BKs read this : A BK mother breaking up her young family

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BKs read this : A BK mother breaking up her young family

Post04 May 2007

To highlight an important case of the damage the BKWSU can inflict when not carefully understanding and supporting a family's situation, all BKs should heed notice and read the following thread raised by a youth who has gone through the traumas of the pull of the BKWSU have and are inflicting on her family and the rest of her younger siblings for the past 6 years.

See here :This discussion has been highlighted since the latter thread which is in the Common Room forum also jointly belongs to this Youth forum. Due to serious of the situation, the necessity to interact with more older and experienced fellow forum members whereby members are voluntarily helping the aforementioned strickened family. The BKWSU should also do likewise.

Personally, I hope some responsible member of the BKWSU to show duty of care in this matter. Young children are being affected now.

The next message in this thread should thus be from a responsible senior or official BK. Please.

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