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Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 15 Apr 2018
by ex-l
You question has been moved to here: Anyone Who Can Help Me To Get Back My Wife & Daughter?

Please give us more details there.

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Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2018
by Rita
My parents are associated with them every year they say this year the world is going to end. We have to appreciate this day we might not get tomorrow. I am fed up of hearing these theories again and again.

Why after so many complaints are authorities not taking action?

Politicians and even the Prime Minister is not even aware of their hidden agenda. When I talk negative about this organisation people have only this explanation even prime minister follows BK.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2018
by Pink Panther
Rita wrote:When I talk negative about this organisation people have only this explanation even prime minister follows BK.

I take it from that statement that you are in India, which is where the BKs play their main game - the rest of the BK world mainly exists for PR purposes (they can brag in India), and for talent and money sourcing.

In India, the BKs have a sizeable number of followers so they are courted by most politicians. The BKs will say they do not support any particular political party but their actions show you that the BKs for their part are more concerned with whoever has power, wealth or influence, not the unlikely, even if worthy, wannabe candidate.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2018
by ex-l
Rita wrote:When I talk negative about this organisation people have only this explanation even the prime minister follows BK.

Hello Rita,

I'd be interested to hear your opinion about the type of individual, or state of mind, that is attracted to BKism.

It is ridiculous for them to claim that "even the prime minister follows BKs". Of course he does not. And, for me, it is the opposite of true spirituality to go chasing power, wealth and fame ... which is what the BKs have been obsessed with since their very beginning.

Therefore, BKism is the opposite of true spirituality.

For me, their core is just Sindhi business instincts. They have begged, borrowed and stolen names, terminology, ideas and branding from sincere efforts at spirituality (... and a few insincere ones), and turned it into their power and money making machine.

Again, the opposite of true spirituality.

Logically, we call using the name of a rich and famous person an "Appeal to Authority" ... and, philosophically, a dirty trick. That the BKs persist in it, indeed have invested probably 100s of millions of dollars into it proves that they oppose true spirituality development. If they embraced true spirituality development, they would remove all such trace and all such fallacies from their conduct.

But it is what they do ... social climbing and status seeking, both they and the politicians are playing the same game.

In that, I think, is your problem. They don't teach logical, rational, ethical clear thinking ... the teach lying, deceiving, tricking, confusing and manipulating. They have turned it into an art and share tricks, or yuktis, among their followers for their followers to do so. It is very difficult to engage with them as they present a barrage of well refined but illogical defences to protect the cult's interest ... and their delusion.

Their arguments or defences are all second hand, passed down from the teachers of them, refined after decades of identical social conflicts they have caused.

BK followers are like drug addicts. They don't care how many times predictions of Destruction fails, or how scientifically impossible their beliefs are ... they just want more highs. And even when they are not getting highs, they just want to avoid coming down from the drug effect and de-toxing.

Given that much of BKism is about the value of a "holy facade", the social value of being a "holy person" for rent in India, if you push them hard, their ego become very upset at its false facade being removed. It's illogic being questioned.

I've come to think much of BKism is about psychic dominance. Dominating others in order to exploit them, to get something for nothing whether it is money, land, property, labour, contacts ... any "tradeable" commodity.

The original Sindhi BKs were commodity dealers, with an international commodity trading network, and that is what the BKs are. A development of the Bhaibund Sindiworkers now trading in religious icons and ideas. we can talk more about the internal dynamics between followers and leaders more if you like.

For me, I always say, go for what the BKs wants first and protect it quickly and discrete.

If there is money or property in the family, put it in a trust, or take control of it, before the BKs get their hands on it.

Do what the BKs do. If you cannot get all of it, get as much as you can, eg if you cannot take control, get some put aside for their children or grandchildren. Use whatever angle you can.

Then once you have gained as much as you can ... be as ruthless as the BKs to confront them and withhold any support. And believe me how ruthless, insensitive and self-interested the BKs can be behind the facade.

At present, there is a legal action against a BK splinter group, the PBKs or AIVV (Veerndra Dev Dixit) ... perhaps someone who speak to the women and judges in charge of it ... and extend it to BKism?

Politicians don't care until there are votes to be made out of it. They are playing the same "back scratching" game and recognise the smell of it. The BKs belong with the dirtiest and smelliest of politicians. They would get into bed with any politician who served them.

They really have no ethics at all. It is all just about 'expedience' ... whatever works to achieve the goal.
Appeal to Authority

Most people are in awe of those with power, celebrity, or status. In addition, there are many sacred symbols (flags, religious images, sacred words, etc.) to which people feel intense identification and loyalty. Though power, celebrity, and status rarely correlate in any way with knowledge and insight, people are mesmerized by them.
Demagogues that successfully manipulate people know that most people are readily tricked in this way. So they wrap themselves in the flag and associate themselves with power, celebrity, or status (in any way they can). This includes looking for scientists and other “knowledgeable” persons to “support” their views.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 27 Sep 2018
by Pink Panther
Good points ex-l,

I have seen how BK students fall for the glamour of being indirectly associated with fame. The organisation has achieved a level of ability to draw in famous names from different fields to speask at events etc. The BK student proudly (not humbly or detachedly) tells others - we have So-and-So as guest at our event.

The success of the VIP was earned mostly through the VIPs talents and hard work in their field. They lend their name to the BK platform (for whatever reasons). The BK organisation bathes in glow of the VIPs fame and (usually indirect) endorsement. The BK student feels validated in what they are doing because the attendance of the VIP ”proves” the respectability of the organisation among society’s elites.

That’s one side fo the equation. of course the mutual backscratching you mention is often the major component, especially for politicians, but also for any other VIP who want to be (whose ego wants to be) associated with ”spirituality”. They rarely know the dark side of the over-inflated behemoth that is the BKWSU.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2018
by Rita
Thank you all! They are in such state of mind that if I give any reasonable explanations they simply deny with pictures of politicians , Dadi Janaki in UN, Modi speaking about Janaki all that illegogical stuff which does not even related to spirituality. My parents are well educated , how can they fall into such silly thing. I stopped talking to them. And they do not even bother.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2018
by Rita
Recently they have donated 3 lakhs to the BK center.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2018
by ex-l
What do you think that they think they will get out of doing so?

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 02 Oct 2018
by Rita
They are saying they are contributing in making better India. I said you should have donated your money to people who need it. But they are adamant about their decision. I have seen fear in their face. Especially my mom has become very very egoistic, she always says, "these BKs give respect to me". Even they are consulting a doctor who is associated with this organisation. My Father has Parkinson’s. I don’t stay with them but they don’t even care what I say. They don’t listen or care about me. Our family is in a mess.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 02 Oct 2018
by ex-l
It's very sad. And I think transparent what it happening.
Rita wrote:my mom has become very very egoistic, she always says, "these BKs give respect to me".

Would a true "spiritual" seeker want, need, or look for "being respect"?

Would a true "spiritual" religion encourage those who need to "be respect" and exploit "respecting" for an income?

Would it encourage the indiscriminate "respecting" of individuals within the religion based merely on their age or the period of their membership?

We know the BKs have special centres and special attention for "courting" people with money. They give then special "respect" in order to milk them for money, land and property.

I would suspect they are targeting older people with the thought that when they die they get more money, land and property ... stealing it from the family.

Of course, all humans and families have some "bad history" ... difficult relationships, petty conflicts, irritating habits and so on. I suspect the BKs exploit this by offer a fresh start to them with their alternative "spiritual family". Therefore it is easy to understand why individuals feel better "being respected" by new people with whom they have no history.

For me, BKism is largely a way of behaving in order to gain money, land and property for free.

New BKs, like we were, are trained not to be trully "spiritual" but to conform to a way of behaving that is profitable, that does question the ethics or morality of the cult and its leaders, and that does not "rock the boat" in any way both within the cult and in society, eg that does not challenge, and is economic with resources.

Part of that conforming is conforming to societies expectations of what a "spiritual person" or guru is (on the outside). Much of it is conforming to the Establishment's or upper classes view or demands. Of course, much of the BKs' attention is on the upper middle classes were the money is rather than were the most needs are in society.

In short, they are sorts of courtesans or madames who train their young girls to be courtesans serving the rich and powerful by doing this "showing respect" you talk about.

They are not real social reformers in my book. They are social climbers.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 02 Oct 2018
by Rita
How to deal with it? I am finding it difficult. I just hate my parents and this organisation to the core. Why aren’t we come forward and do something about it? What do you suggest ?

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 02 Oct 2018
by ex-l
There are two questions here:
    a) How to deal with on an individual basis? Which is largely case-by-case, and
    b) How to deal with it on a social or political level?
We have dealt with many cases of family breakdowns caused by the Brahma Kumaris. It is what they do. Indeed, many of us here were ourselves agents of family breakdowns inspired and directed by the Brahma Kumaris. And the truth is, the Brahma Kumaris very much do give specific instructions and advice on how to break families up to their adherents, on top of a highly repetitive brainwashing that constantly portrays them as impure, ignorant and even evil.

BKs having difficulties with non-BK family members, or wanting to know what to with their wealth and assets, will go at first to center-in-charges and then the top leaders to be given personal instructions based on decades worth of experience in successfully doing so.

Therefore, you get the slow drip effect, and the sudden, mortal strike effect.

My first advice to any family in your situation is to act quickly and quietly, with as little discussion as possible, and put as much of the family wealth and assets outside of the reach of the Brahma Kumari banksters (money men/gangsters). Put it into a trust, put it into the names of grandchildren, give it to charity ... do anything but let it feed the Brahma Kumaris ambitions and real estate fund.

Don't be noble, don't think you are doing this "just for the money", you are doing a service to society but not allowing it to go to feed the hungry ghosts within the BKs. Think and act like at the level the BKs do.

In your specific case, I would be worried about the element of "undue influence" - a legal term for a power party knowingly exploiting a weaker vulnerable party - due to your Father's illness and your mother's dependency on him, that they are now sniffing around.

What often happens is, eg, the BKs get the family money and home on the promise of providing a shelter for the widow on the husband's death ... and then the widow becomes an unpaid servant for the cult in her own old home. The home becoming a BK centre ... because for a home to become a BK centre is - they claim - "the highest seva or karma".

They appeal to greed of the individual promising that b giving to them, followers will reap multi-million fold karmic return and liberation in life ... whereas if they give to their family, or non-BK charity, they would only be dragged down and entangled. It would be negative karma they would have to pay off by suffering.

The BKs will, of course, not want to look after your Father and mother in old age on a practical level. That will likely remain the family's or society's job and expense.

What can we do at a social or political level?

That's a more difficult question. The BKWSU has millions of dollars annual income, and a highly centralised structure, dedicated to PR (political and public relationships) and corrupting the media. They invest hugely into 'advance damage limitation', succouring police, security services, media and political parties etc with free gifts, free retreats, free courses, free rakhis etc ... of course they are buying favours in advance to make it harder for the truth to spread.

For me, it is easier to innoculate a non-BK *before* they become infected with BKism. Once an individual is infected with BKism, it is like a drug addiction or fever that you pretty much have to let run its course and waiting until they themselves wake up, or sober up, or have a bad enough experience in order to choose to leave themselves.

Then it's just a question of being there to take them back *on the condition* that it is one family (the real family) or the other (the so called BK "family").

Therefore, as with alcoholics or drug addicts, it's just a question of not-enabling or encouraging their habit.

If you had a junky or alcoholic in the house, you would not leave your purse with money lying around, you'd hide it because you know they would steal it and spend it on drugs or alcohol. So to with BKism.

Each of us who has suffered - or sobered up - has to decide what and how much we can afford to do warning others about BKism and obstructing its infectation of our societies. Just a little bit whenever you can contacting others and so on ...

Unfortunately, BKism is not enough of a problem any more to alert government or society. They have learnt to keep a low profile. The abusers, although involving crores and suicides etc, are relatively low level in comparison to terrorism etc. It is not a whacky enough cult.

However, the lastest chapter with Virendra Dev Dixit and the AIVV shows it is possible.

If I were you I'd contact the NGOs involved and attempt to get them to spread their investigation wider to involved the BKs as well as the PBKs. Two peas in the same pod.

Then all you can do is keep warning others at whatever chance you can to create awareness and consensus.

Specifically in your case though, allow me to repeat that the more advanced your Father's health case become, the gret the legal case of undue influence arises and it might be an area of 'undue influence' and 'power of attorney' where a family lawyer might become involved.

Something else to consider is gently lobbying your entire family and any of their friends who have been effected and together confronting them with the damage or effect they are having. "Confront" is too strong a word ... appealing to them, reminding them of the good times, how much they shared, how much they are valued, offers of help etc.

But don't allow the addict to start preaching BKism and make any offer of help conditional, the BKs or us. If they choose the BKs, then - I would say - leave the BKs to look after when they get old.

Ask them to make it clear ... will the BKs look after you when you get old? Unless they have and give a lot of money, the answer is no. Only the very inner circle is looked after. We've many cases where they have dumped back on families or left for society to look after, eg social housing.

BKism teaches individuals to cut off mentally, emotional and physically from their family and loved ones. Utterly. 100%. Non-BKs are impure and evil. Non-BK values are impure and evil. Theirs is a black and white world which they are at the top of and everyone else below them. Ignorant and dangerous.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2018
by Rita
I am shattered to know that my parents will never ever realise that they are addicts, especially my mother. She is ignorant and egoist. Because of my Father’s illness she is the head of the family, being a Sindhi she is the dominating figure in my house.

They have come very far, I don’t think she will ever realise. I will simply stop going to my house and will not talk to them. This is the only possible solution.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2018
by ex-l
Let us say, "may" never realise, and hope something happens to make her see the light.

Does the rest of the family support you? Would they appeal with you to her?

How old are your mother and Father?

I am guessing that you have communicated your concerns to her already. Is it impossible to speak to her sensibly? Has she no love left for you?

You can go to the regional Senior Sister and raise you concerns with her. Start to put pressure on your mother from above her in the BK ranks. Tell them how bad she is behaving and what a bad example she is making of BKism, eg you say she is an egotist, they teach BKs must be "egolessness".

You can get them to put pressure on her to be a better mother, to behave better ... BKs are supposed to be "Angels", Godly examples at all times. Perfect.

Sometimes it is possible to get the BKs to squeeze them so much they decide they don't want to know.

Write all her bad actions and report them to the centre ... but go above just the local centre to zone-in-charge. Appeal to their self interests, report the center-in-charge because you think she is exploiting your Father's condition.

Is the BK doctor taking money off the family? That would be another bad point.

To fight against them generally only makes them dig their heels in. So demand they follow their religion more. Learn a little about what the religions teaches ... and, in essence, make them sick of it that way.

"A BK should not do this ... a BK should not do that ... are you perfected ... are you in your Angelic state ... making 'defamation of Baba' is one of the worst things for a BK ... being a bad example" and so on. The most simple is "being a peaceful soul ... are you Om Shanti?" if she gets upset, then you can ask here that.

"Is she following Shrimat?"
"Is she doing Amrit Vela every day?" (getting up at 4am) Is she going to class every morning.

Encourage her, demand of her, to be the perfect BK ... complain a lot to the centre if she is not.

If someone brings conflict to the centre, if they bring a bad name to the BKs, often the BKs will tell them to leave. Likewise the threat of legal action.

To be honest, I doubt she is following BKism properly. It is actually pretty tough and demanding. They let rich people follow half and half and flatter them for their money ... but they are not seen as proper BKs within the religion. In truth, they are looked down upon because they will get a low status.

We have many BK teachings, the Murlis, in the download Library section. May be you can read some of them and take idea to check on her.

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2018
by Rita
They are in their 60s: my mother just talk these good talks, but never follows anything. The idea you suggested in quite good. I would try that. I tried all possible explanations. I have good knowledge of spiritual books,but she ignores everything. These BKs have framed their philosophy in such a way that it is wrong but always feels right to the followers. We all know that Hindu stories are mythologies. They are literally believing in it and on top of that they are making stories. We can not even complaint to the authorities because of no basis at all. First of all they are all women organisation, following Hindu customs. Let me try what you suggested , I don’t have other option.