How old is Dadi Janki today (and is she Manohar Shanta)?

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Re: How old is Dadi Janki today?

Post12 Nov 2008

ex-l wrote:A reliable source states that fatty Mohini in Mount Abu claims Janki Kripalani's real name is 'Manohar Shanta' which still, funnily enough, does not exist on the 1938 list of Om Mandli members' names. Any more information folks?

Very interesting. Mohini from Abu, the sweet silent companion of Dadi Kumarka. She never gave classes, is also a trance messenger and is only giving drishti in public meetings. In many years I heard her voice just once speaking few words when i visited one day Dadi Kumarka in her cottage.

Mohini from Abu has been living in the same cottage with Dadi Kumarka all the time and has helped and accompanied her since Dadi Kumarka's travel to Japan in 1970s until her demise, hand in hand, and has experienced everything. I don't think she likes Dadi Janki as Dadi Kumarka suffered always being left behind from the double foreigners' front because of Janki's ambitious character.

Here is the only photo from Dadi Janki with Mama amongst 60 photos from the Adi Devi Book. Unfortunately no date or place is given. She has here the outlook of a young woman.

Adi Devi  Photos Page_154.jpg
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Re: How old is Dadi Janki today (and is she Manohar Shanta)?

Post17 Nov 2008

I am just amazing at what they spout ... and that I once repeated it all like a parrot ... but before I mention what I have discovered, look at the picture about and realise that all of them, all of those "holy swans" had no thought of Shiva and any incorporeal god and were all the gopis, the courtiers, the spiritual harem of Lekhraj Kirpalani for whom he was their God. A tall, handsome, powerful and rich man that was looking after all their needs.

We were all told by Janki that she only had 3 years of education. Here it states, "For the first 10 years of her life, Dadi’s education was through a private tutor and based solely on the study of religious scriptures". Well, frankly, she did not have a private tutor aged 1,2,3,4 ... so what are we doing told?

Do we really believe she visited "all the foremost gurus, sages and saints of the day"?

And what is the BS about a family of "high moral and religious standing" weren't they Lekhraj Kirpalani followers who married her off against her will? Did the family and other Sisters, one who was a medium, leave the Om Mandli under unspoken circumstances?

Please qualify these claims ... which gurus, how many times, what exactly did she do "serving the needy and how often" ... I only feel I am that I am becoming spiritual awake now, now that I have freed myself from their hypnosis and their religion of lies and exaggerations passed off as truth.
[ Spirit of Change on Dadi Janki] - A Brief Life History

Born in 1916 to a philanthropic family of very high moral and religious standing, one of Dadi Janki’s earliest memories is of chanting the name of God as she was rocked in her cradle. Her whole childhood reflects a deep love for God, as well as an unswerving desire to serve humanity. From the start, Dadi’s parents were determined to raise her in an atmosphere free of materialism.

For the first 10 years of her life, Dadi’s education was through a private tutor and based solely on the study of religious scriptures. Dadi’s formal education — the study of basic learning skills — began only afterwards, when she spent a scant three years attending public school before going, at her insistence and with her parents’ blessings, on an extended tour of India’s many holy sites. She was 14 years old.

Traveling with her Father, Dadi met with all the foremost gurus, sages and saints of the day. She approached them all with the same query, “Who is God? Where is He? How can I find Him? How can I experience Him?” This intense search for God was relieved only by her intense devotion to charity. Even as a young child, Dadi was always going out to serve to the poor and needy in surrounding villages.

Dadi was 19 years old when she met Brahma Baba, the founder of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. She describes that first encounter as a “recognition.” At first sight, Dadi simply “knew” that here was the instrument of the Divine that she had been seeking. She not only heard the truth from this man but she says she saw in his behavior and felt in his presence the source of truth itself. A few years later, Dadi herself became part of the Brahma Kumaris institution, surrendering her life to God.
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Re: How old is Dadi Janki today (and is she Manohar Shanta)?

Post22 Nov 2008

Another Janki biography from a BKWSU ... more economy with, or manipulation of, the truth.

No mention of tutor, could the tutor just be her Father or grandfather? Bear in mind that for the first 20 years there was no mention of God Shiva and only Prajapati God Brahma ... so what is she and they talking about "Supreme Soul and Lekhraj Kirpalani making it clear that he was not god?
Janki wrote:With my Father and grandfather I studied the Hindu scriptures, which resulted in my having a lot of love for God and a deep desire to know who God is.

When I began attending these gatherings, I realized I was hearing knowledge that I had never read in any scripture or heard from any guru. The sound that kept coming in my mind was that these must be messages of the Supreme Soul.

Brahma Baba made it clear to all present that he, Brahma Baba, was not the Supreme Soul, but that the Supreme was using his body as a sort of Chariot to give these truths to the souls of the world at this time.
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Re: How old is Dadi Janki today (and is she Manohar Shanta)?

Post22 Nov 2008

Omshanti. While going through my old records I found this pamphlet of the megaprogramme organized by the BKs at Jaipur (capital of the north Indian state of Rajasthan) on 19th December, 2004.

In the pamphlet they have given the brief profiles of the Trimurti Dadis (Dadi Kumarka, Dadi Janaki & Dadi Gulzar) and Dadi Ratanmohini (head of Rajasthan zone besides being the incharge of all matters related to BK teachers in India).

While writing about Dadi Janaki they have mentioned that she is aged 87 years (in 2004) and doing Godly service in 130 countries. They have also mentioned that she has been scientifically tested as the woman with the most stable mind in the world.

What is surprising for me that in the profile about Dadi Prakashmani, they wrote that she is looking after more than 7000 centers in 90 countries. As Dadi Prakashmani was the global head while Dadi Janaki was just overseas head, how could the number of countries served by Dadi P be 40 less than those served by Dadi J?

Trimurty Dadis Pamphlet-2.jpg
Jaipur pamphlet

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