like this, use a service such as tinyurl.com to convert it. This was changed but to link to the same place.

To understand the code and how to lay out a link, see here;
Code: Select all
[url=http://www.yourlinkgoes.com/here][b]The Name of your Link[/b][/url]

This makes a link like this; The Name of your Link
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abrahma kumar

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The new look BrahmaKumaris.Info Forum front page

Post01 Oct 2007

Hi, just to say that I find the look and layout of the new forum front page agreeable.

Such developments convey to us users (and hopefully the www at large) that there is both life and postive progressive energy in the place; notwithstanding the pending legal action etc, etc.

Thank you all & much power to you so that you are able keep up the good work as long as the will prevails.

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Post01 Oct 2007

I loved it too !! cheers !! 8)
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Post01 Oct 2007

Dear Admin - I'd just like to add my vote of thanks to those of abek and freedom. I really like the new structure, facilities, look-and-feel of the forum. Thank you so much for your continuing improvements during a time which might have been a bit distracting?!
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reforming BK

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Post01 Oct 2007

Very Spiffing 8).
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Post02 Nov 2007

Dear Admin,

Hello. Can I/we have one or two smileys (I hope the spelling is correct) of flowers/bouquets in addition to the 20 smileys that already exist???? :?

I will need these flowers very soon while posting my replies :D :lol: .

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Change of forum direction to focus on ex-BK issues

Post08 Mar 2009

As part of the ongoing developments and change of direction at BrahmaKumaris.Info, and inline with our policy of transparency, the following message was sent to a number of forum members in support of the new forum for BK/PBK followers at BK-PBK.Info.

    Members are requested to hold their BK related discussions at BK-PBK.Info, allowing this forum to focus on ex-BK issues.
BrahmaKumaris.Info is unfunded and supported by volunteers only. It has very limited resources. It takes a considerable time and energy to support a website and forum such as this, and these are now being prioritized to asssist ex-BKs, exiting-BKs and non-BKs. Had we had more support and cooperation from members in the running of the website, it would have been possible continue as before. But without it, it was impossible.

Not wishing to leave anyone without some mechanism of support, we fully assisted in the establishment of BK-PBK.Info as an independent BK and PBK discussion forum for those that wish to explore their faith in the Brahma Kumaris religion. In doing so, all user accounts and moderators were transfered in order to allow the new admins and community the opportunity to establish their own forum, according to their priorities.

The BK, PBK and Splinter Forums remain on this website as a Read Only Archive as we cannot afford to maintain their development any further. It is not possible for anyone to post to them. During the handover peroid, which due to technical difficulties took longer than expected, posts by active PBKs etc were suspended so as not to cause discontinuities from the copy of the forum we were transfering.

Thank you.
Admin wrote:This is a request to [ xxx ]. Following on from the nature of both your recent posts, and having spoken to others involved in running this forum, please read this private message carefully and understand where it is coming from.

Obviously, you are both not happy with the recent changes and new direction of Brahmakumaris.info. On the basis of a 3 to 1 balance, we like to ask you politely to invest your energies into giving life to the new BK-PBK.info red forum or elsewhere.

You are not being banned or suspended. We genuinely believe your interests and energies would be best used amongst those who would appreciate them the most and that you have much to give them. Please get involved and make it what you want it to be. As part of the hand over to BK-PBK.info, we restored bansy's moderator status. I am sure that if you are willing to give more, the admins might be grateful for your cooperation too, john.

Brahmakumaris.info is winding down in its scope and direction to assist;

    BKs and ex-BKs, who wish and are ready to exit the BKWSU
    friends and family of BK, who do not understand the changes their loved ones are undergoing
    and non-BKs.
The reason for these changes have been stated on both forums. This site is not, and has never been, a virtual BKWSU. It can no longer support those interested in sustaining BK interests. If at some point you wish to review your involvement with the BKWSU philosophy/lifestyle/movement etc, then you are most welcome to rejoin.

The other alternative is we give you a copy of the forum and other materials to date and you set up your own forums as BK-PBK.info has and run it your way.

Primarily, this is due to a simple matter of available resources. You have no idea what it has cost and taken to run this forum. Although we support the original concept in theory, we can no longer afford the time and energy to manage and maintain the forum as it was.

Secondly, most of the feedback we receive is that having pro-BK or BK-like voices dominating the forum is that it is putting off the people we want to reach, as it was with the PBKs in both directions (to BKs and PBKs). We tried, we received too little support and too many burdens, we helped set up an alternative that we hoped would cater for every one. We strongly encourage you both to start your own weblog type site and recommend the freely available Wordpress platform to do so. It takes no more effort than posting on this forum.

So, please, rather than sour the forum with your reactions invest your energies positively in creating what you want.

Thank you.

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