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Re: What are the Brahma Kumaris trying to communicate to fol

PostPosted: 16 May 2019
by ex-l
One for vlakshmi, although I accept anything as mundane as 'evidence' for them is meaningless.

From a 1973 visit to the Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu, and an article published in 'Yuva Bharati', Volume 3, November 1974.

At the time, and after spending time with Prakashmani, Jagdish Chander and others, the author noted they were preaching the End of the World, a World War between all countries, "in 3 years time". The 1976 failed prediction of Destruction.
Like the Doomsbay Sect, the Brahmakumaris await the final catastrophe that would end this world of evil. In fact, through a curious arithmetic that have arrived at the precise time ...

The earnestness with which they preach this queer doctrine deserves more of imaginative sympathy than unbelieving perhaps cynical smiles.

Therefore ... rien ne change plus. Nothing changes.
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There is part, but not all of it, here: