Interview des Brahma Kumaris par le CICNS

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Interview des Brahma Kumaris par le CICNS

Post22 May 2010

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Re: Interview des Brahma Kumaris par le CICNS

Post24 May 2010

Translation anyone? Is this a 'pro-BK video' against the French government "persecution", or prosecution, of the Brahma Kumaris? Becher saying it the situation is France is very negative, that cults are portrayed as "demoniac". It seems to talk about them being refused rooms, silenced in public. "A very dangerous cult."

Who made this?

Top marks to France. Unfortunately, the BKs have brought this upon themselves due to all their dishonesty. Of course, BKs tend to use, or infiltrate, any situation "for service" and, of course, any sect that believes they will bring about a Nuclear Holocaust that will kill of all humanity is dangerous.

I suppose it relates to the two schoolteachers (creche workers) were imprisoned by the police for a few days because they were Brahmakumaris and had used some Brahmakumari precepts in their teaching. What do they expect? Ce n'est pas l'Inde!

The CICNS is an cult apologist group.

The CICNS is an association born out of the observation that spiritual orientations and practices in France have been misrepresented for some time. A discriminatory crusade has been led against any new spiritual search, using the technique of prejudicial association.

The CICNS is an independent centre aimed at supporting and advising new spiritual movements, as well as informing authorities on the important and sensitive subject of new forms of spiritual search.

The objective of the CICNS is to ensure that spiritual search is respected in all its diversity, and to put an end to the unacceptable association consistently made between spiritual movements and criminality or mental manipulation. The term "cult" summarizes for the public at large, this odious confusion. The CICNS executive and active members are conscious of the need to base their actions and their words on an impartial outlook, so the truth about spiritual search and the destructive intentions of the anti-cult activists in France can be revealed.

We see no reason to seek conflict, provocation, polemics or confrontation with one or more of those who are specifically responsible for the situation that we denounce. We believe that waging war does not bring it to an end; rather, it makes it last. We believe the only enemies are fear and ignorance.

The CICNS thus chooses dialogue, information, support and mediation, while giving itself the right to speak up and act firmly when the situation demands it.

The CICNS is an association whose members are linked by its object, beyond the differences of their spiritual or ideological paths and choices. The CICNS is not related to any movements labelled as a cult, nor does it represent any particular spiritual path. It is dedicated to serve those who are confronted in one way or the other with the current situation facing new spiritualities.

The object of the CICNS is to bring balance to the debate and to answer questions about new spiritualities through:

Taking an active part in the defence of freedom of spiritual orientations and practices, by putting CICNS knowledge and skills at the disposal of others, with the aim of mediation and resolution of the problem encountered.

Broadcasting comprehensive information about new forms of spirituality, by the use of the right of reply, the organisation of public conferences and demonstration in the field, by the moral and judicial backing of any person victim of discrimination in this domain, and by any other legal means known or unknown at present.

The fundamental objectives of the CICNS are:

1. To stimulate the creation of an independent and impartial information source (observatory) about spiritual minorities in France. It will include researchers and academics (sociologists, philosophers and historians) specialists in psychology and psychiatry as well as diverse new psychotherapies, social workers, lawyers and people from NGOs and associations campaigning for human rights and spiritual minority’s representatives.

This observatory will be a balanced body of consultation (composed of personalities both critical and in favour of spiritual minorities) that could make recommendations to the government, the parliament and to the public authorities, in order to improve the law and public liberties in the subject of spiritual or therapeutic paths in the 21st century, and preserve public order.

It will engage a journey of discovery about spiritual movements, which therefore would be able to come out of the shadow. The observatory would mediate conflicts between adepts and movements in advance of the justice system being involved.

The observatory would establish a charter respecting diversity of belief, to which all spiritual minorities should subscribe.

The observatory will communicate its action in an annual report, addressed to the President, Prime Minister and to the Parliament, which will be made public via the internet and any media that would wish to disseminate it.

2. To secure a reduction in public funding for groups and associations which are against spiritual freedom and new spiritual movements, or to obtain similar amount in public funding for groups or associations that offer another approach to that subject.

3. To have legislation adopted in favour of tolerance, protecting and guaranteeing the right of each individual to practice, express and live freely, without discrimination, the spirituality of his or her choice.

To this end, the CICNS will pursue and develop the work begun since its creation, through actions that you will be informed about by subscribing to our bimonthly and free electronic letter. The best way to keep in touch with us and to take part in our activities and debates is to visit the official website of the CICNS on the internet at

The CICNS team:

From a FAQ on CICNS in English ...
Q3.But the danger exists?

There are no more dangerous individuals within spiritual groups than anywhere else. Actually, people who are associated with spiritual groups generally lead lives that are oriented towards friendship, and internal peace. Rare instances of unsavoury behaviour by particular individuals in spiritual minorities should no longer be used to condemn all New Age spiritualities, as has been the case to date in France.
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Re: Interview des Brahma Kumaris par le CICNS

Post19 Oct 2010

The video is pro-BK in the sense of showing victimization towards individuals in spiritual minority groups. There is no counter-balance in the video. Only self-defense using the typical BK denial of anything relating to cults. But it is also not showing the BK in a good light either because the individuals are talking about the discrimination and fear they have been exposed to which doesn't really help their cause. Fear just breeds fear. France can be seen as the bad guy and the French as ignorant people who fear anything that might be different, but actually, it's just projection. The BK instills deeply negative messages into the unconscious - albeit subtly - that they cannot even see it themselves, so they must project it onto the outside world. They want to be different and special but France is not buying into it.

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