Brahma Kumaris Info 10th Anniversary

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Brahma Kumaris Info 10th Anniversary

Post24 May 2016

Following downtime due to our server migration problems, Brahma Kumaris Info is now back online and celebrating its tenth year in operation.

Brahma Kumaris Info domain was first registered in March 2006 and went online as a information based website soon afterwards. At the time, the ex-BK and 'friends and family of BKs' community was served by another discussion forum called xBKchat.

xBKChat was shortly afterwards shut down, subjected by pressures from the BKWSO (BKWSU in the USA), and so Brahma Kumaris Info quickly stepped into its place offering a home for the community to carry on its discussion, and expanded its resources to include a library of original materials, an encyclopedia of BKism and to publish historical research about the BK movement that has transformed the understanding of it, and its leaders.

Originally Brahma Kumaris Info was established as an "ecumenical" website, encouraging discussion between all individuals effected Brahma Kumari cult indoctrination; including active BKs, PBKs, ex- and exiting BKs and the 'friends and family of BKs' community.

Unfortunately, due to limited resources and the embittered antagonisms of BKWSU members towards PBK members - a breakaway sect of BKs - and, to a lesser degree, BK supporters towards BK critics, that model proved unworkable and incompatible with the interests of our primary purpose of supporting ex- and exiting BKs. Therefore, the forum was later forked into two separate forums; one for ex-BKs and one for PBKs ... the latter of which has since been taken over by BKs and has become rabidly anti-PBK again.

For all of those 10 years, Brahma Kumaris Info resources have been offered as a free service to all. Direct financial donations have never been sought nor accepted (the only exception being when all legal fees for the defence of the site from BKWSO attempts to shut it down were paid by BKWSU victims).

Our server migration problems have underlined the necessity for a fund or trust to be established to ensure the ongoing security, maintenance and development of the website as an independent website documentating the Brahma Kumari movement.

Limited resources were one of the causes of the delay, and the liability of having all responsibilities lying on one individual are too great, should something happen to them.

Currently, our costs are about £100 ... or $140 ... or 10,000 Indian Rupees every year, technical support not included.

A fraction of the cost of a single Brahma Kumari centre's PR budget.

It would be good to ensure the survival of the website until ... if not the 'End of the World' (current predicted to be 2036 by the Brahma Kumari leaders) ... at least the End of the BK World and to spread the load of carrying. It would even better to be able to afford more professional hosting with better expert technical support as the site's current IT technician is not predicted to live that long!

If anyone has any suggestions of how this can be achieved, or offers of support, please contact us on:

Our worst fear is that, as with the forum and Wikipedia page on the BKWSU, this domain will eventually fall into the hands of the BK mafia, and its purpose be subverted and corrupted to serve the Brahma Kumari leaders, as those sites have been.

Thank you.
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Re: Brahma Kumaris Info 10th Anniversary

Post26 May 2016

I'd donate a bit, maybe via pay pal

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