Vintage book list request

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Vintage book list request

Post15 Aug 2008

Might be worth picking through, regarding pre-1976 Destruction predictions, if anyone wants any homework to do rather than sitting around here gossiping? Hindi translation, please?

    Divya guṇoṃ kā guladastā by Prajāpitā Brahmākumārī Īśvarīya Viśva-Vidyālaya - Self-Help - 1973 (223 pages)

    Kamala pushpa-sama pavitra jīvana by Prajāpitā Brahma Kumārīs Īśhwarīya Viśhva-Vidyālaya - 1973 (191 pages)

    Viśva kā bhavishya by Prajāpitā Brahmā Kumārīs Īśhwarīya Viśhva-Vidyālaya (Abu, India), Prajāpitā Brahmākumārī Īśvarīya Viśva-Vidyālaya - Biography & Autobiography - 1973 (416 pages)

    July 1942 'Prajapati, "Lord of mankind"; 'Vartman mahabhari mahabharat larai aur unka parinam' Vol xvi Karachi 1942'. (Note "Vol xvi", so there must be many of them).

    World Renewal Spiritual Pictorial: Renouvellement Spiritual Due[sister in charge] Monde en Images by Prajapita Brahma Kumari Godly University, Prajapita Brahma Kumari Godly University - 1976 (in English and French)

    Nava--Vēda: Or, New Light : New Book of Real Knowledge : an Astro-philosophical and Socio-scientific Treatise
    By M. B. Raja Rao - (1968)

    Sarvodaya, possibly v. 15, no. 1. Published by Sarvodaya Prachuralaya (July 1965)
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Re: Vintage book list request

Post22 Aug 2008

Does anybody have these books????

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