The Preordained War of Mahabharata (now in Hindi & English)

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Re: The Preordained War of Mahabharata (now in Hindi & English)

Post12 Oct 2008

Here is the approximate English translation of another page and some portion of the next page from the document 'Mahabharat Larai':

24th February, 1942
P.O.Box 381,

At midnight or at the time of Brahm Muhoorth, two maharathi Brahmakumaris are guarding their posts at the imperishable Gyan Yagya building and discussing deep knowledge with each other as given below:

BK Sundari: Dear friend, today the British Government has declared that every man and woman should pray for victory in their respective places of worship, temples, mosques, churches, etc., but a question arises as to whom should they pray - to the incorporeal Supreme Soul or to the past corporeal messengers (Divine Fathers)?"
BK Mira: Friend, it is ponderable that the incorporeal Supreme Soul does not have a shape or body at all, so how would He listen and come? Yes, the remaining corporeal or embodied human-form Messengers (Divine Father) have been becoming instruments in establishing their dynasties in this Kurukshetra (World) by different name, form and country at their designated time and as per their powers.
BK Sundari: These messengers (divine fathers) and their divine ones take birth in the demoniac community only, when by chance, after having the vision of the soul (self realised) they have to face many tortures from the human community with doubting intellects (self unrealized). In the end they become instrumental in establishing their dynasties and are praised for many births. Look friend, it is such a deep secret.
BK Mira: The foolish people with The Knowledge of Vedas, scriptures, Quran, Bible, Granth think that every Messenger (Divine Father) establishes his dynasty and then merges into the divine light, but on the basis of the experience obtained from divine vision and the scriptural theory says that every Messenger (Divine Father) takes rebirth along with his divine dynasty and keeps becoming instrumental in increasing the dynasty established by himself.
BK Sundari: At present people belonging to all the religions, Islamic people, Buddhists, Christians, etc. who are entangled in the crisis of this Mahabhari Mahabharata war must be definitely praying for help from their Messenger (Divine Father) for the sake of the victory of their dynasty?
BK Mira: Yes, friend, they do like that, but only that one would come whose turn it is now. How can everyone come at the same time?
BK Sundari: Dear friend, to which Messenger (Divine Father) does this community that calls itself as Hindus pray for help?
BK Mira: Just don’t ask about this colourful, atheist, slave Hindu community. Actually, there is no such religion as ‘Hindu’ in the scriptures. They do not know even the name or trace of their Messenger (Divine Father). Even among them, especially those who call themselves as Brahmins and say that we have emerged from the mouth of Prajapati Brahma, don’t even know that when, where and how did the Divine Father Prajapati Brahma get revealed? This Hindu community neither knows about its religion nor do they believe in any one God. The ones whom they remember or worship today, they insult and leave them tomorrow.

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