Brahma Kumaris Australia; what happened to Rory Moore's cash

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Brahma Kumaris Australia; what happened to Rory Moore's cash

Post01 Mar 2016

From, the cracks keep showing throw the Kirpalani Klan's expensively whitewashed plaster work.

In response to a post which informs us that Brahma Kumaris Australia has secure assets in excess of $20,000,000, an annual cash income of more than $1,000,000, as well as further millions contributed to its tax deductible building account ... a BK support suggests
[quote="Hopi Gopi"]The BKs should give all the money back to those they conned to sell their land and homes ... Please give Rory Moore back his money he deserves it ... Om Shanti.[/quote]
Where do such BKs go for justice and compensation within the BK machine, and who supports them when they fall on rough times?

For many of the early Western BKs, for whome Destruction did not happen to save them from penuary in their old age, it is becoming social welfare systems of their home countries ... but what of India and other developing nations where there is no such things? Do they go back to their families for their families to pick up the bill? What does it require to get into the BKs' own old folks homes?

Of course, the Kirpalani Klan is exceeding against the principle of giving anyone back their land, homes and wealthy they conned from their adherents with their ever receeding predictions of the End of the World.

If they were to
    a) they'd have to give back everything they now own
    b) they would not be able to keep up their global trotting VIP lifestyle
    c) they'd have nothing in the pot to pay for their pensions ... except for the few who have been squirelling bits on the side or keeping their own private incomes aside from the BKs coffers.
In the last order, I'd be asking about Jayanti Kirpalani's income ... she who has not been paid by the BKWSU's UK "charity" for decades ... and of 'trust fund' BK Charlie in Australia.

Are the leaders exhorting their following to surrender everything ... "mind, body and wealth" ... for the sake of their own good karma; while keeping their own or receiving secret wages from other parts of the BK empire, e.g. does BKWSU (UK) pass back £500,000 in a year to BKWSU (India) out of which Jayanti and Janki etc get what is basically a "finder's fee" or "commission".

I don't know ... but there is no references to it on the books.

With regards Jayanti Kirpalani, I remember how the house he Father gave the her/BKWSU as her dowry was quickly vacated and given back to her Father when he had financial difficulties ... and yet in other cases they fought non- or ex-BK not to give back property and their line is "when you give to a charity, it cannot be given again".

That one very serious act raises very serious question about her moral and financial probity, even if only the "giving" of it was false, e.g. it was not actually "given", it was only presented as given in order to encourage others to give similar amounts.

Like the Vatican and it's dirty, if the BKs ever want to be considered clean, they need to be utterly transparent about "God's" finances, and those of their leaders.

It has been reported here before that BK Australia leader Charlie Hogg lives off inherited from his worldly family ... or has he know given so much for so long that he is now being paid back for his investment by the BKWSU?

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