BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disaster

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BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disaster

Post31 Jul 2013

    Har pat mein baag lagaayen vaaraa Sindhi, ain khaak khey Son banaayen vaaraa Sindhi.

    Which means:

    A Sindhi is one who converts every land into a garden, And dust into gold.
The former Guyanese Public Works Minister Shiv Sahai Naraine ... aka BK Uncle Steve Naraine or "Ole Geeza Boss" ... died aged 89 in Toronto. Not a Sindi but a member of the Sindi Brahma Kumari cult, he played a part in converting a Garden of Eden into dust for the sake of gold.

Gold, and "jewels" which were sent overseas.

Steve Naraine was a big gun for the Brahma Kumaris, their first real "IP soul" (meaning an important person for their public relations campaign). I am not sure how pukka a BK he was, but he was certainly a "cooperative soul".

Actually, in real world terms he was not that "important". Guyana has a population of 750,000 which is the same as a small city or Idaho and a GDP of $4,700 per person, therefore he was at a similar level to the deputy mayor of a city in a developed nation ... but in BK terms of world conquest it counts as a *whole country*.

How did he and his wife get the BK names Uncle and Aunty?

Interestingly, as Minister of Works and Transportation, BK Steve Naraine visited the infamous cult leader Jim Jones's "People Temple" or Jonestown in Guyana ... to become the site of a mass cult suicide of 918 people in 1978 (see Jonestown Massacre) ... and saw nothing wrong with it. This was just at the time he was at least coming into the Brahma Kumaris and just two years after the failure of the Brahma Kumaris own End of the World prediction, the 1976 Destruction. One has to wonder if his vision was clouded?

Presumably impressed at how religious they were, he wrote for them ...
BK Steve Naraine wrote:"Very impressed with progress since I visited one year ago"

... And saw nothing else wrong.

The mass suicide and killings at Jonestown resulted in the greatest single loss of American civilian life in a non-natural non-accidental disaster prior to the events of September 11, 2001. By 1977, Jones had already attracted considerable criticism for his cult and in 1978, Leo Ryan, a Congressman from the San Francisco area investigating claims of abuse within the Peoples Temple, visited Jonestown only to be gunned down by the cult's security men along with reporters and others. The next evening, Jones ordered his congregation to drink a cyanide-laced, grape-flavored drink which parents were instructed to inject their children with.

Steve Naraine meeting the god of the Brahma Kumaris via a medium

Jonestown Cult Massacre in which 918 people including 287 children died
jonestown-corpses.jpg (100.09 KiB) Viewed 8933 times

287 children died in the Jonestown Cult Massacre. Why did not the "god of all humanity the Brahma Kumaris" just say something to Steve? Perhaps the BKs were too busy chasing VIPs that day?

I do not know of the depth of Naraine's involvement but the Guyanese government alloted 3,824 acres to the cult and was credited by them saying they would "never have progressed so far so fast were it not for their total cooperation".

Civil engineer Naraine started in the Public Works drainage and irrigation department as engineer and director of drainage and irrigation when Guyana was mainly jungle (it still is), became a Member of Parliament and housing minister in the early 1970s, and went on to directed the construction of many roads and other infrastructure within the country, including the direct link to the Omai Gold Mines, site of the worst mine disaster for the environment in history caused by cyanide poisoning.

The partly Canadian owned Omai Gold mine (Naraine died in Canada), was the largest open pit gold mines in the world. It displaced and destroyed the lives of upto 40,000 aboriginal people, whose land it was built on and who live permanently in the jungle using the river to eat, drink and bathe in and for transportation, when 4,000,000 m³ of sludge laced with cyanide poured into Guyana's largest river when the dam holding back waste material broke.

The 1995 Omai Gold Mine Disaster was "one of the worst mine disasters in history". Despite Cambior Corporation's alleged negligence causing mass contamination and fatalities, Quebec court refused to hear a NGO case against it as the native Guyanese had no connection to Quebec and passed it back to the Guyanese courts enabling the multi-national corporation to escape stringent punishment. Courts which had decided not to expel miners from indigenous tribes lands in clear violation of the 1978 Amerindian Act which was supposed to return land titles to indigenous groups. There is big money for developing nations in mining and, even now, child labour as young as eight years old is still a “widespread problem” within the Guyanese mining industry.

Mining in the country has been directly linked to commercial exploitation, especially of indigenous tribes people, including instances of forced prostitution.

The Guyana Commission of Inquiry went on to find no criminal liability for the spill and the Guyana Supreme Court Justice has ordered that a $2 billion lawsuit filed against Omai Gold Mines in connection with accident be dismissed and costs awarded to the Mine owners.

An NGO, Recherches Internationales Québec, had sought damages of merely $3,000 for each of 23,000 victims and argued the Guyanese Amerindians would be denied a fair hearing in Guyana.

Recently, the Council on Hemispheric Affairs has reported that Canadian companies are exploiting the mineral wealth of Guyana because of the political instability in the county in a way that is unfair to the people and the "investment-friendly" and "political corrupt" Guyanese government has failed in its oversight of its mining and public sectors over decades. The Omai Gold Mine was partly owned by it. "Companies had specifically looked at exploiting paradiscal areas of Guyana due increased pressure by environmentalists and governments such as the USA" elsewhere, said ]David Fagin whose company had responsible for the been responsible for the worst tailings dam disaster in the USA.

But according to the Brahma Kumaris, Steve is a "dearly loved and exceptional heir-child" who has not died but "ascended", so everything is OK ... just remember Baba, donate regularly and well and you'll get a special mention and a Bhog offering from the Brahma Kumaris.

Perhaps this is where the Brahma Kumaris expect to get all their gold to build the palaces of the Golden Age?
COHA wrote:"The majority of this corruption is the product of decades-long dependence on foreign capital and restrictive macroeconomic policies, as well as governmental inefficiencies and an ethnically-divided society”, the COHA claimed.

It all sounds very similar to India, really. Whilst Guyana is the least explored of the world's Archaean and Proterozoic virgin territories, whose original "owners" and natives were displaced by the Colonial British. Naraine, typical of the Indian Indians who side with the imperialists, directly enabled the expansion of the foreign corporation into Guyana, and rose to become the Vice President of Guyana then commissioner to India, whilst those corporations essentially ran unaccountable states within the nation from which the actual natives do not benefit.

Narain had become a parliamentarian in Forbes Burnham's Peoples National Congress after Burnham has seized "full dictatorial powers" during the rigged 1968 election and became a "brutal strongman" promoting a police state "in which opposition members were murdered".

Burnham, who made alliances with communist states of Cuba, the Soviet Union and North Korea, bankrupted the Guyanese economy costing jobs and a subsequent "brain drain" of the educated class to the US, Canada, and Great Britain which is where the Brahma Kumaris were to find the Naraine girls. Obviously, have money, Steve was able to send his family out for the sake of their comfort and safety.

Burhnam's thugs, such as "The House of Israel" robbed and pillaged the country. By 1979, the Working People’s Alliance reported that under Burnham "corruption had become a way of life, in which people were made to accept that stealing, cheating, lying, bearing false witness ... was a positive sign of loyalty to the regime" and so I wonder how Naraine survived or profited during this period? As Vice President and Minister of Works Communication he ignored requests to establish an office to investigate aircraft accidents in the territories as at the time "officials did not want another agency overlooking their shoulder".

Who knows what else was going on. He was a distinguished engineer, however, I never heard which side he took in any ethical, environmental, labor or human rights dispute.

As in many of their slave colonies, the British used anglicised Indo-Guyanese to run the business well and saw them as a caste over the negro slaves from Africa, or Amerindians whose lands they had stolen and killed off. They valued them for their docile and reliable nature and amenability to discipline under harsh in tropical conditions, except for those of Brahmin castes (the top 10%) which they distrusted as potential leaders.

I never knew Steve personally and did not get the feeling he was a pukka BK, nor demanded to be a pukka BK, although he did get extra-special treatment. Other people spoke well of him. His daughter BK Gayatri Naraine is deeply embedded and well trusted within the Kirpalani Klan Kult and active in their United Nation office, high level public relations, and historical revision. Savi Naraine and Sita Naraine are also involved.

Is this where the wealth to keep Gayatri active as a Brahma Kumari representative comes from? She and her family connections acted as a key to many doors for the BKWSO.

If so, I would argue that questions of ethics reflect on their NGO status when it comes to environmental and human rights. Native Guyanese speak of the contempt and arrogance with which they were treated by the government, a government which lacked the facilities even to monitor what the multi-national corporations were doing.

It is, of course, not atypical for the Brahma Kumaris to take sides with such elites and ignore the lower caste and tribal peoples, and we know they yearn for when this "impure world" of ours will be Destroyed and so have no real concern about the environment or indigenous cultures.

At the time "Uncle" Steve and "Aunty" Betty Naraine came into contact, the BKWSU was made up of mainly uneducated old ladies, inexperienced young girls and hippie type westerners who had all dropped out and were doing meaningless jobs in order to do lots of promotion of BKism. He was a big catch for them which they were able to play off others and use as a stepping stone in their social climbing.

It does not appear to be that they question what he did for a living, nor the implications of career. He had status and one presumes wealth. It might be worthwhile to look into that.

Steve Naraine took part in the Brahmakumaris' coordinating committee dealing with international affairs meeting every year in Mt. Abu and regularly met with their "god" BapDada who had the final decision at such meetings, via trance medium.

The evolution of these official BKWSU obituaries interests me. In the old days, people would just die and that was that. It was taken care of but not celebrated and not milked for publicity purposes. "When your mother dies, eat halva" the Murlis said (meaning be happy/celebrate); the individual was the soul not the body, one was supposed to be detached from all bodily connections and unemotionally. Death was just the dropping of one costume in order to take up another and the paying off of karma.

Of course, many senior BKs *were* attached and emotional over certain individual deaths, which was surprising and suggested that perhaps their practise was not as good as it was suppose to be.

Now, these obituaries carry all the weight of portentiousness and are celebrated as if they were a state funeral. Of course, the BKs will milk them for whatever regard they can extract from whatever "Important People" inviting them to a funeral and putting on a good show.

They might even be licking their lips looking forward to some money and property coming there way in such a case, for example, his wife being given into the care of the BKs and his estate going to be used by the BKs ... but we don't know yet, so let us watch and see. It is, however, what has happened before.

I think his gold and jewels of daughters Gayatri, Sita and Savi (?) are in the Brahma Kumaris but he also has two sons Ravi Naraine and Dr. Krishna Naraine for whom he was instrumental in setting up a consulting engineering firm, SKRN Engineering. Generally as such potentially beneficial funerals, non-BK "worldly family" are given extra attention to ensure it all happens smoothly. I believe that had a home in London too, or was that just Betty?

Still building contentious roads in the rainforest, recently the Naraine son & company SKRN Engineering secured more than $312,884 USD from the Guyana for acting as “Consultancy for Construction Managers" in [url=http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2012/03/18/dr-naraine-was-paid-us230-a-day-to-watch-‘fip’-bungle-us15-4m-project/]a bungled project[/url], including $8,130 USD ($270 per day) for some 30 days of work for which his failures were criticised but family connections must have helped. The contract was prematurely terminated and subsequently handed to China Railway First Group Inc.

The average salary in the country is approx $200 USD but 43% of the population live below the poverty line. Guyana is one of the poorest countries in South America and 117th out of 187 countries on the United Nations Development Programme.

It's often interesting to ask where the top Brahma Kumaris get the money to float around being angels on. In the case of the talented and very well travelled Gayatri Naraine, she has an MA and has been the BKs' United Nations representative in New York since 1980 and developed the Living Values Education program, but I cannot remember if she has ever worked.

How does she live? Off the BKWSO or her family's wealth? She became a BK in 1975, just before the 1976 End of the World Destruction scenario and has lived in the highly expensive NYC since 1978. The BKWSU's UN Blog has had a new work over.

BK Gayatri Naraine BKWSO United Nations representative
brahma_kumari_gayatri_naraine_united_nations.jpg (31.22 KiB) Viewed 8937 times

On the death of Steve Naraine, the Brahma Kumaris wrote:To the lights of love and hope around the globe,

My dear and sweet Sisters and Brothers,

Please accept greetings of peace from the holy land of Madhuban (Shantivan).

This is to inform you of the ascension of our beloved Brother and remarkable service companion, BK Steve Naraine, fondly known as ‘Uncle’ within the BK family, to the Subtle Region on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 at around 8.00am. He was surrounded by friends and family in Toronto (Canada).

Uncle, Aunty and their family met the BK’s when Sister Jayanti stayed in their home on her first visit to Guyana in December of 1975. According to accurate drama, Sister Jayanti travelled from London on 29 July, arriving at Uncle and Aunty’s home less than 24 hours before Uncle’s soul flew to Baba’s lap.

Throughout his Brahmin life, by remaining in Baba’s remembrance, Uncle accummulated a very large spiritual income and created a memorial for all Brahmins to take inspiration from. Uncle’s courage, faith, total accuracy in his spiritual practice, bhavna, and humility were exceptional; he rightly earned a place in the hearts of the entire Brahmin family.

Uncle’s deep interest and spiritual efforts in Raja Yoga paralleled his rise in political and diplomatic life in Guyana. He moved up the political ranks of government becoming Vice President, and then moved to India as High Commissioner of Guyana to India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

His time in India provided an opportunity for Uncle, Aunty and their children to create deep and lasting spiritual friendships with the Dadis and Senior Brothers, and especially with the Centres in Delhi where he was stationed. He was the first public official at such a high level outside of India to speak consistently and openly about the immense benefit he had taken from his practice of Raja Yoga.

Uncle and Aunty were the instruments for service in Guyana, the first service in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and the springboard for service in the US. Dadi Gulzar, Dadi Prakashmani and Dadi Janki all visited Guyana on multiple occasions as did most of the Senior Brothers. Sister Mohini came to Guyana to support the service they had started and thus began service in the Western Hemisphere.

We in Madhuban offer our heart-felt condolences to our sweet Aunty, Sister Gayatri, Sister Savi, and the lokik and alokik families of Toronto and Guyana especially.

The funeral is scheduled for Thursday, 1 August at 10.00am in Toronto. We request the entire Brahmin family to offer their loving respects in meditation to BapDada’s dearly loved and exceptional heir-child, Uncle Steve.

On behalf of the Dadis and Madhuban family,

In Baba’s loving remembrance,

B.K. Janki
B.K. Hirday Mohini

Poison in a Lifeline. The Guyanese government has handed over vast quantity of Amerindian lands to multi-national corporations for gold and diamond mining and forestry. Corporations which then ignore, abuse and exploit the native Guyanese people.

Both the native Amerindians and former slave negros suffered. Part two, Part three.
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Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

Post01 Aug 2013

ex-l wrote:Interestingly, as Minister of Works and Transportation, BK Steve Naraine visited the infamous cult leader Jim Jones's "People Temple" or Jonestown in Guyana ... [i]to become the site of a mass cult suicide of 918 people in 1978 ... and saw nothing wrong with it. This was just at the time he was at least coming into the Brahma Kumaris and just two years after the failure of the Brahma Kumaris own End of the World prediction....

Spoke with someone today who was there in Madhuban at the time and was told that Steve Naraine was not quite a BK in 1976/77 but was fully a BK within a year or two.
Presumably impressed at how religious they were, he wrote for them ... "Very impressed with progress since I visited one year ago" ... And saw nothing else wrong.

I wouldn't hold it against him that he did not see problems. Such groups are excellent at presenting different faces to different people(!).

A recent excellent documentary on PBS included survivors, friends and relatives of the Jonestown incident shows how so many of them were taken in, and by how quickly it turned from an idealistic, indeed exemplary, community to all end in tragedy.


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Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

Post01 Aug 2013

For the first time, I feel thankful to God for not making me any "exceptionally good" person. My heart bleeds for those innocent persons and their beloved ones who lost their lives for the insanity of one individual. On the other hand, it also shows the lack of happiness or something that people feel in their lives and that such cults exploit so cunningly.

BKs too live in their fantasies, in delusion of being detached from the relations of this world and its people but enjoying on their hard earned money (at least senior BKs do). The trick is just to keep their mind busy with Murlis, classes and Baba and feeling great no matter what!

That is, in fact, a total dependency and no freedom at all. It's like drug addiction, the longer you are in, the longer it will take you to come out, if at all. When you feel guilty in listening to your heart (manmat), you are already a slave to that cult.
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Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

Post01 Aug 2013

Pink Panther wrote:Spoke with someone today who was there in Madhuban at the time and was told that Steve Naraine was not quite a BK in 1976/77 but was fully a BK within a year or two ... I wouldn't hold it against him that he did not see problems. Such groups are excellent at presenting different faces to different people(!).

Don't we know it!

Guyana under Forbes Burnham, from 1964 to 1985, sounds like a wild place. Naraine appears to be an august enough gentlemen, I have no idea how he survived or what he learnt to survive in such an environment but it appears he sent his daughters away abroad. He does not, however, appear to have been a great social reformer. He established a good position for himself, set his sons up in the same business with good contacts, sent his daughters overseas to study and supported them there with money earned from a developing nation. He was amongst the elite of a small nation that took over from its imperial masters post-WWII.

Do you know anything about the move from Guyana to Trinidad and how the daughters ended up in North America?

It's not "what such cults say", it's "what they do" that counts, that makes and defines them ... and the same is true of individuals. And "the money trail" is always the place to start. It appears to be an excellent metaphor for one's spiritual being.

Gayatri Naraine is upheld and well spoken of as a very trustworthy BK ... trustworthy to the Kirpalani Klan that is ... but how does she afford what she has does done for 30 years if she does not work? Is she on the BKWSO payroll or is it family wealth keeping her and her BKs endeavours afloat?

Gayatri wafts around the United Nations and the International Labour Organization (ILO) networking and doing public relations for the Brahma Kumaris. Given the BKs ultimate agenda, of course I am highly critical of their using the UN to gain access to "IPs" and "VIPs". The BKs' agenda and beliefs are almost entirely opposites the UN's purpose. They appear to do nothing else than 'use the UNO' and produce 'sounds-good' pithy "papers" sufficient enough to make it appear that they are doing something.

The ILO promotes international labor standards. In 'Dignity, self-realization and the spirit of service: Principles and practises of Decent Work', BK Gayaytri states, "The BKWSU supports the ILO's emphasis on Decent Work and its objectives regarding the promotion of fundamental principles and rights at work ... Properly remunerated work allows the individual to provide for the basic needs of the self and family".*

A fine statement for an organization with a large slave class, who operate on a feudal basis and collude with governments and management to enact obligatory meditation class for workers.

She goes on to write about "deficit in decency, social justice and political will", bonded labour and women's inferiority" and so on.

A fine statement for a child of an elite politician sent overseas and able to live without working in one of the most expensive cities ... especially where we see direct connections between the family and abusive labor industries and so on.

Yes, I accept that perhaps those connections are small, and I don't know the full story of Steve Naraine's political or BK career, but please appreciate I have more information about Gayatri that I cannot publish just yet that I found quite shocking and paints her in a different light to how she is normally seen ... but that's the big problem. The BKs is so much about how one is seen, how they are shown, and not what it under the white sari or behind the facade.

What you are seeing is largely the effect of money, not virtues, and a lot of talk ... but no actions. Remember, the BKWSU is a charity established in the 1970s to "relieve poverty". How much if any poverty, apart from that of their own leaders and organization, have they relieved and what have they done with their wealth?

Apart from lending credibility and laying down cash, did Steve actually do much as a BK? A lot of PR at a VIP level?

As IPs/VIPs/wealthy, the family obviously got a lot of extra-special treatment from the Dadis and Madhuban. Perhaps it feels natural as Indians to accept and experience preferential treatment. I hope they were not deluded enough to believe all BKs are treated in the same way.
BK Gayatri Naraine wrote:One would expect sacred texts to convey the image of workers as caretakers of the garden" or "trustees of the world"; however, scriptures or religious ideas have sometimes been miisinterpreted to justify abusive and dehumanizing work practises even saying that there is goodness, benefit in such work and that the people doing it are more holy, or that this is the role appropriate to them (e.g. discrimination against women based on "religious reasons").

To me, that criticism sounds like a criticism of the Brahma Kumaris (... remembering their scripture is all about Destruction of that "garden", "making servants", rank and status, the evils of democracy, and the eternal inequalities of humanity). The Brahma Kumaris do discriminate against women not based on sex but on seniority and alleged spiritual status (caste).

The leaders take on male and high caste roles.

She waves The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Declaration of Philadelphia, do the BKs know the purpose and have they read the text of those articles recently?

Are they going to start paying, and offering welfare, contracts and pensions to all their unpaid workers?

Or do they still intend to "inspire" the Destruction of humanity to save them from all that?

* From 'Philosophical and Spiritual Perspectives on Decent Work', edited by Dominique Peccoud


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Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

Post02 Aug 2013

Please find below the link to "Tributes to Uncle Steve Naraine" with two photographs, one associated with the initial email from Madhuban from Dadi Jankiji and Dadi Gulzarji. The second photograph is associated with the tribute from Bro.Nirwairji (Madhuban), given below.

BKWSU wrote:Our dear divine Sisters and Brothers of all BK centres in Bharat and other countries of the world,

Please accept loving remembrances from Madhuban.

We join our beloved Dadis, and senior Brothers and Sisters, in extending deep, heart-felt condolences to beloved Aunty Betty, and all members of Uncle Steve Naraine's family and friends, on his final flight to join Avyakt BapDada in the Subtle Region on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 at 8.00am. He closed his eyes finally like a trance medium, while Aunty, Jayantiben, Gayatriben, Saviben and other members of the lokik-alokik family were meditating near him.

Uncle Steve Naraine was a visionary in his lokik life, who dreamed about the well-being of Guyana and in return was elected by the people to the Parliament as Government Minister and thereafter, Vice-President. Following which he continued to serve his country as High Commissioner to Bharat, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. While pursuing his political life, Uncle Steve balanced his professional aspirations with his religious beliefs, and search for spirituality.

From the year 1976 Uncle became an active member of the Brahma Kumaris movement along with Aunty and all his beloved children. He thus was distinctive in leading a spiritually value-based political and diplomatic life. Uncle and Aunty were very responsible instruments for spiritual service in Guyana, the Caribbean and Western Hemisphere, with guidance from BK Mohiniben of New York. On his invitation, revered Dadi Prakashmaniji, Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, and other senior Sisters and Brothers from Bharat and other countries visited Guyana, the other Caribbean islands, and the Americas from time to time.

During the 80s and 90s, Uncle Steve's active participation as Guest of Honour at the Mt Abu and Delhi Conferences, for Universal Peace and Global Cooperation for a Better World, always added splendour to the international standards of the occasions.

His able guidance through BK Mohiniben and BK Gayatriben in the Brahma Kumaris' permanent representation at the United Nations highlighted the institution's role in world peace and cooperation. This led to due recognition with the UN presenting the BKs with several international peace medals.

Uncle Steve was the perfect example of a politically and spiritually balanced life, as he upheld the double-crowned responsibility even in his 84th life, within the eternal World Drama. He will therefore always shine as a sparkling diamond of BapDada's rosary. Uncle's latest contribution to the world was his experience-based literary work that helped create one of the best books of the Brahma Kumaris' philosophy in the form of 'The Story of Immortality'. This will go a long way in serving humanity with God's spiritual wisdom.

We offer our respectful salutations to the double-crowned 'Prince of Peace', and heart-felt sympathies in million-fold to Aunty, Gayatriben, Saviben and other members of the very special Naraine family.

On behalf of Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji, Rameshbhaiji, Brij Mohanji and all in Madhuban,

In Baba's loving remembrance,

B.K. Nirwair
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Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

Post02 Aug 2013

Do you know anything about the move from Guyana to Trinidad and how the daughters ended up in North America?

Nothing other than that it happened. I will hazard a false memory/analysis:

Mohini was in Guyana before NY, got service happening there, through the Naraines she got the UN connections going, and that Gayatri was offered a/the role by Dadi Janki, which could be said to be a shrewd move as it brought her fully into the tent and created 'karmic connections' - i.e responsibilities, loyalties and dependencies - between their family, their diplomatic connections, and the BKWSU.

Not dissimilar to the way BKs in the management/positive thinking industry and the BKWSU benefit from each other.
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Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

Post02 Aug 2013

BKWSU wrote:Uncle Steve was the perfect example of a politically and spiritually balanced life, as he upheld the double-crowned responsibility even in his 84th life, within the eternal World Drama.

A small "Knowledge" point. Flowery hagiographs aside, it's not the end of the 5,000 Year Cycle and so how can they say he was in his 84 th birth? (maximum and final number according to the BK philosophy).

Where is he going now?

Do they claim he will remain in the Subtle Region until after Destruction and Heaven on Earth comes?

Or is he not, therefore, going to take rebirth ... so he was actually in his 83 rd birth.

(I'll leave the obscure philosophical discussions of such anomalies aside, they'll probably just say he has gone on to the Advance Party to prepare said heaven now ... they've developed an unprovable, unquestionable answer for everything. They honest have no clue).
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Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

Post02 Aug 2013

ex-l wrote:Where is he going now?

Do they claim he will remain in the Subtle Region until after Destruction and Heaven on Earth comes?

Or is he not, therefore, going to take rebirth ... so he was actually in his 83 rd birth.

I was surprised by the use of the word "ascended/ascension" in the earlier statement. Is this part of a metamorphosis of the Gyan through "newspeak" so that the BKs can unshackle themselves from its most disputable aspects (as you mentioned - failed predictions, specific dates & quantifiable 'numbers' of lives etc)?


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Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

Post03 Aug 2013

BKs claim to acquire a supernatural Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) by telling "The Birth Cycle" of a particular individual. Whether it is 83, 84 or else, is a false claim to impress followers/ potential followers ...!!

Do individuals carry "special indicators" on their foreheads to indicate that, or it is only another BK Myth, based on suprstetious beliefs and hypotheses ...?!
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Re: BK Steve Naraine: Jonestown, Guyana & the Omai Mine Disa

Post03 Aug 2013

Died of heart disease ... but, at 89, one has to say old age. Jayanti gives a fairly graphic account of his last hours as she zoom over to be there for the death and funeral which, in his case, is likely to be a value networking opportunity that the BKs will work with invitations etc if past events are anything to go by.

84 birth ... prove it to me. I guess it is all dependent on how much you give to them rather than how good you are, let along how sensible you are, as a person. In short, "Class C Sucker ... Class B Sucker ... Class A sucker ..." etc. Do "keeping schtum", not asking questions, playing a good part in the conspiracy all increase your number of lives? Steve and Betty would have known very well about the failure of the 1976 prediction of Destruction.

Of course BK Nirwair cannot tell how many lives any individual has, or has not. Of course it is all 'made up'. It's an act ... courtly flattery. The most you'll get out of a life time of free labor and donations to the BKWSU. Pull a BK up on such anomalies or contradictions and they glaze over and come back with a pre-recorded message; "Sorry, there is no one in to take your call right now; if you want to message, please do so after the 'Om Shanti' ... beep".

For example, in the Murlis is often addressed the "84th Birth Top Knot Golden Aged Brahmins"; so what was Steve Narian ... or even Om Radhe who missed the End of the World by 2 births according to their theory. How can they have BK Raja Yoga as a child in their next birth to burn/earn their karma/inheritance, do service in their current life? How can Om Radhe become Krishna's bride? if she's not even an 84 birther?

You know what I have heard an Indian BK say? "Oh, she had to come back in another life to do service via money" ... literally. Their logic was because she came to the yugya with nothing, she had to die of cancer and come and give them money at a later date/birth!!!

Sister Jayanti Kirpalani clocked up some more airmiles flying out from London to Toronto on 29 July, arriving at the Naraine's home less than 24 hours before Steve died ... or, as the BKs say, "the soul flew to Baba’s lap". He was already unconscious but apparently, magically, he could still hear her and she tied rakhi on him (Raksha Bandhan is not until August 21 this year!?!).

There is a memorial page to Stever 'Shiv' Naraine, (March 4, 1924 - July 30, 2013), [url]here[/url]. I never heard of the other daughter, Nadira. I BK daughter got married before Gyan, another got married and did not Gyan? She also works in the family business SRKN in Guyana. He had 6 grand-children.

BK Steve Naraine RIP

News from Jayantiben - Toronto

On Monday 29th July, after the flight, the Brahmin family was there to meet me at Toronto airport. They were very sweet with lots of flowers. Isabelle and myself came with Arvind Bhai to Uncle's house on Monday evening and I went straight to see him. They told me at that time that he could still hear me, so I spoke to him giving just few words of greetings from Madhuban, and shared the Dadis' love and so on. I also tied Rakhi on him.

The lokik family had come to the house and so we had Rakhi together. They hadn't known that I would be tying Rakhi, but as it is I had taken the Rakhis, and it was the perfect time to tie them. It was a very, very beautiful atmosphere. Then immediately as we were finishing, they called me in to see Uncle as his breathing had changed and there was something different. It seemed as if he had gone into a deep sleep. Throughout the time, I was hearing this gurgling sound and apparently it was the water in the lungs that was really, really audible. He hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for four days and so was very, very weak. People were staying up through the night with him. I just got up once to go downstairs and spend 5 minutes with him again. I had gone to bed around 9.30pm. At 3.30am on Tuesday morning, Gayatri, Savi and I were there with him for Amrit Vela.

Then we went to class, and just as we were finishing class and giving toli, Savi brought the news of his departure at around 8am. We came back immediately to the house. After that the coming of ambulance people, funeral people, police to get the certificate, coroner etc was all happening.

Dadi Janki has been great in that she has been in touch on the phone regularly just checking if we have any questions etc. So that’s been very helpful for the family. There was a beautiful message that Hansaben sent from Dadi Gulzar and Dadi Janki, which was really good.

We had meditation on Tuesday evening. They put up a tent in the garden as they were expecting lots of souls.
The Chariot was taken the Funeral Home. Wednesday evening will be the 'viewing' from 6-8pm, with family gathering together at 5pm. This will also include sharing of experiences from Uncle's life.

Thursday morning, the final journey begins at 10.00am from the Funeral Home, a brief visit to the Centre, and then onto the Crematorium.

I return to London leaving Toronto Thursday evening.

Fly me to the moon ... Mr Vice-President Steve Naraine (center in '3rd World Dictator' safari suit)

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