Dadi Janki's experience of sex & its influence

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Dadi Janki's experience of sex & its influence

Post28 Apr 2015

From: Are all BKs awful people???
Pink Panther wrote:From what I know, Janki was in an arranged marriage at a very young age, maybe 14 years old. She is a tiny person and so it is likely that, along with physical and emotional immaturity, there would have been physical limits to the possibility of enjoying sex.

I would not be surprised if it was a kind of surrender to rape in marriage. The BKs offered a comfortable shelter from the patriarchy for many young women.

Good points. I've never thought about them before. And wasn't her husband a good bit older too?

It's a bit of a mystery - deliberately so on the BKs behalf - but surely influential in shaping her attitudes towards men, sex and motherhood. On too of which, she'll never have had therapy for it all.

I'd like to revise the facts we have first about it, ie ages of the partners, when she had a child, when she left ... when she came back ... when the child died ... what Lekhraj Kirpalani's part in it all might have been etc.

What's strange is her parents were involved with the Om Mandli ... and wasn't there a Sister who was an early medium for the sect? Wasn't she part if the "Golden Circle" that left early?

A 14 year old, her size, back in the 1930s? It would have been child rape ... of her.

I've often wondered if the child's death was a little too convenient ... and considered how much of an influence "God" Lekhraj Kirpalani, acting as a personal savour, had upon shaping her consciousness ... and her BKWSU Empire in the West.

I wonder if her husband had a beard!?!

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