Dutch Brahma Kumari Leader in € 27 million Fraud of Elderly

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Re: Dutch Brahma Kumari Leader in € 27 million Fraud of Elde

Post26 Sep 2018

Incredible! I'd missed this somehow.
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Re: Dutch Brahma Kumari Leader in € 27 million Fraud of Elde

Post27 Sep 2018

For me, BKism is one big financial scam ... a spiritual Ponzi Scheme supporting the leaders' religious fantasies and lifestyle. I suppose being victim to one makes you prone to - and capable of - carrying out another? I think it's a problem with BKs ... once you become skilled in marketing BKism, you lose all sense of real ethics.

You're trained to sell delusion, fabrication, utter lies with total sincerity. How is that not going to leak into the rest of your life?

We can keep asking questions and showing outsiders where to look, and what for, but expect the BKWSU leaders to "practise the power of silence" over events such as these ... keep any money they got out of it ... and then tell adherents it was their bad karma and to have more Yoga.

Here's how he sells himself and markets BKism.
Harold Kops

With my experience as a volunteer within public welfare institutions on both the social and spiritual level, I like to contribute to a broader awareness of our own responsibility for and within society. The G1000 EindhovenTop gives practical interpretation to this with the methodology used and the choice of works from social capital.

I see Kops and the Brahma Kumaris are involved in another 'branded product' Netherland in Dialogue.

I found a follow up, here. Try translation, here. The legal cases finished in July of this year.

The company was Vastgoed Solide Maatschappij. Of the 24 million that private investors poured, almost nothing is left. It appears Kops may have been duped by one of the partners until he left. If so, the question would still have to arise, where was their Baba's touching guiding and protecting his "children". Where was his intuition about what was going on?

Again, where are all the promises of protection the BK Baba offers?

Possible, duped into "positive thinking" - and exhausted by BK service - the BK just was not on the ball. I wonder how BK Holland dealt with it?

There's a long investor forum discussion, here.
I am inexperienced and completely trust my intermediary. I have been told how a good and beautiful product is not. That was mid 2009. Now it seems that in mid-2005 the VSM has already been assessed negatively by experts from Fiscalert.
So this product was sold to me last year. We even mentioned that it would only be for a few years, we have made it known that we want to use this amount for the study of the children about Pm. 5 to 8 years.

Kops apparently become a 20 percent shareholder. I wonder how much was funneled into BK PR campaigns?

There is an interesting line in the article ... computer translated, I wonder if "faithful people" mean religious followers, aka BKs?
"I once heard a telephone conversation with a lady who wanted to get rid of her bonds," says a former employee. 'We sold a lot of faithful people on the Veluwe".

"This lady had bought 98,000 in bonds a day earlier and then prayed with God. She did not think it was a good idea and Mrs asked if she could get rid of it."

The salesman said he was going to find it out, put down the phone and laughed: "Rien ne va plus, the money is no longer yours."

The money went on the directors high flying lifestyle ... here again - knowing what we know - you can see how the BK was duped.
Once [the director] drives his leased Audi Q7 into the car park of the office in Arnhem, he is immediately jumped by financial man Harold Kops. "Harold checked his spending pattern and asked him where all those vague receipts struck," says a former administrator.

'Harold was then [confused] by Paul with a story about the world projects he undertook and how much money they would generate. If Harold did not agree, Paul simply produced fake declarations. For that he took home piles of paper from the hotels in which he slept, with a hotel logo. There he then scribbled 3000 euros for a so-called presentation or meeting."
"If Harold did not agree, Paul (the director) simply produced fake declarations ... submitted dozens of false invoices, accounting for more than 3 million euros, to maintain his luxurious lifestyle."

Harold argues over the false receipts ... but keeps his 20% interest.
In the meantime, the 'loan' of Apex to the companies of T. has risen to above 12 million euros and financial man Harold Kops knows that PWC will never approve the annual accounts for 2008. In December of that year he argues for the last time with T. about the receipts, to withdraw from the company as of 1 January. He does keep his 20 percent shares in Apex.

The four former leaders of the company put 14 million in its own pocket before being sentanced to from one half to four years in prison for investment fraud and forgery.

Kops was taken to court but acquitted of any crime.

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Re: Dutch Brahma Kumari Leader in € 27 million Fraud of Elde

Post27 Sep 2018

The ethereal crimes are the worst; even more reprehensible than white collar and blue collar crimes. Dabbling in the spirit world with material wealth, gained by selfish means is very degrading to perpetrators.

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