Old Brahmakumaris Evidences & British Museum

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Old Brahmakumaris Evidences & British Museum

Post24 Mar 2009

Beautiful Evidence from British Musem

Hi, ex-l. Can you tell anything regarding this whether any interested person like me can be allowed to see or get the photocopies if any such chances permitted by the British museum authority.

OM Mandali’s evidences from this website alarmed me because most of the Om Mandali’s history was destroyed by Lekharaj after his arrival to India from Pakistan. In my early BK days, I was questioning myself that why Lekhraj never allowed to stop taking his photo when he can strictly preach existence of Invisible God, and we never find a beggary state of situation for his photo. Go to anywhere Shantivan, PandavBhavan and ORC Delhi you still get oldest versions of photo but not the literature. This is what made me suspicious about the Lekharaj's real motives right from the beginning. Some one from ex-BK info. forum had done a most beautiful and valuable research in British Museum because most of the old Divine Decree and the fourth page of "This Preordained World-Wide War of Mahabharat and It’s Results" book by Radhe were stamped by British Museum seal, that means some body from London must have unveiled the most important evidence which would definitely execute the very honored faces of BKWSU!

In one of the Jagadishchandra Hassija’s audio CD’s he asked Lekahraj’s daughter Nirmalashanta to share her moments with her Father. She explained one incident in Calcutta how Lekharaj adorned her with valuable jewels and took her along with him to the Victoria House so that Queen Elizabeth should be tempted to buy such jewels for herself, and he was right in his motive because queen was attracted by the musical necklace and ordered the same one which is now kept in the British museum.

Nirmalashanta had told in her experience that when she was in BKWSU she had been to British Museum on a world tour visit, there she recognized the same jewelry at the British museum, she even explained its musical nature and museum attendant was surprised by this and informed the Queen Elizabeth who in turn told him to bring her along. Nirmalashanta met Elizabeth and told the details how her Father sold it in Victoria House when Elizabeth had visited Calcutta.

If Nirmalshanta can recognise the necklace which was made by her Father Lekharaj much before he started Om Mandali then definitely she should recognise the Om Mandali’s original books and literature which have no mention of God Shiva as supreme. Instead they say, "Aham Brahm Asmi" as the supreme faith :shock:. And even much to the embarrassment of all senior Sindhi and Indian BKs all old records say Lekharaj himself as the Supreme Guide and Prajapati God Brahma not Prajapita Brahma as mentioned today.

I think Nirmalashanta’s eyes does not recognize the Om Mandali’s divine records because they do not know properly which is divine and which is pure just like her Father Lekharaj alias “World Almighty Authority” alias “Prajapati God Brahma” alias “Supreme Guide of would-be Deities” alias “Master of Brahm, Brahmand and Brhamapuri” alias “AhamBrahmasmi” i.e. “Aham Chaturbhuj” (I am the Creator as well as Sovereign of Creation) alias “GeethaGyan Inventor” alias “Imparter of Imperishable Wisdom” alias “Bestower of Divine Insight” alias “Ocean of Unfathomable Supreme Wisdom” alias “The Creator” alias “Divine Father Gyan Surya” alias “The Seed of Humanity” alias “Almighty God” alias “ I, that selfsame Viceless Deity Kalgidhar Sri Krishna, Sri Narayana and God Vishnu” ?

He was the Divine creator cum Divine Father of Om Radhe and it was his divine duty to marry with his own Divine Daughter because we had no chance to interfere with his creation. How can he allow us to interfere in the early shootings of his own self funded and created absolute drama? That is why we all should helplessly watch his Divine Drama and remember them as Devine Father and Divine Mother (Daughter).

But it is my Divine Duty to Finish his Unfinished Drama and Complete his Incomplete Knowledge. :D
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Re: Old Brahmakumaris Evidences & British Museum

Post24 Mar 2009

There are high resolution photographs of all poster or paintings held by the British Library in the Library section of this website. There also are scanned copies of two or more of the old books and some newsletters, including one in Hindi that it would be good to have translation of. There is one book that is not copied, which is a shame and a great lack but, hopefully, that will be resolved.

The documents are held in the "India Office" records of the British Library in London. You need to search for Prajapati Brahma, Brahma-kumaris, or Om Radhe to find them. They do not come up in an obvious "Brahma Kumari" search as they are listed in Devangari script. But, all you need to is print them out. If you want to see them, all you have to do is join the British Library and visit in person.

I believe there are more original materials in circulation. I heard there are other books in some library attached to Oxford University. I suspect there will be more in Indian government records, especially those going back to the British Civil Service and the court services. I wish someone locally would do some detective work to discover them. We need more evidence. I would not be surprised to discover that the Brahma Kumaris had "disappeared" any records wherever they can find them but I am sure you will find more.

All of the claims made or allowed by Lekhraj Kirpalani about himself are accurate, as is your attention to the significance of "Aham Brahm Asmi". I have heard a similar story to the one that you have told above ... BUT ... I am not sure about the details. I am not sure it was Queen Elizabeth ... because she was only a young Princess back then. Was it not some other member of the British royal family?

Either ways, it is equally absurd to read of Lekhraj Kirpalani and the early Brahma-kumaris calling Gandhi and Congress "traitors" whilst in the next breath the Brahma-kumaris sucked up to the British Empire and royalty.

That to me REALLY paints them as they always have been; suck ups, royalty fanatics and ass kissers extraordindary.

Just as an aside, what do we know of Lekhraj Kirpalani grand daughter? The Mangharam child (child to the family of the leader of the so-called "Anti-Party").

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