To BK Shivani Didi

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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To BK Shivani Didi

Post11 Jan 2017

Examples of how the BKs exploit vulnerable individuals and Bhakti (devotional) mentality using BK Shivani videos, and increasingly the concept of "blessings".
Om Shanti Didi

From childhood till date i hv been insulted by everyone stating that i am a useless.i do not use my brain.i decided to prove myself. My passion is to become a doctor.i hv decided to write neet exam and is determined to get 1st rank so that i prove myself to everyone. thus i started with the preparation.but i do not know why i am unable to solve the most simplest of the numericals in physics and chemistry during i hv started feeling that what people say about me is true.I am left with very less time for the exam.

On the advice of my mamu who is an active BK i do 8 swarup Yoga daily, 5 traffic control, read Murli twice, i have stopped eating outside food including biscuits chocolates pizza burger etc....

I get up in Amrit Vela quite often and meditate to recieve Baba's blessings so that my brain starts to work.
But still my brain doesn't work.

So i wanted to ask u what else can i do to recieve Baba's blessings and thus succed in my goal.please say me Didi.
I will be waiting for your reply.

Om Shanti

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