"All Brahmakumari sevikas are lesbians"

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"All Brahmakumari sevikas are lesbians"

Post25 Jan 2014

From the topic: Accused in BK Patna Rape Case Absconds, BKs deny charges and back to the Fatuha case (22-year-old sevika raped on pretext of marriage) ... the BKs' dirty laundry keep spilling in public, and they are looking a little less clean than their hardworking PR spin doctors like to portray them. Also entitled even more luridly, here: "Brahmakumari monastery: servants for sex".

This is surprising for its strength of language in India, but what is it really referring to?

One thing we can be sure about is it is highlighting the experience of many young girls who are perhaps put into Brahmakumari hostel somewhat against their will (the BKs gain income from them) and which are known to be a little "strict". But "All Brahmakumari sevikas are lesbians"? Unlikely. Some, yes .. celibacy and religiosity are good covers for homosexuality in societies less accepting of it ... it is understandable how females with both dominant and submissive lesbian tendencies might be attracted to the Brahmakumari system. I think this controversy also hints at how poorer females are also treated.

But what exactly does, "All the ‘Sisters’ in every Brahmakumari hostel are given lessons to please their senior sevikas" mean?

Firstly, it suggests that the Brahma Kumaris are not quite as feminists as they like to present themselves in the West and that inequality still rules but on the basis of age, with elderly females in charge of the finances taking the privileged places of males within their society.

How exactly does that help younger, lower ranking females spirituality develop? Surely they should be taught how to stand up and assert themselves?

Secondly, it harks back to the BKs Sindiwork business model of expansion, where junior "bhais" (Brothers/partners) would have to earn their position within the business community by slaving away for a few years until they gain acceptance.

I think would be likely to find a higher than average number of closeted lesbians within the Brahma Kumaris ... but certainly not all. Some, after all, do have sex with Brothers or secretly marry them.
All Brahmakumari sevikas are lesbians’ Sep 30, 2013

Indore: A day after a 22-year-old Prajapita Brahmakumari sevika lodged a first information report (FIR) against a male coordinator for raping her for four years comes another shocking revelation.

A Prajapita Brahmakumari sevika in Indore claimed that all sevikas are homosexual.

Pratima Kumari, a Brahmakumari sevika says, “Such incidents are not new to us. In fact, all sevikas are lesbians and they develop physical relations with each other. I was sexually abused by fellow sevikas when I joined Brahmakumari World Spiritual University (BKWSU) in Indore.”

“All the ‘Sisters’ in every Brahmakumari hostel are given lessons to please their senior sevikas. I was subjected to great mental and physical torture at the hostel in Indore.” Pratima told Dailybhaskar that she wants to commit suicide because that is the only way to put an end to her ordeal.

Two days ago, a sevika had alleged that Lalan, 35, a male coordinator of the Fatuha branch of Brahmakumari university ever since she joined the organization in 2009. She also alleged that the authorities of Fatuha unit of Prajapita Brahmakumari invite guests from outside and the 'sevikas' are forced to entertain them.

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