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Re: How much money does the BKWSU have? How much yearly inco

PostPosted: 06 Mar 2016
by ex-l
OK, just start with the simple facts ...
    a) Total annual income (Global, Indian etc. If you have a country by country breakdown, that would be excellent).
    b) Cash reserves.
    c) Property holdings, and other assets.
    d) Annual expenditure.
A copy of the annual accounts/tax returns/whatever you call it would be useful.

Thank you

Re: How much money does the BKWSU have? How much yearly inco

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2016
by yogi108
I have heard there are four chests actually full of property papers in UK - properties actually donated to Baba - Now is not that something?

Re: How much money does the BKWSU have? How much yearly inco

PostPosted: 22 Mar 2016
by ex-l
Is that donated ... or to be donated after death?

I can believe it ... but they don't show up on the charity's accounts, so where are they and who holds them?

For example, has the BK UK a secret slush fund and trading them? I've always wondered how Jayanti Kirpalani finances her lifestyle as she is not listed as receiving a wage on the books either ... although, in recent/some (? - memory check please) years they've been giving Mount Abu £500,000, so I wonder if she gets a backhander from BK India for delivering that, and all her expenses paid by them.

I've asked nicely but they won't speak to me.

God does not need to be transparent about finances apparently ... that's impure Kali Yugi stuff, like "democracy" and "workers' rights".

Re: How much money does the BKWSU have? How much yearly inco

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2016
by yogi108
Obviously many of them have been donated when they know for sure that they are dying or about to die - and others for sure after their death - leaving may be nothing to the family members - so much for "take care of your house first" thingy in the Murli.

What charity is good if the parents, wives, spouses, children or siblings have a problem in your donation? But i guess it all left to the local center in charge and her skills to convert a lead into a great donation. I am sure they review this every quarter. They have got almost everything all-right. You don't have money to give ... give them your energy to do service. You are old then, give Baba the house ... if you are young and working, then give your salary ... you have stock in your company, write them to us ... Anything at all, you can give, we will make sure it goes into your account for Golden Age!!!

Re: How much money does the BKWSU have? How much yearly inco

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2016
by Pink Panther
Carpetbagger: a non-resident or new resident who goes to a new area seeking private gain, often by meddling in the business, politics and lives of influential people, without concern for any disruption they may cause.

Originally, a person from the northern United States who went to the South after the American Civil War to make money.

Re: How much money does the BKWSU have? How much yearly inco

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2016
by ex-l
As a minor - and politically incorrect - historical aside, the term carpetbaggers was originally applied to unscrupulous Jewish traders who were "such an intolerable nuisance that the [South], must be purged of them".

Although the prejudices do not apply to all Sindis, or even all Bhaiband - the jati Lekhraj Kirpalani and the BKs emerged from, the term "carpetbaggers" would also apply very accurate to them and their advantageous adoption to British Empire and exploitation of it. Often an illicit exploitation, e.g. they employed Amil scribes who used secret private languages to evade tax and duty collecting agencies, as they spread across the influence of the Empire.

Sindis are often called "the Jews of India", largely in the pejorative use of the term relating to their business, money making and materialistic tendencies. To the extent that, in the Gujarat, there is a saying, "If you meet a Sindi and a cobra on the road ... kill the Sindi first".

Funnily enough, as the BKs expanded, for the lack of sufficient numbers of Amils, the Sindis adopted largely submissive Gujarati "managers" as their assistants.

Obviously, the politically correct will rebel at such bold references, so please allow me to underline that they are not my prejudices ... it's more recently been taken more positively, e.g. correlating both societies' rootlessness and diasporas ... however, I think to trully understand the Kirpalani Klan's backbone and soul, one needs to look at the community they came out of and its archetypal modes of operations.

For example, straightaway one sees why Lekhraj Kirpalani was loyal to the British and anti-Indian independence etc. But given that the first BKs centres were financed by Sindi merchant traders overseas, e.g. Janki Kirpalani piggybacking on Jayanti Kirpalani's Father's wealth in London, there are obvious connections. And more than just these.

The secrecy surrounding money, the passing of it around international networks the manner in which they established centres etc ... it all correlates very closely. In the accounts, BK UK passes back £500,000 to Mount Abu in one year to pay for dinner.

And they have the audacity to do so tax free as a "charity".