Break up of families

for young people from 13 to 20 involved, interested or whose families are in the BKWSU
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friends or family of a BK

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Break up of families

Post21 Aug 2007

[youtube=tqcSdIJI9Uw]Ooh Child things are going to get easier[/youtube]

Pooja Patel wrote:April 29th, 2007

This is definitely true. My mother is willing to leave all three of us children and my Father in order to surrender herself to the BKs.

Seva wrote:Hi. I was little but just a little older than your Brother, when my family "died". I told people that, because I was little.

heshe wrote:Ever hear about what happened in Allbury/Wadongga [Australia] with two teenangers who nearly commited suicide after being told by local Indian Sister about the End of the World?

Child Abuse and Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (Raja Yoga)
ERomain wrote:I was first introduced to Raja Yoga in 1975 at the London Centre in Kilburn, north-west London when I was 14 years old.

So it not surprising that the young seek to emulate those that they admire. But living the life of a monk when you are 60 is very different than when you are 16.

The Voice of a Child of the BKWSU wrote:Can you imagine trying to make small talk with your own Father as a child, because he was some kind of “Shudra”? And now to look back and see that I had a Father but in my own head I didn’t. How much did I miss? When my parents split up because of “Gyan”, what did the Seniors do for me then, did they hold me when I cried? They might have given me an apple, though I am sure I would have rather had my parents back.

Child X wrote:February 1999

Repressed sexuality also opens the doors to all kinds of abuse. My Sister and her friend as young children were sexually abused, on several occasions and by different people in Madhuban and Delhi. The Seniors were informed, but did nothing. It seems that they blame the victim for “attracting it” no matter how young they may be. That somehow women attract rape. What “Women’s Organisation” would allow that attitude?

Wake Up Everybody
John wrote:Well excuse me , but did not you people once fall for a certain person being the Chariot of God, except that, that had an Institution, status and power behind it, so therefore was validated

Too many ''Chariots", Too many GODS ...

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