Murli Tax 1 Rupee a week & BKs skimming for personal gain

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Murli Tax 1 Rupee a week & BKs skimming for personal gain

Post15 Dec 2017

From a comments on a BK related blog.

It seems the BKWSU has started taking "1 rupee per person for everyone who attends the Murli on each Thursday.

1 rs times the usual 800,000 followers times 52 weeks a year equals 41,600,000 rupees, or 646,474 US Dollars (poster claims only 440,000 members, BKs claim over 1 million).

Some what like the medival Catholic Church, the Brahma Kumaris also "sell" various other religious services and access to high ranking leaders and their god spirit.

No global accounts are available for how much wealth the cult has. "Ration vegetables appear to be public distribution system distributing subsidized food and grain. Not sure how or what free electricity bills they score.
The BK centre is taking free service [donations] for [the] supply of ration vegetables, electricity bills, and other free services.

In addition, "as per Baba instuctions" (so the BKs says) 1 rupee per person who attends the Murli on every Thursday.

I think that is rasonable because on every Thursday, in 8800 centres, about 50 people attending the Murli will fetch them around rs 8 lacs. Which is not sufficient to maintain all the centres and therefore they can increase to rs 10 and make it self sustaintable.

This suggesion I gave the centre where I have recently started attending.

Another commentor replies,
Brahma Kumaris destroy young youth future, by brainwashing them by giving them seven days course.

It's followed by sweet words and talk by this teachers. In the beginning they speak sweet, offer sweets, slowly they make us work as slave in name of Shiv Baba seva. They degrade us, start demanding donations frequently in name of bhogs, flat rent, electricity bills, miscellenous expenses such as vegetables, food grains, fruits, dry foods, ghee, all expensive foods.

These BK Sisters are gold diggers. One instance I remember one BK Sister used to visit one old rich man home in Mumbai to give God's preaching in his last days. She brainwashed him and got a luxury house in her name and crore rupees in her account. After one year she transfer it in her Brother name.

It's is one example, many so called surrender Brahma Kumar’s in Mount Abu, takes hidden donations in forms of property and services to favour their family members.

* (Major Indian-English typos corrected)
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Re: Murli Tax 1 Rupee a week & BKs skimming for personal gai

Post15 Dec 2017

From another post; About Brahma Kumaris.

Another year, another country, another victim, say old story.

December 3, 2015 at 12:04 am

All Non Followers Beware Stay Away from BKs ... BKs are maniacs ...

This is typical cult behavior… You are the most dangerous cult the worst people I have ever seen ... I wish bramha kumris had not come in my life and especially the people who belong to them ... I am a victim of these people.

You and your dirty people wasted precious 3 years of my life. Today I regret meeting those people who are your followers ... I was badly hurt emotionally ... Mentally ... Thank God I realised very soon ... but I should have left the company of those people instantly.

Now I have no contact with those people and I am at peace at last .... you are manipulating people ... Their thoughts and living styles ... Fake promises ...

Come public with your dangerous secretive teachings and you will be sued in court ... I would have but I don’t have money. You say you are scientific so tell me you say dinosaurs existed a few thousand years ago like 2500-3000 ... what about science now ... Scientists and archeologists. Geologists found the remains all of them to be millions of years old.

This proves whole of your theory and teachings to be fake and false ... none of your leaders will be able to clarify this one question .. Your local leader at my town snubbed me and was speechless on this question ... Seriously don’t msg me I don’t talk to this cults followers see ya ... cheers
dr vishal thakur
March 5, 2016 at 8:52 am

It's all

(Read the BKs usual defence of the 5,000 year Cycle of Time against science and evolution).

Or, put more bluntly,
October 13, 2017

You f*cking BKs destroyed my family peace and unity I have every right to talk about your fraudness and aware peoples ...
November 23, 2017

BKs are most dangerous and fake spoiling our Indian culture and familes
bhavesh surya
December 27, 2015

I am with you. I want your help to expose these frauds. I am from India, my contact is +91-9075438512. From Mumbai.

They are destroying our family. Please contact me. Also I would like to prepare a group of people to fight them.
April 1, 2016

Please destroy the brahmakumari society, it is a false society it also disturbed
November 25, 2016

They will destroy you in ways you can’t even think, don’t fight them, let them rot in the trap they have created for themselves from which no way out. Me left them 20 years back but they are still abusing and harassing me, every day I hear threats and bad language in my head, threats to kill me. They watch me 24/7 and I cannot do a thing without their approval. Worse been done.
January 18, 2013

January 25, 2013


Our’s is a joint family. I, my husband, children cannot cook as per our wish. Being a mother I wish to cook for my kids as per their requirement but this mother in law does not allow. We eight people are adjusting for 1 person.

The BKs, claim that they are sacrificing their life for the people, but this is the fact. Hear what sacrifice they are doing I do not know. By giving up onions and garlic, are they doing something great, which is already necessary for our body.

I BELIEVE ONLY IN GOD ... AND DO GOOD DEEDS ... DONATE FOR THE NEEDY that’s it. BKs is just a show off.

Harpreet Singh CHEEMA
July 23, 2015

They very loudly say that only they are pure and every other religion is impure and defective. No doubt they welcome people from every religion, but once they have hypnotized an individual they show their true colors.

Their basic agenda is to collect money. They convince the older followers to donate their property to them and after the death of the person they claim it. If the legal heirs object, they get into a legal battle with them. There are thousands of such legal cases going on. Also their heads have all the luxuries available for them.

Travel in BMWs and wear their logo made from expensive Ruby’s in studded in expensive metals.
April 25, 2015

My Mother has been a practising BK and ran a centre since the early 90’s. She is the most vindictive and selfish person in her words and actions with a little of judgementalism thrown in. So if that's what not eating onions, garlic and any other of the onion family well you are so diluded.

You are part of another cult. The Brain washing is conducted whilst in adeep state of relaxation during meditation.
The writings of their beliefs seem to keep being rewritten to suit.
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Murli Tax 1 Rupee a week & BKs skimming for personal gain

Post15 Dec 2017

And more from the same blog.
G V Acharya
May 3, 2016

After reading few blogs written by many who have suffered under BK cult activities, i felt i too should add how this dangerous cult has destroyed my beautiful and grand family.

I will put forth how cleverly these BK people manipulate peoples mind just to grab their money, property etc, by feeding them with slow poison, hypnotism, mind control etc.

I have had a very happy and contented family life for more than 30 years of our married life. Once my wife took voluntary retirement from her job and when somebody suggested her to go to the nearest BK centre to achieve peace of mind and nothing else, everything changed forever.

She slowly started losing interest in family life, attachment to her husband, and to her children. all she did was fake and dry.

My mother left me to live separately since my BK wife has insisted that my mother has to take bath every time she visit the toilet! She has been brainwashed to think that she is the only pure soul in my house and that we are all impure shudras. She does not eat anything my daughter or my daughter-in-law prepares in our house!

She does not attend any of the family functions nor she observe any of our Hindu festivals at home. Earlier our family relatives loved to come to our house and stay with us because we had a very jovial and loving home atmosphere. Now no relatives visit our house, since now our house looks like a haunted house with no one talking with their heart. my house has become like a smashan (graveyard).

She will not tolerate any classical instrumental music in our house, but whole day we are all forced to listen to that damned barking speech by that Janki.

I grow lot of banana in my kitchen garden but she will not touch them but buy banana for herself from the shop!

She has been thoroughly hypnotized by these BK cult members such that she is left with no thinking power of her own. As if her conscious mind has been dulled and in a coma-like state.

To cut a long story short, at the end these BK people want to grab our hard-earned property and deny us our dwelling house.

Now I suggest the following: All the people in in India and in the world, who have suffered like me and feel you are helpless, lets us join hands, collect all substantial proofs against this dangerous cult and file joint class action law suit . We will all pool in money and hire a lawyer for this purpose.

Come on lets all save ourselves from this nonsense and save our society.
May 3, 2016

After reading your blog I founded I am also having same problem in my family because my wife joined BK last 5 years. Me and my children’s are suffered badly due to this. Now any can understand we all are have facing similar type problem in our family only due to this BK organization. So we all should come forward n take action against this ethical organization.

My contact no 9323151612. Sachin
May 20, 2016

My mother in law is a strict BK follower and never eats garlic and onion. She cooks for herself. She always talks about detachments, peace etc..

She’s a teacher of BK that screams angrily “nobody cares!” when she doesn’t get the FIRST invite everytime we plan to go out. She doesn’t want us to have a baby because its nearly end of the world. She wants me and her son to be ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and plans to turn our home into a BK center.

I hate her living with us but she’s already a widow and old. Our marriage is a wreck and mostly the reason of our arguments.
bhavesh surya
December 27, 2015

Hi michael.

I m bhavesh from mumbai. My contact number is +91-9075438512. I also want to expose these frauds. If u can help, call me.or mail me.

My email id
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Re: Murli Tax 1 Rupee a week & BKs skimming for personal gai

Post18 Dec 2017


February 19, 2015

The BKs are nothing more than a cult!

My mother joined in the mid 80’s distanced herself from her two daughters and divorced her husband citing him as the reason. She progressed to run her own centre for a number of years. She is now quite elderly with no support from this so called holy organisation and expects the family she distanced herself from to step in which we have to help her move house and ill etc. the centre she ran was her own house and as her daughter I was considered unclean to stay under her roof! However when it comes to Christmas and Mother’s Day she is more than happy to soak up my hospitality in my home. How hypocritical is this!

My mother is venomous and negative in her actions towards me behind my back and that is with not eating onions and garlic. I hate to think what she would be like if she did with all of those anger vibes she has talked endlessly about. I chose to support my mothers beliefs if they made her happy which she claimed they always have. However living very carefully financially so she would be able to leave the BKs a sizeable amount of money after her passing when they would only use this to split more families up rather than actually putting it to good use like they claim to do.

They only appear to supposedly spread positive and peaceful thoughts oh and undertake teaching meditation which in the way they do only converts further vulnerable people. Where were they when my mother a valued Sister needed collecting from hospital and driving 150 miles ? How can any organisation be truly good when the followers are encouraged to reject there families and their children cannot stay in their homes. I have kept quiet for years but this organisation should be stopped.

The BKs I have met over the years have always appeared to be vulnerable or socially introverted despite some of them being very intellectual. I will actively support any activity that helps prevent more people being brainwashed and raising awareness of this organisation.

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