Dadi Janki: How much to give to the BKWSU? BKs target Asians

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Dadi Janki: How much to give to the BKWSU? BKs target Asians

Post14 Dec 2017

From the More About Brahma Kumaris website, an independent website hosted by BK supporters.

Actually an email from the Australasian/Asian leader, BK Nirmala, invoking the name and "wisdom" of Janki Kirpalani.

The BKs always tell outsiders and newcomers, "everything is free, we ask for nothing" etc. Once you get sucked in and indoctrinated, the screw then tightens, adherents are encouraged to sign Wills leaving everything to the BKs and adondoning their "impure" relatives, adherents leave properties to the BKWSU (even with their widows still inside them who then become servants of the BKs!), a standard fare of 10% of income is "suggested" as the normal donation ... they will take a little but, if they can, they will take the lot. Young girls' dowries and wedding jewellery are favorites.

This one I had not heard about before, Nirmala is advising on what do to when you receive a BK sells a house or receives a big inheritance, e.g. on the death of a husband or family member.

Janki, ever the bagman for the BKWSU, who built her empire on the basis of the money she has brought into the cult from the West in my opinion, gives the following advice ... "one third to Madhuban (the BK headquarters, one third to national service (the local BK centre), and keep one third for themselves".

Of course, there's no point in followers investing in property, building up business or careers to support themselves because "It's all going to be destroyed in the forthcoming End of the World any minute now!!!" ... and, God forbid, they share any with their impure, ignorant non-BK family members, or non-BK "Shudra" charities!!!

I find it to be unethical when they are not telling their newcomers about all the failed predictions of Destruction etc in the past.

How long will it take for people to see what these people are, and what their game is?

As ever, there's no accounting made publich as to how much money or reserves the BKWSU has ... one BK told us they have enough in to last them for 10 years without any donations (unsubstantiated, but realistic enough based on what other minor temples or sects in India have been found to have in their vaults).

Note the sickly sweet sugar coating on the run into the cash demand ... oh, yes, "renounce ‘I and Mine’ and give us your body, mind and wealth! Trust me guys, a bodiless god spirit does not need your money.

They are even after your money once you die ... define "a proper Will"? Now they don't want BKs dying intestate (without a Will) because that means their money and property will go to their non-BK family instead!!!!

Shameless, utterly shameless financial parasites. And I make no apology for writing that.

Money is a very metaphor for one's spiritual nature, whether one is giver or a taker, and, in my opinion, if someone or someone's is as dedicated to taking other families money, properties and material possessions ... then it is a reflection on their spiritual nature.

Therefore, I must conclude that the Brahma Kumari leaders and their god are also spiritual parasites feeding off the energy of their following.
Dear BKs in Australia and Centres in Asia,
My feeling now is that time is short and I would suggest to everyone to be ever-ready and make efforts to increase your spiritual treasures of thoughts, time, words, breath, karma, happiness and giving and receiving blessings.
 Have attention that your sanskaras are Bap Saman; such as being loving, detached, economical, generous, in an angelic stage all the time, being a karma yogi, being tireless and having lots of zeal and enthusiasm.

In order to do service, renounce ‘I and Mine’ and surrender everything of yours to BapDada - body, mind and wealth - so that it is used in a worthwhile way to create your fortune in this valuable life.
Dadi (Janki) as general guidance, has suggested in the past that whenever someone sells a house or receives an inheritance, to give one third to Madhuban, one third to national service and keep one third for themselves. Within this you need to take into account your personal finances, circumstances and responsibilities and take advice from the relevant qualified, experienced, competent professionals before implementing Dadi’s guidance.

It is also advisable for everyone to make a proper Will by seeking professional advice as soon as practicable.
In Baba's Yaad

BK Nirmala

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