BKWSU starts to charge in order to become BK teachers

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BKWSU starts to charge in order to become BK teachers

Post26 Feb 2017

The BKWSU starts to charge in order to become BK teachers ... note that followers attending this training are "not automatically qualify participants to teach".

They are also demanding three years committment to the cult.
2017 ORC Teacher Training 26 November 2016

MARCH 2017 Seven‐day Teachers Training Retreat for the
Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation
Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC), Delhi
Arrivals Friday 24th or Saturday, 25th March / Departures Sunday, 2nd April

Dear Centre Coordinators,

Om Shanti. Due to the positive response from previous Teacher Trainings held at ORC in 2014 and 2016, we are happy to announce the training will again be offered at ORC in March 2017.

Those interested in attending should plan their arrival and departure so as to not miss any of the sessions. The first session will be on Saturday, 25th March evening; the last session will be on Saturday 1st April evening. Departures can be arranged for Sunday 2nd April.

With the exception of National Coordinators and CCs, all participants must schedule their Madhuban visit from 2nd to 18th April (Group 8). They can fly directly into Delhi on the 24th or latest 25th March morning for the training, and then travel to Madhuban on the 2nd April and meet BapDada on the 10th April. Very important: All participants must register and secure their place in the training before booking their travel, as there are limited places available (booking your travel first will not guarantee you a seat in the training).

Please note that National Coordinators and CCs who met BapDada on 20th March will not be permitted to return to Madhuban. Also note that participants who are residents of Bharat will not be permitted to travel to Madhuban with Double Foreign teacher participants. They must return to their service places from ORC itself after the training.

BKs already teaching the Foundation Raja Yoga Course, as well as those who would like to teach or those who are keen to review the course in depth, are welcome to attend. Participants should be in Gyan at least three years and attend the Centre regularly. (Exceptions to this must be confirmed with the trainers.) Whether they would like to start teaching but need confidence and lesson plans, or are already teaching and would like to update their skills and get feedback on their effectiveness, they will find this seven-day immersion in Gyan and Yoga invaluable. Prior training attendees will not be permitted to attend unless they were unable to complete the full training previously or are attending as support staff.

The training covers the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of the Raja Yoga course as well as sessions on facilitation and experiential learning skills. It also includes a number of practicums – sessions in which participants practice developing their presentation skills by teaching a segment of a lesson and are given constructive feedback by their peers. The seven-day schedule provides for a comfortably paced training that allows for free time in the afternoon and evening classes by Delhi zone Seniors.

The training will be conducted by Sr Kiran (USA) and Sr Margaret Barron (UK) and Sr Rona Schweitz (Manhattan). Sr Kiran will deliver the content sessions, Sr Margaret will offer sessions on experiential learning methods and Sister Rona will conduct sessions on meditation. Sr Kiran, who has been in Gyan since 1979 (37 years) has conducted other such trainings at Peace Village and Anubhuti Retreat Centres, in various US and Canadian cities and in Guyana. Sr Margaret has been in Gyan since 1992 (24 years) and is involved with the Raja Yoga Education Department, UK and co-facilitates experiential trainings for new and established teachers in London and around the UK. She has also facilitated trainings for BK teachers in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece and Holland, designed to make the delivery of the Raja Yoga Course more interactive, creative, and supportive of all types of learners. Sr Rona Schweitz (DR), in Gyan since 1990 (26 years), will provide a session on meditation, a meditation experience in each content session, and will guide the 7 to 7:30pm evening meditations. Sr Rona travels regularly to the USA, Europe and the Caribbean, facilitating seminars and retreats on Meditation, the Mind-body Connection, Integral Health, Relationship Dynamics and Self-esteem. She has also authored “An Experiential Approach to Mastering Meditation”.

A USB flash drive containing over 600 pages of Teacher Resources will be made available to all participants for a nominal charge.

Please note that attending this training does not automatically qualify participants to teach. That needs to be decided by the Centre Coordinator in conjunction with the participant. This will be emphasized during the training. Note: the registration form will ask participants whether they follow the principles of pure diet, purity in relationships, and regular Amrit Vela and Murli class. All information will be kept confidential.

A note about language: The training will be in English. If participants need translation, at least two translator(s) must be provided by the center / language group. There will be no translation into Hindi.

Suggested contribution for the retreat: Many participants have requested guidance on this. For participants from developing countries, Seniors suggest Rs 8000 to 10,000 (USD $120-150) as a sensible contribution to ORC for the week-long retreat. For participants from the US, Europe or Australia, they suggest Rs 17,000 ($255 US or AUD or 230 Euros). This does not include the transport fee that will be collected by ORC (Rs. 1400-2000) from each participant or the USB flash drive (Rs.500), but does cover all other costs (i.e., food, water and all other facilities for the retreat).

Some experienced teachers are needed to help facilitate the practicum sessions, so if you are already teaching but are interested in the training and willing to play this role, kindly let us know by indicating this in the appropriate place on the registration form. You would need to arrive on the 25th March BY NOON – without exception – to participate in a facilitator's briefing session on 25th March afternoon. Facilitators must provide Srs Kiran and Margaret with an email detailing their previous facilitation experience.

In addition, a few additional support helpers are needed who have good office and people skills to help with various tasks including administration, registration and valuables, accommodation, dining services and special diets etc. Once these tasks are completed they are welcome to join any of the sessions, but their first responsibility would be to fulfill their support duties. If there is anyone in your Centre whom you feel would be suitable and enjoy this opportunity for service, please let the training organizers know at: teachertraining@brahmakumaris.org.

Please pass this information to anyone who you feel would be suitable for the training, or to help as a facilitator or in the support role.

Once participation has been approved by the Centre Coordinator, prospective attendees should register online directly at http://brahmakumaris.org/r/tt2017 by 28th December 2016.

In Baba's Yaad,
Sisters Kiran, Margaret and Rona
The Teachers Training Retreat Team

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