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Brahmakumari finance

Post15 Apr 2012

Hello I heard that BKs conduct absolutely "Free" retreat centres for everyone. Is it true? If so how do they manage their funds?
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Re: Brahmakumari finance

Post17 Apr 2012

In business terms, it is called a "loss leader".

They start by inviting people in by offering "free" classes and retreats as bait and then when you are hooked, encourage you to give all of your wealth and property to them. It starts by requests to give what you can or cover costs, donate gold and jewellery etc, then goes up to 10% of your earnings, then if they can you are asked to give everything to them on the basis that it will buy you a high status in the Golden Age they claim will happen after the Destruction of the world.


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Re: Brahmakumari finance

Post17 Apr 2012

So true, I wanna underline this, cause that is the way it goes. Step by step, slowly but surely.


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Re: Brahmakumari finance

Post19 Apr 2012

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