BK ruined my family!

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BK ruined my family!

Post12 Oct 2016

All thanks to BK, my wife does not want want to share even the physical touch, let alone sex between us. This is driving me crazy and have started to ruin our family completely.

Can you please revert her to normal, before it gets out of control and might even result in a divorce spoiling the life of our daughter?

Need urgent help.
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Pink Panther

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Re: BK ruined my family!

Post13 Oct 2016

Hi there.
If you have browsed this web-site you will have likely found out that your story is not unusual, there have been such problems in many families going on in many places throughout the decades since the BKs began, and will continue to happen. Each family situation with BK involvement has similarities but each relationship and family has its own qualities, its own dynamics and it’s own history.

Can you give us some more details please?

    What is your cultural background - are you in India or of Indian culture living abroad, or another culture?
    How religious was she or her family background beforehand?
    What professional and education level are you ?
    How long have you been married - was it arranged or by your free choice?
    How long did you know her beforehand?
    How old is your daughter?

    How long has your wife been involved in BKs?
    Was there connection to BKs through her parents or friends beforehand, or has she connected to them quite independently ?
    How much time does she spend with them each week or month?
    What was your relationship together like before her connection to them?
    What age are you both - is she entering menopause?
    Are you both working or is she ”housewife”?

Knowing these factors may help us suggest an appropriate strategy.
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Mr Green


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Re: BK ruined my family!

Post13 Oct 2016

sounds like the BKs have mesmerised her
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Re: BK ruined my family!

Post14 Oct 2016

Pink starts with all the right questions, if you can give us a bigger picture, we can help you with better suggestions.

You have every right to be annoyed. In fact, you should be much more than annoyed. The Brahma Kumaris will destory your family, take your wife and child, even your property and money if they can get their hands on it ... all to finance - either directly or indirectly (e.g. by stealing her free labour) - their mad house, social climbing, End of the World cult ... with which they will go on to destroy more families.

My starting position in these situations is always to underline what a serious threat the BKs are to the balance of any family and to encourage the non-BKs to be prepared to accept that they have already lost their family member, and for them to work to protect what is left, i.e. the family wealth, the family property, the child and so on. And to do so in a way that does not alert the BK adherent.

There is a famous Sufi saying, "The definition of a fool is someone who is honest with dishonest people".

Be prepared, the BKs are highly dishonest and skilled manipulators. We can help you protect yourself from their habitual dishonesty and manipulation in such situations ... a situation which has happened at least 100,000s of times within the BKWSU since the 1930s.

It is simply what they do ... splitting families and taking whatever assets, or individuals, they can; and there are subtleties to this you wont see, e.g. mothers encouraging their daughters to become "pure" Brahma Kumaris because they themselves were "in bondage" (which is what they call marriage) and could not do so.

Therefore, beware, they may already be after your daughter too.

I think the question re "How did your wife encounter BKism?" is very important.

BKism spreads like a virus through communities and more than often we have found it spreads via disgruntled wives ... it becomes an "anti-husband" movement made worse by modern divorce laws which allow the wife in a marriage to take the property ... which they then give to the BKWSU with the security of being allowed to live on in it.

In essence, the BKWSU, or the local zone or centre-in-charge becomes the husband (a proxy for their "god-husband" Lekhraj Kirpalani), the old family home becomes a center, and the local BKs becomes the new family. The husband is pushed out as being "Impure" and "degraded".

If you give us an idea how long she has been involved, we can tell you how deep her re-progamming is likely to be.

Be warned, their brainwashing is very difficult to fight once they have hooked someone and, having faced criticism and accusations of splitting up families for over 80 years, they have develop many defences and manipulations to fight them (yuktis - as they call them).

Again, we can identifiy these in order to disempower them.

In the meanwhile, do nothing to make your wife defensive but, if you can, start withholding anything she needs to continue her BKism, e.g. car, money, time, access and proximity to the BK centre etc.

If she has a phone or internet, the BKs will also start flooding these and so, at some point, you might need to address these too.

Please respond to Pink and then we will see what we can do.

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