"High Alert Regarding a anti brahmakumaris site"

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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"High Alert Regarding a anti brahmakumaris site"

Post14 Sep 2013

Brahma Kumaris secrecy, censorship & media control
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The following email was received from a concerned BK supporter who seemed to have mixed up their email address and sent to us a report meant for BKWSU leaders.

A useful example of the typical response of Brahma Kumari supporters to this website.

In a fight against the principle of Freedom of Speech, the unpaid servants of the BKWSU are still engaged in an information war against this website, attempting to suppress the effects independent discussion and exposure are having on the cult. This strategy has included establishing similarly named or formed 'copycat' websites, attempts to push us down and out of the Google search results, and the online documentation and tabulation of every edit made, and discussion held, by those perceived to be "anti-BK" editors on the Wikipedia, where coordinated effort to control the BKWSU topic page by BK supporters continue.
High Alert Regarding a anti brahmakumaris site" [sic]

Om Shanti Bhai ji,

i want to notify you that a website named brahmakumaris.info is active and doing a huge diservice against our organization. Various peoples are victims. They have upload huge material against Brahma kmaris so that active BK leave knowldege and new should not accept them. Please note that When some one type Brahma Kumaris in google.com or any search engine. They show this site on first page at 5th or 6th rank. Now you can understand that if new person want to know something where he will go. It is rule in cyber that using someone's organization's  name for own profit or any anti work is a great crime. Kindly take action.Om Shanti

Some of this activity has proven to be more clandestine and determined.

It was recently confirmed by Smoothwall, an internet security company who developed and operates the "SmoothGuard" website filtering software, that brahmakumaris.info had been reported to them by an unnamed individual for "Religious Intolerance". This led to us being add to their "blocklist" of unacceptable websites.

In practical terms, this meant that access to brahmakumaris.info was blocked and censored across a wide range of schools, public libraries, governmental departments and companies that all used the Smoothwall SmoothGuard products, while leaving BKWSU website free.

The ban included even the British Library, where the most damning revelations of Brahma Kumari historical revision arose.

It is not know how many other such attempts to censor your voices have been made, nor in how many nations. The block applied not just to this forum but also our Encyclopedia and Library sections which remain the leading independent source of information about the movement.

Following a high level 'Freedom of Information' request as to the reason and nature of the blocking, and review, it is now reported that brahmakumaris.info' has been removed from the "Intolerance" category of block sites.

This led to number of leading institutions effected by it receiving information about the BKWSU activities.

The Brahma Kumaris in India have been known to censor, control, whitewash and remove any negative media from the Indian press for decades using a variety of 'soft' techniques. This latest finding suggests they wish to apply similar standards to free speech in the West, and in increasingly high tech manners.
Smoothwall wrote:Thank you for your enquiry ...

We don't currently have a dedicated means for 3rd parties (site owners, or filtered web users) to submit feedback. Those options were subject to prior abuse.

We will however review enquires, such as your own, in which categorisation issues are brought to our attention. However I am sure you will appreciate that we cannot guarantee a response to all such queries.

Presently your enquiry has been reviewed under the same procedure as our customer feedback. This has resulted in 'brahmakumaris.info' being removed from the Intolerance category.

Kind regards
Brahma Kumaris secrecy, censorship & media control
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Re: "High Alert Regarding a anti brahmakumaris site"

Post14 Sep 2013

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Re: "High Alert Regarding a anti brahmakumaris site"

Post15 Sep 2013

Shades of communism.
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Re: "High Alert Regarding a anti brahmakumaris site"

Post16 Sep 2013

I noticed on Wikipedia the following message is displayed above Brahma Kumaris entry. I presume this is because BK are objecting to way they are described. Freedom of speech is not something BK should be attacking. In my eyes the more they try to cover things up the worse they look.
"The neutrality of this article is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved. (September 2013)"

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahma_Kum ... University

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