Rules and regulations of Samarpit

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Rules and regulations of Samarpit

Post18 Aug 2017

Dear Didi /Bhai ji

Om Shanti

I have qualified Master in account from Melbourne. As Baba has told time is short, so I am depressed. Moreover Baba have told it will start from Western countries and I am in Melbourne. So I think I should not waste more time and myself must be Samarpit in Mount Abu.

Would you please confirm the rules and regulations of Samarpit?

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Re: Rules and regulations of Samarpit

Post18 Aug 2017

Were you depressed before entering BKism?

How long have you been following the BKs and how pukka are you? How is your chart as far as doing Amrit Vela meditation and attending Morning Class?

Are you in a relationship or still living with your family?

Please be aware that Lekhraj Kirpalani and BapDada, and the Seniors, have been telling people that "time is short" and Destruction is near for 80 years and more. Every year, every generation of BK, it is the same. They have made many failed predictions of Destruction; WWII, 1950, 1976, 1986, 1986 to 1996, Year 2000 and so on.

It is always "just two to three years" away ... and never comes.

When I was a BK, in the early 1980s, that is exactly the same thing they told us. "Destruction in two to three years" ... how things were going to become much worse before it happened ... it never did. Beware being conned into wasting your life.

You need to understand it is just a yukti, a method, to get people to surrender their mind, body and wealth to the BKWSU.

And in every generation people have felt just like you. Unfortunately, all Lekhraj Kirpalani's money has run out, so the rules have changed now.

You want to surrender and run away from the world, who is going to take care of you? Who is going to pay for your food, clothing and upkeep, any objects you need? You want to surrender (samarpit) but he BKWSU wants you outside pulling in money and sending it back, promoting it to the world.

The question to ask is, why do you want to surrender? Why did you want to join the BK in the first place?

Are you unhappy with life? Is life too difficult for you? Have you experienced some kind of practical loss or unhappiness?

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