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Brahma Kumaris start own official discussion forum

PostPosted: 25 Aug 2019
by ex-l
It appears that both the - that was started by an ex-PBK and taken over by BK followers - and - that was started by Western BKs - have been shut down and now point to an official BK forum.

Interesting note on their contact page that evidences how they are misleading women into the cult through their Sister Shivani front.

Please don't email us about love or marriage. To find a solution for those questions, visit Q and A (forum). We have answered already.

The BKs' take on the typical problem of a women becoming a BK ...
After wife came in Gyan

Original Email Received

Om Shanti,

My wife has been following Brahmakumaris teachings for a while now and what I noticed is that she is getting away from family life. We have two kids - 5 yrs and 2 yrs old. She takes care of kids but not me and whenever we had a fight she wants to leave home and live by herself. I am not sure if this will lead to divorce with her the way she is thinking. She keeps on saying that "Shiv Baba" is only in her life and not anyone. Please advise me what to do with my issue. I am not sure what should I do now. If she has chosen to take a spiritual path then my kids and myself have to live separately. Please advice.

The BK response ...
To: Anyone who is concerned

Dear Divine Brother

Good morning

As you said, you feel that wife is taking less care of you after joining the Yagya (BK). You are unaware of the reason why she thinks like this, but is very nice that you supported, respect your wife and not atleast make a big issue.

We listen to the same Gyan Murli everyday, which is read at all BK RajYog centres. In this Godly teachings, it is well explained and directed that - 'Live in your family life, fulfil your responsibilities and become pure.' We teach peace and coexistence. Maybe your wife needs some more time to learn all this.

Now you have to know about the truth. 'Shiv Baba', we lovingly say - the Supreme Soul (Father of all souls) has come. It is the message of God himself which your wife is trying to follow. It is God's direction - ''Now you become Soul conscious, stay in the family life but with purity (celibacy) - you all are my dear children and when you are in this body, you are Brothers and Sisters.''

Try to understand the point of your wife. She is trying to keep away from you so that such bodily relationship cannot be developed which are against the GOD's directions (Shrimat of Murli). To know this, please visit our official page - What is Gyan Murli? and also 108 Shrimat of Shiv Baba (Hindi)

This itself that a Soul is trying to follow the directions of God (the supreme Father) is worthy of appreciation. You also know that Purity is very good. We respect 'sanyasi' and 'Brahmachari' because they are pure. God also says - ''Purity is the mother of all virtues''. Meaning - if you bring purity in life, every other virtues will also come. We will become a perfect human being. Please visit: Celibacy - A way of Living (article)

Yes, this is a ''journey''. You wife also is 'learning' and as a student, she (that soul) will also make some mistakes. If you wish you also follow GOD's advice (Shrimat) and make your life great. But atleast you must respect your wife that with caring 2 children, she is doing her best to follow God's directions. If she make any mistake, PLEASE forgive her and respect.

We welcome you also - ''Dear soul - realise yourself as a point of light and might - a divine incorporeal Soul who is present in the centre of the forehead. YOU ARE THE SOUL. God is the Supreme Soul (Father / Baba)''

Re: Brahma Kumaris start own official discussion forum

PostPosted: 25 Aug 2019
by ex-l
Should I Marry him?

Such emails come to us regularly when the person seeks advice before or after the marriage. Here, this Sister did not want to marry to anyone in the path, but wish to have a long-lasting and understanding relationship. We guided this Kumari towards Brahmcharya (celibacy) as a way of living taught by our Supreme Father (God)
Original Email Received

Dear Sister Shivani,

Since childhood I am watching your program at home but I couldn't connect or change myself. But I am still trying.
I am not married. I am an independent girl. It's been long time I am facing high pressure of getting married.
As per them if you got the tag of marriage at a right age then it's well, wether your after marriage life is not good.

That's OK because compromise is the second name of marriage.

But they say understanding comes after marriage and it needs to be created. You cannot understand to a person over phone calls and meeting.

I am looking for a person with whom I'll spend rest of life. It's about entire life not just few weeks or months.
Everyday I try to keep myself happy but when I come back home it gets ruined. Because they just have one topic to talk about.

Thanks and best regards
Our Email Response+ Guidance
To: A Kumari
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)
Divine Sister
As you said, the purpose is to either convince parents not to marry OR to convince yourself to marry, but with a right person. And how can one ''judge'' the qualities of a person. So here is our advice.

''For now, you should not think about this. As you said, you have a good job where you can focus and be happy. When you reach your home, try to avoid any thoughts or family discussions which may disturb your stage of happiness. Better is to avoid. There is a big reason why we preach 'celibacy' (non-partnership) as a true way of living.''

If you are in a proper connection with us, you should know that we teach and preach ''celibacy'', as a way of living. Thus not to get married is also included. Why? You will know - first you visit this article -> Celibacy -A way of living.

Continue to read ->
Not to indulge in making relationships as this time is such that 'lust' emerges and this lust, is our greatest enemy. God himself has made this announcement - ''Conquer this enemy and you will conquer over the world (spiritually).'' Moreover, we all are souls - when we have a body - we become Brothers and Sisters - How then can we marry?
There can be many questions regarding what exactly means to conquer lust - it simply means - ''Become Soul Conscious''. I am a soul, a point of divine light and might. I am a child of the Supreme Soul (god). This is pure knowledge and a source of immense spiritual joy.

Why Purity?
When one indulges in bodily pleasure, he forgets that he is a soul (not this body). And that this body will die/end. As if we regard ourself a the clothes we wear. But now Shiv Baba (our spiritual Father/Supreme Soul) explains - You are a pure peaceful soul.

It is no way forced on you. It is now your choice - to accept the promise of God (to become pure) or to walk on the path chosen by many today.

Now you know that being Soul conscious itself gets you inner peace, joy and powers - what more is needed?

Now if your question is - HOW TO CONVINCE MY PARENTS for not to marry..?, then come and read our guidance on -> (Not want to Marry)

( We understand your background and thus giving you many guidelines, as we know it is not easy to suddenly believe that GOD has come and this Celibacy can be possible.)

God has gifted you this opportunity - You wrote email to us - you got this. Now is your choice - whether to regard this guidance by God or to ignore.

Re: Brahma Kumaris start own official discussion forum

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2019
by GuptaRati 6666
The energy level of the site seems flat and sterile. We live in a post-modern era, in which celibacy as practiced 100 years ago or less is almost obsolete; brahmacharya still has value. However, it is not for every one and sex is also a positive spiritual experience.

Re: Brahma Kumaris start own official discussion forum

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2019
by GuptaRati 6666
I remembered about 3 decades plus ago a friend of mine, a doctor a fanatic BK, on BK principles refusing to marry a beautiful lady who was in love with him. He would have become a citizen of a Western country. Instead he returned to his native country and was almost assassinated. One of his class mates, a non-BK married a native lady of the Western country and has a happy life as a specialist, working as a scientist for the federal government.

The former fanatic BK is now an ex-BK and he was fortunate to have a pretty lady find him after he was dumped by the BK for refusing for personal security reasons to become a high profile BK VIP. He said yes to the pretty lady and they have enjoyed great times of bliss.