BK Shivani in book: BKs still up to same game (no surprises)

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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BK Shivani in book: BKs still up to same game (no surprises)

Post29 Oct 2015

Sneha Meht is some kind of "modern girl" Public Relations assistant, a wannabe journalist who has written a book featuring a breathless interview with the famous Brahma Kumari Shivani, in which Shivani drops any pretence and pours out all the old fashioned orthodox BKism proving that hey've not really changed at all.

No surprises there then ... Change Your Life: Inspiring Stories from New-age Healers.

Jeez, I am in the wrong business ... just think how much more money I would be making if I was praising the Brahma Kumaris instead of criticising them?
From the bestselling author of 21 Things Every Girl Should Know, comes a book that explains the ancient healing techniques which are miraculously changing millions of lives, worldwide.

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