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BK God still at it: Destructing soon, so no Education

PostPosted: 19 Apr 2018
by ex-l
It's 2018 and the BK god spirit - or those pretending to be it and editing its speeches - are still at it: Destruction is coming soon, so no further education for the young girls being surrendered and married off to it.

From a recent Murli dated 08/04/2018, seem the BK God is still against further education, taking the decision regarding education away from the child and its parents and giving it to uneducated BK Seniors, aka "instruments".

In English, the best word to use for "instrument" is simply "tool" and there are a lot of tools running the BKWSU, ruining people's lives.

Note how an interest in further studies is equated to deceiving oneself.
BapDada speaking to young girls

You are not ordinary Kumaris, but elevated Kumaris. You elevated Kumaris do elevated work, do you not? The most elevated task of all is to give others the Father's introduction and make them belong to the Father. People of the world are stumbling around and searching, whereas you have recognised Him and attained Him. You are such fortunate and lucky souls! ...

You don't forget this remembrance when you go to school or college, do you? You are not coloured by company, are you? You are never attracted by food and drink etc., are you? You never want to eat a few biscuits or have some ice cream, do you? You are firm ones who always eat Brahma bhojan that is cooked in remembrance, are you not? Just be careful that when you go back that you don't become coloured by company.

What is your aim after finishing your studies? To become an elevated soul and perform elevated tasks. You are not going to carry the burden of a job, are you? If there is some reason for that, that is a different matter. If your parents don't have any other means of income, that is a matter of necessity. However, always remember your present and your future. What will be of use to you?

If you are going to become a Brahma Kumari, then what would you do with a degree? That study is so that you become broad-minded in terms of general knowledge. It is not for any desire of your own heart. You shouldn't feel that you will take this degree this year, and another degree next year and then another degree. If death were to come whilst doing that, then…

Therefore, continue to take advice from those who are instruments as to whether you should study further or not. There are some who don't think about the present or the future because of their interest in studying. They deceive themselves. You yourself have to make the decision for your life - not just do what your parents say. Be your own judge. You are Shiv Shaktis, so no one can tie you in bondage. Sheep, not Shaktis, can be tied in bondage.

As an aside, it seem the BKs have finally made the transition to being open about there teachings and there appear to be a number of websites dedicated to hosting copies and recording of their core teachings. I have not had a chance to see how original or whitewashed and revised they are. There's a newish one I had not seen before, here (One Site for Everything) that links to original recordings.

Re: BK God still at it: Destructing soon, so no Education

PostPosted: 19 Apr 2018
by GuptaRati 6666
When I briefly look at the site I am greeted with the metaphysical aroma of the BKs, which I have sensed since 40 years ago.

The spiritual odor has not changed; it seems.

I know an ex-BK, from our pre-med years, who will soon have three doctoral degrees. He also has two post-doctoral masters and is one hell of a health scientist.

Re: BK God still at it: Destructing soon, so no Education

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2018
by GuptaRati 6666
May be there is an in appropriate interpretation from BaapDada. Academic credentials are one of the major tickets required to compete in the job market. Yes, there are blue-collared jobs and those require an apprenticeship and certification, sometimes by a state or city-issued license.