BK Community Survey 2015

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BK Community Survey 2015

Post05 Nov 2015

Of course, no one tells us about these things and so I am left to appear like the Wicked Queen turning up at Snow White's wedding.

However, a couple of high profile Western BKs are attempting some kind of review of the state of the BK Kingdom starting with a pilot review of 55 BKs in Australia and Germany. There results are, here. The survey itself is, here. Or below.

They did not, of course, invite our opinions, nor the opinions of their cult's victims.

Quoted main themes emerging from responses, they found that ...
"Active and committed BKs in Australia and Germany are moving away from a system they find “fearful and dogmatic” where activities seem like “ritual, giving the illusion of security”. Where they find a “lack of creativity” and conversations that “are quite superficial”. The centres “don’t provide a deeply spiritual and nurturing environment” and are “too rigid and religious ... lacking spirituality and kindness.”

BKs are wanting centres that are “more friendly and less bureaucratic,” where there is “more inner happiness in those reading the Murli and less feeling of routine and compulsion” and where “the Murli is read with more life, with more understanding, and is more realistically connected with daily life in the west”. Brahmins seek a way that is more relevant than “the learning style of India in the 1930s” and “being in an endless school always in the first class". "

And it took them 30 or 40 years to work that out!?!

The survey was sent to a random cross-section of BKs, including centre residents and non-residents, and received a 100% response rate.

    12 of the 55 respondents live in centres. More than 62% of centre residents were dissatisfied or saw room for improvement in their centres.

    Over 75% of Brahmins range from never attending a centre to going a maximum of twice a week.
    93% of respondents engage with the Murli regularly.
    Over 30% participate in gatherings where Murli is read outside of the centre.
    50% listen to the Murli electronically.
    Over 75% read Murli at home.
One interesting thing jumps out of it for me, the majority of BKs invited had been following BKism from between 10 and 44 years. There was a big gap in the 1 to 9 years.

Only 2 attended Murli every day. Between 24% and 50% did not attend a Murli class or even read a Murli, 40% rarely go to a centre, so they weren't much of BKs, methinks.

Or perhaps the survey was just market research to see how to get fringe BKs back in the fold?

50% saw room for improvement in the way their centres were run. One response went ...
the centre close to me has had a rocky journey, disharmony and mental health issues in students have contributed to the instability, plus centre people leaving either due to exhausted unhappy or other.

What led to blocks in their spiritual life? Ha ... nothing changes.
angry Brahmins
Politics in Brahmin life, status orientation. Always speaking about "family". Yet there is a thought, we aren't a family in the West. For my experience we are a "community of interest" in the best case a school. Battles and fighting amongst BKs.
The oppressive culture of small village consciousness that sometimes happens in groups, the cult(y) nature of BKs ...

With more than a few brave and honest souls ...
The old-fashioned way of the centres. There is nearly nothing new since I came into Gyan 30 years ago. It bores me.

Do you have close friends in the Brahmin family?
To me this is very necessary. We are in the position now of not having [partners] or children and if not living in a centre it can be lonely and there is a need for companionship. Even in a centre it can be lonely if people do not become friends.

A fear of 'attachment' keeps people isolated. this is in my view unhealthy. I have a close group of BK riends all of whom have been in Gyan for a long time and lived through the same times. They are invaluable and loves and 'family' to me. in my view all BKs should endeavor to find real friends within the family

And regards Seniors ...
I do not feel that they really understand us with our needs ...
In the past there where Indian Seniors who did not or could not (want to) understand my life and mind.
... but they are of no help in the time of real need.
I don't even feel included, I am being treated like a child in class
To some extent, but there's no give, I feel only take, so it's strictly spiritual business
They don't want to get to root of problems but believe in quick fixes. Segregation of students and teachers.
There are a couple of examples of people in 'position' who are actually rude and offensive in their behaviour to BKs.

So, in summary, it seems nothing much changed in the last 30 years except the BKs own a lot more properties and real estate.

This is not the first of such surveys or reviews. I remember some being attempted back in my days. I remember being at some of the very first meeting where Western BKs spoke out amongst each other and I think they failed terribly as, on one hand, the majority of BKs were more afraid to say or admit what they really felt and believed and tended more to answer what they thought was expected of them, e.g. to be blissful and overjoyed at having found their Baba etc; and, on the other, the leaders just ignored it and carried on the same as usual.

Their motto might be ...

"Never explain, never apologise ... and never do anything to change the formula, as it is still bringing in the gold".

It will be interesting to see if this goes global and how the Seniors or elite will respond to it. I won't wait for miracles.
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Pink Panther

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Re: BK Community Survey 2015

Post05 Nov 2015

Yep, same old same old ... for decades.

The only way it can change is to stop believing what they believe, tell their God he is, at best, inadequate, or more to the point, a charlatan.

It reveals why people hang around so long, they are hungry for ‘spirituality’ but don't see that it is the diet that keeps them hungry. As has been said before, the BKs are ”fast food” McDonalds spirituality.
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Re: BK Community Survey 2015

Post05 Nov 2015

Pink Panther wrote:[they] don't see that it is the diet that keeps them hungry.

That's an interesting view.

They are exploiting a spiritual hunger by not properly nourishing it ... or, as I would argue, by obstructing BK adherents from nourishing it by sufficient variety etc.

The BK diet lack sufficient ingredients. It has always lacked sufficient ingredients. That's why they are always having to steal a little bit from here, a little bit from there, and mix it into their meagre spiritual food.

A bit of Sikhism, a bit of Taoism, a bit of Christianity, a base of which ever Hinduism they can get their hands on ... it all goes into the mix and then comes out miraculously as "God's Supreme Mix ... a Pure Unlimited Diet for Global Transformation".

In truth ... as dry and pointless as chewing sawdust.


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Re: BK Community Survey 2015

Post06 Nov 2015

12 out of 55 live at a center but only 2 out of 55 attend Murli class daily!!! In my time, attendance to Murli class was a must for anyone living at a center.

I wish them good luck but, based on my long experience, I'd say that it won't bring about much change if at all.

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