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questioning BK

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Science & Technology, Universities & Spiritualism for peace

Post27 Mar 2009


I have been watching and listening to lectures of Shivani madam on Astha channel.

I find it important for all the people in world to see similar lectures in BKs or in any other organisation for bringing bio-chemical peace or equillibrium energy (e=mc2) state at mental level. This can help us in oness to be at harmony with our observed existing biological enviornmental nature.

Whenever she talk about bio-chemical thought process and subject of discussion, I think people should also see it in the following scientific processing for right congnition on the elevated conversation.

Think this that her subject can be seen and related to following points.

    1. Advanced systematic statistical scientific information techique on psycho-analysis.
    2. These topics of anger, ego, which does exist in bio-chemical material form manifested in our human bio-logical system.
    3. Doctor, bio-metric engineers,researcher and psychology students will be taking these as there subjects in university in future generations as thesis.
    4. Cognition and information technology will be changing due to the systemic integration of such information provided by BKs.
    5. It will be considered as major technological projects in the 4th or 5th generations.
    6. Due to advance in bio-informatic technology and science we will be having or may feel important to have anger-meter/ego-meter/greed-meter/love-meter/peace-meter
    and we will be able to measure and take graphical printiout of our anger representation.
    7. Bio-chemical electronic representation of thought will be possible and this is what the BKs want.
    8. I see scientific reason and logic with bio-metric information both at physical and bio-chemical mentally. This is helping me to feel important to be at peace in our own biological system and with its surrounding biological nature of eternal growth.
    9. Shivani also says about energy.In 4th/6th generation we may be able to display ,measure, process energy manifestation.
    10. One day the enlighted soul will be bio-metrically and technologically represented and understood and will be seen important to evolve.
I suggest that the BKs should voluntarily involve themselves technically with all the universities for taking Shivani's subjects as major thesis projects.

For this they should use following subjects;

    1. Spiritualism
    2. Bio-metric and bio-informatic technology
    3. Psychology
    4. Neurology and other bio-medical fields.
    5. Embedded computing systems
Science is not for Destruction if goodwill people from universities and Organisations like BKs come together around the world for common spiritual-cum-scientific research helping the world to evolve in right spirit.

I am highly sensitve person hence I write what I see. You may think I am too much or it is all rubbish. But I do not mind whatever you think on it.


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