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BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2018
by kmanaveen
Finally some BKs are coming out questioning the "real" teachings of BKs and telling the "Awakening" program is merely a show piece and a trap for innocent and needy people.

Around 30 min, followers are also advised to consult this site and others for getting more information about the history of BKs and facts of this cult.

Re: BKWSU Rebells Begin to Showup

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2018
by Maui
Is it possible to find this in English? Thank you.

Re: BKWSU Rebells Begin to Showup

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2018
by GuptaRati 6666
Public dissent will be expected; it will be like the beginning of a storm. There will be the few droplets and then the heavy down pour with forceful winds, before and after the eye of the storm.

The dissent will become more marked when those in the top brass will make their exit. Exit of the top brass seems wishful thinking.

I feel it will happen.

Re: BKWSU Rebells Begin to Showup

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2018
by Pink Panther

I don’t think it will happen in India until some high status influential person who had been taken in by the BKs sees through them and decides to expose them.

Trouble is, in India, almost every second sangha and ashram is like that! Not holding my breath!

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Showup

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2018
by GuptaRati 6666

I am not waiting to exhale; there is the networking effect.

A few weeks ago there was an article in Science on a review of a book on networks. Networks have existed even in ancient times and they are now undergoing scrutiny by the scientific method. Networks contributed to the successes of the French revolution, the American revolution, the Jesus movement 2000 plus years ago.

The BKs have expanded their network, however, it is an network with diminishing authenticity as it expands globally. Networks of dissent will continue to proliferate with the BK network.

I agree that it will require an influential person who will expose BKism, who along with other influential individuals will be catalysts for a network, which will replace the fault ridden and current BK network. The effects of such persons are consistent with principles of applied anthropology.

How will the BKs respond when humanity without their assistance realize the truth, the absolute truth?

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

PostPosted: 05 Apr 2018
by ex-l
Interesting ... 315,000 subscribers.

I cannot understand Hindi, so I don't know what the woman is saying but there are a few comments in English.

Anindita Bhattacharjee

Hats of to you...!!! This is a pure fake organisation squeezing money from public vth false teaching..

I was associated from 2008 to 2011. I went to Mount Abu in 2012 and after that I quit the organization because [the] God meeting was fake.

God does not meet with public and eat and drink through other body or doesn't discuss on monetary transaction .. as Gulzar Dadi was discussing and pretending that God is within her at that moment and, moreover, God never fixes different dates for people of States for the appointment .. all fake ...

They collect money at centers, they fool people ... they actually fool the people ... they break the house[hold]s ... and take a good amount of donations .. they give special attention to the rich people ... even they visit their houses ... only motto is
to take donations.

I suggest you to broadcast the videos in TV news channels or in Ravish Kumar YouTube channel for more awareness ...

Jai Hind...!!!
Kusum Kapila Sharma

Agree with you. I too had joined their seven day course. But the teachings sounded very childish. It is true that Sr Shivani n Dadis of the organization do talk a lot of sense in the sense that the guidance given for day to day living is very good indeed.

But it is very superficial.

I think the organization is bringing a divide in the simple minded Hindus. Breaking the large body of Hinduism into smaller groups. Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and now BKism.

Sadly we get sucked into these traps.
Arnav Popo

Lol I loved it, Bhramakumaris is a Hoax no Doubt, they are just a group of Wannabe people.

I just cannot stop Laughing, Everything is so true. I'll make sure that i share it as much as Possible.

Lots of Love for you. Good Job.
swarup.k. dasgupta

Dear Neelu Jadav,

I am an old man and I bless you cordially.

What you said all are Truths and facts.

Before say 25 to 30 years I was also associated with them since long 5 years and attended daily with all family members.

I used to maditate there many times in full days. I left the Ashram for their immaginary wrong philosophy. I have good knowledge about more or less all authentic approved spiritual philosophies. I heartily pleased and bless you for The Knowledge you earned and those are called are called reality. I pray to Almighty Supreme Creator Brahma for your physical mental and spiritual development and knowledge.

Neelu, Namaskar.

This was a new saying I had never heard before ...
Daksh Pandya

The people of brahmakumaris are like they fill a bucket of water from the ocean and declare that there are no sharks !!

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

PostPosted: 11 Apr 2020
by dbairsoft
Why People in India are soooo careless about this? It bothers me a lot :/
Why is there no revolt against this cult?
Not even a single person seems to report to police!
Let's raid them together! YEEEAAAA

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

PostPosted: 11 Apr 2020
by Pink Panther

One thing to remember is that India is full of religious groups, the BKs are a large-ish one but not the only one.

The BKs have a lot of connections with local politicians and police etc. Politicians like to court such a group for the votes they can offer.

Note that in the Sakar Murli Brahma ( Dada Lekhraj) the Congress Party were called the crow race and secular democracy was described as "the blind leading the blind”. The BK political ideal is for a theocratic monarchy. Until that time a religious nationalist party like the BJP are acceptable, especially when they scratch each others’ backs.

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

PostPosted: 12 Apr 2020
by oldbk
dbairsoft wrote:Why are people in India are soooo careless about this? It bothers me a lot. :/
Why is there no revolt against this cult?
Not even a single person seems to report to police!
Let's raid them together! YEEEAAAA

I can feel your urgency to address the impact of this virus, impacting so many lives. While it might be obvious to many and you might be asking a rhetorical question, let me still share my thoughts on your questions,
Why People in India are soooo careless about this?

This is because of the underlying deep rooted culture, which bows to any and every guru (pseudo), sadhu, spiritual (pseudo) organisations ... ALL with the hope of getting something out of it for their OWN SELFISH benefit. Not to mention is an irrational society.
Why is there no revolt against this cult?

Because this is not an outlier but the norm ... like being in a nude beach ... nudity is the norm and being dressed up is the strange event there.
Not even a single person seems to report to police!

Certainly, you must be not from India ... your sincerity with this question will be looked at in India as being naive ... Political Power, Money Power, Muscle Power ... is the equation that gets things done there ... neither reason or fairness or any more of the norms from Western society would be applicable here

And the BKs has a lot of the No.1 and No. 2 ... look at the photos they have posted on their website on Dadi Janki's death ...

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

PostPosted: 12 Apr 2020
by ex-l
They also have muscle power ... and, of course, the first two buys the third from the police & establishment.

The BKs have invested a huge amount of time and energy into courting, politicians, the Police, the judiciary, the Military, even the Intelligence agencies at all levels, and media. I suspect this was quite conscious. As oldBK writes, India is a society of haves and havenots.

Since their predictions of an End of the World have failed to come about, and their millionaire founder's money ran out leaving them literally starving at one point and with no income, the BKs have invested themselves into becoming very worldly "haves" by acquiring land, property, wealth and connections = worldly power.

Even their pretence of being society's top knot is all part of this. They came from lowly merchant class background, good at making money but with no position within society. Now, very strangely without objections from within society, they have become self-advertised "Brahmins" and benefit from all the religious superstition ... they claimed to be against!

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

PostPosted: 12 Apr 2020
by ex-l
dbairsoft wrote:Not even a single person seems to report to police!

They have been reported to the police and investigated but most of what they do wrong are "civil offences", not "criminal offences". A civil offence is an argument between two parties, not a crime the police can do anything about. It would require the victims (non-BKs, ex-BKs) to pay for a lawyer to fight against the BKs lawyers ... and the BKs DO employ lawyers to fight for them, and have much deeper pockets to pay for them.

Where actually crimes have happened, eg they once cleaned up a corpse of some young Sister who had killed herself, or been murdered, in a centre and dumped it ... the local leaders abscond. They run off and hide in some remote BK centre where the police cannot find them.

This, again, is very typical behaviour in India. The police, if not corrupt or lazy, have limited resources. The courts are notoriously slow. Cases can take a decade or more.

Tell us more about your and your family's experiences with the BKs.

The important thing is not to be bowed or manipulated by the BKs and to call them out for their corruption and dishonesty. You're attitude is reasonable enough but you are up against very skilled and persistent operates who have been running their scam for decades now.

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2020
by Arcane
Hello and Namaste to all!

I am an ex-BK and my dad in my family of 5 is an extreme follower for 25 years for now and continuing!!! He is the only one in the family who visits Ashram; rest 4 of us have stopped visiting the same. So, I think you can imagine the torture in the family. I am a medical doctor by profession.

What the BKs teach is pure fantasy. I went by myself to the extreme of reading their teachings, The Vedas, Brahmasutra, Bhagwad Gita, 5 Upanishads, Ashtavakra Gita, Western philosophy, Buddhism, Psychology and what not!!! My Dad doesn't even spend 10 good minutes with the family members and this is ripping everything apart!!! I even had that experience called Turiya/Satori while meditating in my own way, not in the way the BKs are fathoming. I think a new U.G. Krishnamurti is in the making/being!!

Something must be done and they must be paid for all the lies they are spreading!! I love you all!!

Regards!! <3


Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2020
by ex-l
Welcome and thank you for posting. Yes, we can imagine very well what having one BK family member means.

Please allow me to dive in at the deep end here ... has the family ensured your mother's well being in the case of his death? Best check his will to make sure he is not giving the BKs everything ... including leaving his wife/your mother as their servant.

Believe it or not, this has happened, eg a husband leaves the BKs the family property and wealth on the basis that the wife/mother is "looked after" by the BKs. In reality, that means ends up becoming an unpaid servant to the BKs in her own home.

Best get your Father to put everything into your mother's name before it is too late.

Does your Father allow your mother to cook food for him?

Unless a BK had read the Vedas before coming into BKism, you can be assured that they will know and make absolutely no effort to do so. They "know everything" ... all of that is just Bhakti, a term they use with contempt, "seeking in the darkness" and, conceit of conceits, a partial, impure and incomplete record of their teachings from 5,000 years ago or no benefit studying. That is literally what they teach.

Can you tell us know what the appeal of the BKs to Indians is now? I've often suggested it functions as a sort of Hinduism Lite™ and actually appears as some more modern and accessible to them. How are they seen from a caste point of view? Are they really taken as seriously as they would want us to believe?

Thank you.