The BKs on interfaith meetings: "the Conference of Crows"

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The BKs on interfaith meetings: "the Conference of Crows"

Post07 Aug 2015

Also from "The True Gita", published by the BKWSU ... an honest insight into the Brahma Kumari true sentiments towards interfaith meetings.

BK Jagdish Chander is still hailed as an exceptional BK adherent. I've never seen them publish an apology or retraction.

Jagdish goes even further to clearly slam the anti-war, anti-nuclear weapon, pacifist element of interfaith movements.
BK Jagdish Chander wrote:The Conference of Crows

Children! In view of what I have explained to you, you can well understand that the Parliament of Religions, Vedant Conferences or other such congregations etc convened by mortal being are just like the conferences of crows where each one of them caws forth his or her opinions without any result ...

Such human beings do not know even this that the atomic weapons which the bellicose nations have been preparing for the World Destruction are very essential for the extermination of the Devilish beings and, hence, according to my [God's) plan, are congenial to World Peace.

On the contrary, people who convene, or gather at, such conferences, make unfruitful and vain efforts for disarmament or for banning the use of these weapons! Groping under darkenss, they cannot understand that for no other but for which these missiles etc have been prepared, will, one day, these weapons will be used and that even Pope of Rome cannot check these nations who were once Christians.

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