The Billion Minutes of Half-Truths and PR

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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The Billion Minutes of Half-Truths and PR

Post10 Jul 2010

If it worked once, try it again ... but try an even BIGGER number this time ... the BKWSU launches its new global campaign to do nothing. The Billion Minutes Good Wishes Bank. Strange thing is ... it becomes a Dadi Janki advert. They are selling and trading on Janki Kripalani with a picture of her now and not their god or medium ... and even she is still wheeling out the same old BS.

A couple of years ago, following a journalist exposé, it was discovered that there was no such place and no such claims made as the BKWSO often makes, about its leader Janki Kripalani being "the most stable mind in the world". An email was ciruclated from Jayanti in London that, "no such claim was ever made". Despite that the marketing men, like now elevated to "Dada" status Karuna Shetty, kept on using it and here again, even Janki forgets it, telling us how special she is. "This bank also aims to bring together all men, women and children ... without spending a pie."
Janki wrote: In 1979 in Texas, USA, experiments were carried out that showed that Dadi has the most stable mind in the world ... and in Scotland ... they had never seen a thumb like hers before!

Gosh, it all must be true then. The "bank also aims to bring together all men, women and children ... without spending a pie." Funny thing is, after Janki recent opening of a super shopping mall complex ... shopping malls have suddenly appeared on the BKs' radar listed as service places.

Elsewhere they are off doing World Welfare Festivals promoting their rising TV star (with the expanding waistline) BK Shivani.

"World"? Well, Mangalore Town Hall, actually ... and the natives are becoming restless as the BKs real reputation starts to spread ...
Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It is better if young people keep away from Brahma Kumaris. It is good for only OLD. If young man joins Brahma Kumari,then he will become Sanyasi and ignore his family. They only talk about Shiva..Shiva ...Shiva . It happened in our family . So be careful.

Mark, Mangalore Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where is NIthyananda the self-made swami? That Chapter is closed Now ... And now new comers are here in Mangalore to destroy.

Good heavens ... when is it all going to wind down and stop?
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Re: The Billion Minutes of Half-Truths and PR

Post10 Jul 2010

ex-l wrote:Good heavens ... when is it all going to wind down and stop?

Whether it's in the first world, second world or third world countries, BKs will continue to expand until the old generation passes away and new smarter ones are born. The younger generation will value the documents we have here and perhaps will reason out a bit better than their parents. The more failed predictions or false promises they have made and the more people get free or cheaper access to information like the internet, the more reasonable people will become, and the more they will move away from BKs' direction.

In terms of growth, I am interested in finding out their net annual membership growth versus the net world population growth. If the latter is higher, then they won't have that infectious action towards world population. It appears that their growth is higher than possibly that of other religious organizations in India. I don't know what their membership growths in first world countries are, compared to respective country's population growth.

I am no longer worrying how BKs will continue their false propaganda. They cannot change me to believe in their God, nor my lokik friends or relatives. I will continue to do my own thing informing everyone I know about their modus operandi.
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Re: The Billion Minutes of Half-Truths and PR

Post10 Jul 2010

From the Good Wishes Bank web site: "one can very well imagine the effect humanity’s collective stressful thoughts have on the body of the world – our environment; composed of earth, wind, water, fire and space. It’s the reason for the erratic behaviour of the physical elements (earthquake, floods, etc) as well as the discord between nations and even within nations. It is time we understood that the eco-system of thought is what influences the physical eco-system."

You see, no need for carbon tax or energy efficiency - just get everyone to stop stressing about climate change, and it won't!!

Oh by the way, those 200,000 who died in the tsunami - caused by the tectonic shifts off Indonesia a few years back - that was because people - filthy Shudra types like me - just couldn't chill out in Baba's Yaad - causing megatons of kinetic energy to be released!

Now what's gotten into the BKs? First they want it all to "transform" and the calamities are all part of "God's plan" - but then, no, we can stop it by calming down and clicking on computer web sites - which is a sure sign that you are really de-stressed and genuinely have good wishes - that will prevent rest of us from go down in a heap of fire and brimstone ...

Is this kind of "service" a form of palliative care for a doomed planet? Delivering morphine online to hapless souls destined to be boiled in oil by Dharamraj?

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