BKs in literature: "The Crazy Analyst: The Mind is a Prison"

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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BKs in literature: "The Crazy Analyst: The Mind is a Prison"

Post17 Mar 2017

The BKs get an impartial mention in "The Crazy Analyst: The Mind is a Prison", an ebook by "Satya & Savina". An intimate account of how a mother converts to BKism. As time allows, I copy over some of it.

It comes across as very real, very insightful of the typical grassroots mother-daughter BK experience especially the daughter's ambivalence towards the BKs, and a bit funny. I am just at the bit when he "hacks" her email password ... no guess necessary, the password is "Shiva Baba" ... and then gets her naked.
My career was not the biggest issue betwen us. She was a follower of a religious organization call Brahma Kumaris. I am a total atheist. Initially it did not look like a problem but as we start having problems her interest in her religion began to incrase. Perhaps it was a mistake of her mother.

Her mother used to be pretty ambitious and worked hard all her life, often doing side business along with her job. She was filled with energy and confidences but her problem was her limited knowledge and traditional outlook. Her government job kept her competences at a low level. She was playing very risky financial games without any financial skills. She was pursuing her part time business very actively. She invested a lot of money in ponzi schemes ... Money doesn't grow on trees and so many such companies went out of business. So did her hopes of making fortune.

I think she was extremely disappointed and took solace in Brahma Kumaris. Trying to tell herself money is not important, peace is. But what an aggressive sales person she is, she pushed the agenda of her new found religion with same enthusiasm.

Her family was her first target. She converted their bedroom into a meditation room (note here how similar this is to Neville Hodgkinson's story ... and many others) and spoiled her garden to make room for a small temple. So aggressive was she that she did not realise how much her son liked gardening.

Her daughter was an easy victim. Disappointed with heartbreaks and general sense of disappointment with herself she followed her mom into believing in a factious world. I remember her Brother explaining me the concept of Brahma Kumris. "This is God", he pointed to a figure on a map hanging on the wall. "Oh, this gentleman the God?" I asked. He read the undertone and cautioned me "Don't make fun of it at least here". He was pretty intelligent but I saw he was also under the influence sometimes.

On big problem with people in such religions is that they become great sale people of the hypothesis. Instead of being happy with their own peace, they take up a challenge to bring the whole world into their belief system. So they start propaganda. They use all sorts of marketing techniques to grab the biggest market share among all religions ...

Slowly aim of my life started taking shape. "I have to save her from this vicious spiritual school". And her aim seemed to be like, "Either he fixes his career or he joins Brahma Kumaris". I kenw her primary wish was to see me successful and then say yes, but careers are not made by blackmail ...

When 9/11 happened, her mom said, "This it the warning by God to the mankind. Either is peaceful or I am going to destroy everything" ...

Meenu [the daughter] was spending a lot of time at their ashram and her family was not getting much of her time ... her behaviour was getting increasingly unbearable ...
Finally we were naked. She looked gorgeous. Suddengly she started screaming and shouting as if she is in fits. It was much unexpected ... I asked her jokingly, "Why did not you let me do it?". "Why did not you do it?" she replied promptly ...

Next time I called her mom picked up the phone and asked me to stop bother them. My relationship with Meenu was over ...
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Re: BKs in literature: "The Crazy Analyst: The Mind is a Pri

Post18 Mar 2017

There’s a new genre! And a new way to make a buck. Watch the BKs look to monetise ebooks in their own way with their own little 'romance' stories posted online.

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