Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

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Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

Post16 Dec 2016

Pink Panther wrote:Guptarati 6666, I also was there in Madhuban on Jan18 1977 and for all of that season.

PP and Guptarati,

What were the conversations among BKs in January of 1977 given that they were fully ready for the Destruction to have happened or at least started in 1976?

Did they ask BapDada about it? Did they chatter among themselves? Did they go sit on the hills hoping to evaporate as they meditated?
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Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

Post16 Dec 2016

Arbit, I only made connection to BKs in late 1976. I didn’t know about the 1976 prediction until I went to India in Jan. 1977.

You can read the so-called Avyakt Murlis of that season. The BapDada persona basically equivocated, saying Destruction did not happen because BKs were not yet perfect, had to make more effort to become 16 celestial degrees complete, and other such indefinite nonsense. The expectation was strong & well known in BK circles. It was discussed, it was printed in material since the 1960s which had been approved by "Sakar Baba".

Nothing was done or said to disabuse people of that belief, to stop them selling their properties and donate to the yugya (for punya points!) to stop them giving up careers and studies. Then beyond 1977, this went on, year after year went by with the same refrain, the yadavas and kauravas are ready, but the pandavas are not (and the rest of that BS).

The Cold War was reaching its climax. Reagan called USSR the evil empire and began funding ”Star Wars" technology - satellite based weapon ... it looked grim. Then Gorbachev came in, glasnost and perestroika changed things. Eventually the USSR collapsed in the early 1990s, there was no more Cold War! All the old posters and specific references were ”disappeared” (see the LIbrary section here for some of them).

The BKs then latched onto the growing fear of a Y2K catastrophe, which came and went, then they encouraged fear of the 2012 end of the world prediction based on misunderstandings of the Mayan chronological system. Then climate change came along, every war, natural calamity, political and economic crisis is used to fuel the fears.

Gradually BKs changed their rhetoric. 'Destruction' became Transformation” - maybe taking their cue from the PR spin that saw ”genocide” become ”ethnic cleansing” or "death of innocent bystanders” became ”collateral damage”.

If BKs ever use that term ”Transformation” - ask them what happens to those people and animals who aren’t part of "the Golden Age/sat yuga” - the population goes from over 7 billion to under one million (99% are no more) - what kind of "Transformation" happens to them?

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