Any Brahma Kumari haters here? More BK stuff on Quora

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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Any Brahma Kumari haters here? More BK stuff on Quora

Post19 Aug 2016

The world speaks ... are the BKs listening?

1,500 Views ... 2,700k Views ... 2,800 Views ... 3,100 Views ... note more Brahma Kumaris' sex abuse cover up at bottom.
Any Brahma Kumari haters here?


It's prescribed in their philosophy. When Shivani got that question asked, she says- did I convert you into Brothers and Sisters as of now? But she didnt answer question directly, that she will do so in future, once they convert into BK religion.

In BK they call it being "yuktiyukt" means answering in tricky/shrewd manner, which in reality is "lying". Shivani acts like a "pimp/salesman" and converts people to BK. You can find real info about BKs in brahmakumaris dot info

Kaivalya Nathan

This organisation is filled with psychos. It is true that they are always on the lookout for weak minded and troubled souls. They are ready to trap and exploit such people. I hate these guys so much, they will be always ready to preach you with their loads of spiritual garbage. I guess they are taught a few things which they repeat like parrots. They are teaching nonsense stuffs like stop eating onion and garlic, as if it is only onion and garlic which is stopping us from God-realization.

Teaching couples to refrain from having sex. Whether a couple wants to have sex or not is not any of this psycho organisation's business. I feel they are disturbing the lives of many families by spreading such garbage.

Their target is always some depressed or troubled soul, but I am happy that normal/educated people laugh at them. We use to have a great time making fun of psychos related to this organisation. These psychos feel that they are god and they act so self righteous. They are such idiots making a fool out of themselves, rotten people teaching rotten garbage. Bloody assholes wearing white dress like ghosts.

Vivek Sahay

Yes...I'll give u a reason....I know a case where the husband was working in gulf and wife was managing home and kids. Wife was disillusioned by husband's job. She seeked the help of these Kumaris.

Gradually she got brainwashed, become a Kumari and divorced the husband. If there would be no Kumari, she might have opted of better professional counselling and a family could be saved. Now think yourself!

Sheetal Deshmukh

Yes , even I hate them.. They brainstorm weak minded people.. My mother is a dedicated follower of them.. And they tell what not to eat i.e. Onion and Garlic.. which has affected her health... she does not eat food cooked by me.. even though she is unwell.. And even after doing all this no change in her thinking style or behaviour e.g. anger, some stupid rituals and all.. and i blame brahmakumaris for my mother's ill health.. so I hate them a lot.. they are misguiding people..

Anubhav Vaid

Well I am but I am also not comfortable to admit it openly because these retards have huge contacts and tend to attack their haters. They encourage us to join their ****. They create their own version of religion their own religion. And they try us to join them and leave non BK bakchodi....

Raj Pal


Charlotte Ballard

I attended one of there foundation courses. I found their world/spiritual view totally ridiculous and rather dubious. They came across as zealots towards the end. I've also read some very disturbing things about them.


My inlaws have been into this since 1990.

I just fail to understand their concept. All the answers below who say its all fake, I agree to this. Even the thought of BK makes me feel extremely angry. I personally have never seen their Baba or listened to their Murli or been in the drishti session and neither wish to ever. I just happened to listen to a few things that my mother in law told me about BK and some instances which made me believe its all useless. For peace of mind, all you need is a good heart , good deeds and good people around you.

I particularly would like to bring an instance to everyone’s notice as I havent seen anyone writing about this. Girls are brain washed so much that they decide to completely surrender themselves to BK and are expected to leave their house forever. I particularly know of a girl who surrendered herself at age of 12 , left her school, her family and gave her life to BK. Isnt this the most ridiculous thing? Girls do not even have maturity to decide on their career at this age and are so brain washed to surrender? Also for parents, I feel they still think their daughters as a burden and introduce them to this so that they get rid of all the responsibilities towards her. A 7th grade girl left everything for BK and after 20 yrs, when she had major health issues was sent back home as they wanted her parents to take care of her. Why should someone who has given up her life for your organisation be sent back? Isnt she your responsibility? For the past 3 yrs she’s at home and I do not think so BK will take her back again ever. That means a life ruined forever and as she has no formal education, she will have issues to lead a normal life.

Another girl left her engineering midway, left her house forever and joined BK. She forgot all the pains that her parents took to raise her, pay for her education. I wont be surprised if in a few years she comes back home forever and struggle to lead a normal life.

And guys arent supposed to leave their house and stay with BK. Guys can lead a normal life ,get a job, enjoy worldly pleasures. Why only girls?

Rest things as same as other mentioned, what is the use of this organisation and people joining if they cant keep peace at home?


All the answers only mock at the Brahma Kumaris. No one has praised them for their cleverness. Unlike other religious groups who target the uneducated, this group is unique in trapping even the educated people in their net of frauds. I applaud them for their achievement. They are one of the best brainwashers in the world. It's just sad that they haven't used their brainwashing capabilities for the betterment of the world and have just focused on extracting more and more money from their targets and in becoming more popular.

Although I am nowhere in comparison to the Brahma Kumaris in terms of convincing capabilities, I will strive hard to free some of their targets from their trap through my very brief answer.

The Brahma Kumaris build on false premises to obviously reach false conclusions. Most of their arguments are invalid. Even the ones those are valid are unsound arguments due to false premises.

The only teaching of theirs that makes sense is to remain free from mental tensions and live with peace.

But, the above teaching acts as a launchpad from which they launch to their pseudoscientific theories. By decades of experience, they have gained an expertise to impart those pseudoscientific theories to even the educated ones in our society. They have taught people not to question their teaching extremely craftily which is a phenomenal achievement yet not a moral one.

I will refrain from enumerating and mocking at their pseudoscientific theories but I would humbly request their targets to investigate into their teachings and look for themselves. Books like 'A Brief History of Time' by the Great Stephen Hawkings will definitely help recover the rationality that those villains have snatched from their targets.

The souls getting transmitted from one body to another at the time of death, the karmic law (much similar to the Newton's third law - every action has an equal and opposite reaction), the 1250 * 4 year cycle. Ha ha ha ha ha lol.

Sorry, I am nobody to laugh at them. They are experts in their fields (on how to fool the educated people).

Ramu Saab

I happened to visit a bramhakumari ashram in 2011 with my friends as part of day long bus tour of Mount Abu.being from a big city of Bangalore I was shocked at the way the so called gurus were acting.we were ushered into some kind of pravachan hall where a guru was brainwashing a group of very poor uneducated village people.the guru was tellin the poor people that they i.e the bramhakumaris were great just because they were letting filthy village people to come into their abode,that they must consider themselves blessed at getting this opportunity and they were told on and on about how lowly they were and because they are such uncultured and untouchable people they must follow the bramhakumaris to rid themselves of their sins.this is exactly how these bramhakumaris get their followers,they manipulate the feelings of the destitute,downtrodden,sad,depressed, and kind of brain wash them into following them.India is full of such crooks!i hope this post would work as a warning to anyone wanting to join them.bramhakumaris are nothing but vultures preying on the weak souls of people.beware!


I have grown up among the people following this religion & have attended their Murli, visited almost every centre at Ahmedabad..went to Abu(their main place)...stayed at ashrams quite many times since childhood....soo I would like to share my experience!!

My grandparents joined BrahmaKumaris during a week patch of their's now over 40 years they are soo much into this religion! They are not allowed to eat onion garlic, they only eat food made by themselves, they cannot have sex, they cannot have any worldy pleasures...these are some basic rules every Brahmakumaris are supposed to follow & they follow it religiously!

It would be still OK if they kept it only upto themselves....but they dragged their children into this religion! Once you regularly start visiting any BK centre you are already in a trap...the Dadi's over their stare into persons eyes for over 2-3 mins & literally hypnotize the person...& it is called as 'Dadi ne drashti di'..means she gave vision! Nothing is more pathetic then seeing an 80 year old lady staring into eyes of every other male & then preaching about purity!!

Coming back to my family..because of my grandparents following BKs my paternal uncle & aunt (chacha & bua) are unmarried..not much into social life...they live the life of brahmachari although staying at their own among normal people...which is the toughest thing ever!

My family is in contact with the highups of the institution! They very often come to our place!

This incident literally shook me!! I just completed my 10th std.. It happened during vacation. I returned home from my friends place at around 4o clock as I was having Tutn at 5. BK Sreenivaas...the driver of BK Mohan singal opened the door. It was not new for me as they used to come at our place very often. But what happened next was totally unexpected ... the very next moment he tried to kiss me ... I did not knew what was happening ... I screamed my loudest, somehow managed to escape. He got scared & locked himself in washroom. During this time my grandmother, BK Mohan Singhal, BK sarla ben, BK Gita ben were having a sound sleep with Ac on in my grandparents room! Hearing my horrified, terrified scream ... they came out!

What came next was even worse..after hearing what happened .. my Dadi started crying ... BK Mohan Singhal instead of consoling me tried to cover it up by asking me my favourite ice cream flavour & promising me he will get it for me (sadly - he is very respected person & one of pillar of this institution).

Next was BK Geetaben trying hard to convince me not to tell about this to my mother ... she told me that if your mother comes to know about it she will fight with you granny & because of you their will be fights in your family! I was weeping bitterly and just wanted to go out of it anyway! I told them that I was getting late for tuitions, but they did not let me go out.

I wasn't even able to inform my parents about it.

I may not wonder if some sex rackets of this institution come into light ... in fact I am waiting for that day.

If you need Inner peace..try some other thing but do NOT visit any Brahma Kumaris centre! They literally hypnotize you...they are expert in brain washing & you won't even know you are getting trapped through which you'll never be able to get out & your whole family will have to suffer.

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