The BKs never change ...

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The BKs never change ...

Post04 Sep 2016

Proof the BKs never really change ... 70 years on and they are still arguing over who really wrote the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita (which they claim their god spirit did).

From a recent event at their expensive Om Shanti Retreat Centre property. Does anyone really care any more?

As an interesting aside, always ones to exploit someone else's good ideas, the BK appear to have borrowed our "Friend and Family of" idea, and are now running Friend and Family of Retreats too!

Elsewhere, apparently the Brahma Kumaris' favourite pretty parrot, BK Sister Shivani, has now predicted "with great confidence"that Golden Age is coming in 2022 ... typically just near enough that a few poor souls might be encouraged to throw away their lives on the BKs' mad goose chase, just far enough away that everyone will have forgotten she said it when it does not happen.

Does that mean 'Destruction' and 'Reconstruction' is going to happen before then in the next 6 years!?!

It's worth point out that, despite BK Shivani's "elevated spiritual status", the BKs' god spirit has never made such predictions nor does it fit in with any it or they have made before.

The "too late" sign has already gone up.
21st-22nd May’16 “Re-establishment of the Golden World by the God of Gita” – Residential Seminar at Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurgaon

May 11, 2016

Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

Cordial invitation to Residential Seminar on “Re-establishment of the Golden World by the God of Gita”, Gita Scholars, professors, academicians and all those inclined towards diving deep into the secrets of Gita are welcome.

Main points of discussion in the seminar:
    1. When was the Gita narrated – Was it at the end of the Copper Age or was it at the confluence of Iron Age & Golden Age?

    2. Was the war of the Mahabharata a violent or non violent war?

    3. Who is the incorporeal sermonizer of the Gita – Is He omnipresent or is He the one who is beyond?

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