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16 year old writes, "Help save my family from this cult"

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2019
by ex-l
Another day, another country, another family, another victim of the Brahma Kumaris greed. Could be any country though, the story is the same, year in, year out.

Oh, and did I forget to write ... another property.

Note a new development in one of the responses to the widow of a deceased husband, "you have to give us 10,000 so that she will send her husband's soul properly in heaven".
Help save my family from this cult


I am a 16 year old kid and my family, especially my mother, is dedicated to this Brahma Kumaris cult and it's causing a lot of problems. They believe in a lot of idiotic stuff like the 5000 year world cycle. My family doesn't listen to me and whenever I tell them to leave this stupid cult, I am yelled at. My mother believes that god somehow communicates to her through meditation, 'Murlis' (god's words) and other stuff. My family has given a lot of money to this cult. Our house has turned into a huge advertisement for the BKs. Instead of taking entrance exams for IIT coachings (which I hate too), we're going to the ******* headquarters of this cult in April. Help me get my family out of this cult please.

EDIT: Sorry guys, I won't be able update this post frequently because I have board exams. Yesterday I spent a lot of time collecting info on the BKs (productive procrastination) and I'll try to counter their bullsh** beliefs using scientific facts. Good news is that my mother is going to Mt. Abu alone. My parents are actually very nice people and they wouldn't do anything that would negatively affect my education. The BKs manipulated my parents into believing stupid **** when they were in a vulnerable condition after their mothers died. **** 'em. Also, this post is unreadable. Sorry for that.

Damn, I am familiar with them too, they really are a cult. I know a lot about them.

Edit :

1.) They are money hungry bitches they take fees for any made up things, one time one of my relative's husband died, they showed up 3 days later and said you have to give us 10,000 so that she will send her husband's soul properly in heaven otherwise it will be stuck in her house. and these followers are so blind and dumb they just believe in everything.

2.) They present themselves as some "satvik" & "holy" being but they are far away from that, They eat all kind of snacks and foods (they supposed to be satvik ), TV addicts (the ones i know was), they watch a lot of movies that they themselves preach that they are bad.

3.) they themselves are dumb and target other dumb people and proceed to make them even dumber. They have been provided with number of books to read and vomit the next morning, they themselves know or understand nothing about what they are saying. Sometimes it's pathetic and laughable Watching them preach and dumb low IQ sheeps believing in them blindly.

4.) They do weird things, i watched their followers massaging their dirty disgusting feets and they consider it as some holy thing.

There are lot of ******* up and crazy stuff there, anyway you gotto find some sensible person in your parent's circle and ask them to help you, But never give in, you tell your parents clearly and firmly that this whole BK stupidity is complete bullsh**, they are the source of the negativity in your house, Logic and Science is the only way of salvation.

One of my friend's classmate is also stuck in that cult and idk how to help. My Dad also lost a friend to that cult and he hates it as well. **** Brahmakumaris

Re: 16 year old writes, "Help save my family from this cult"

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2019
by ex-l

Unpopular opinion. I was like you once but you have to change your mindset.

I have first hand experience on BK as I lived very close to them.

I was born in a Hindu family but will die a atheist if that helps you get the picture about me. My mother and Father used to go to BKs. But now only my mother goes. She pays around 100rs to them per month. (Maybe it increased now). She spends time there. She reads BK stuff on their website. She reads the BK magazine that they have.

Now I did not like this. As not only she reads and indulges in this stuff but she also brings those principles in real life discussions. "Baba this" "Good this" "Baba that" and meditation stuff.

I used to subtly tell her to stop going there and do something else. She used to ignore jokingly. But one time we had a serious discussions about all this.

I simply asked her why does she waste her time and fill her mind with this useless stuff? She said something jokingly. I then asked her again that how much money does she wastes on this? This led to a heated debate.

She explained. Most of the people going going to BK are not brainwashed or anything but everyone has their own problems which they cannot solve and BK helps them escape or solve that. My mom told me that she was so depressed in her earlier days that she mightve suicided if not for BK. BK helped her focus on the future and see the good. She said she doesn't give them money or anything and they are okay if she just comes. Sheeven went to their mount abu place. But the only thing she uses from them is meditation. And she knows first handly that God is a scam better than me. She agreed with me that she will stop going there (sadly) but at that point I realised how little do I know about the people close to me.

Just like teens/adults escape from reality or find joy in gaming or drugs. Some people who cannot do that go for other ways like BK. Which is not that bad tbh. My mom even increased her social circle going there which had made her more happy. I would rather see her happy and have whole world become BK than see her sad again.
    My mother believes that god somehow communicates to her through meditation, 'Murlis' (god's words) and other stuff.
Might be a sign of schizophrenia

Re: 16 year old writes, "Help save my family from this cult"

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2019
by ex-l
Manjeet Singh Shira

Originally Answered: Any body here who hates Brahma Kumari organisation?

Yes, I hate them in 2014 I joined them after watching Awakening with Brahmakumaris by Sister Shivani. Slowly, slowly I fall in there trap. I start believing there nonsense, like world end is near, this world is going to destroyed, if you serve for brahmakumaris and donate everything you have you will get better place in heaven created by God on this earth, and only brahmakumaris followers are going to live rest all people and religion will die.

I stop studying and starting indulging myself more and more into brahmakumaris. After 4 year I discover from internet that they have made many failed prediction about world end (some people try to tell me this but I don't believe than until I myself found out that on internet) then my search begin's after 3 month research I have come to realise that brahmakumaris is a cult and done many failed prediction when I ask them they refused to answer.

They are liars but Thank God I came out of this nonsense.
Answered Nov 3, 2018
Originally Answered: Any body here who hates Brahma Kumari organisation?

*Godly University Mount Abu India*

True Hindus never like people who belongs to this Fake University because of:

1. Spreading wrong information about Hindus festivals, GOD and Hinduism Philosophy.

2. It is an organization not university.

3. They teach *How to die alive?*

4. Physical they live, drink, eat and sleep in present world but Mentally they are dead and live their hypothesis world which has no existence.

5. One day you might die but their lessons (Murli) has no end.

6. They wish every second for destruction of this world.

7. They use you and your money behalf of Godly services.

8. For them marriage is very big sin.

9. Their main target are young and teenagers girls hostel, Very high rich people, Celebrities and politicians are their prime target.

10. They took advantages of Rich people, Famous personalities and high politicians for donation, protection and capture land as much as possible.

11. They force you to call them Sister. So that you have to protect them like you protect your own Sister.

12. *Raksha bandhan and Bhai dooj* are the two Hindu's festivals are their "Golden" opportunity.

They tie "Rakhi" to every body. It is like hidden emotional one side life time bond between you and them.

Therefore, after this they have rights Legally, Mentally and Emotionally to use you as their personal slave until your death.


Yoga(a) gives you energy. It keeps you fit; physically, Mentally and Spiritualy but many Sister's of BK's are living with numerous disease's.

Also, understand ...

If a very remote area there is a very small village which has only 10 houses then sure one belong to this cult.

Second the king or Mayer of this village is a perfect and obidient servant of this cult.

This is the secret art and power of this cult.

You know this cult is harmful for all society but the problem is they appeared like white angel to the welfare of humanity.

*Brainwashed art of BK*

1. They conduct wings.

2. These wings are categories of our society like *Doctors, Politics, Business, Advocates, Religions, Sports, Arts & Cultures etc.*

3. These wings have 5 days activities.

4. From the beginning till the end of all wings they feed their *7 days hypothesis philosophy* in the perception of each wing categories.


People who joined these wings are 90℅ Brainwashed; rest 10% depends on the *Sister* whom they are with in their local areas.
Sheetal Deshmukh

Originally Answered: Any Brahma Kumari haters here?

Yes , even I hate them.. They brainstorm weak minded people.. My mother is a dedicated follower of them.. And they tell what not to eat i.e. Onion and Garlic.. which has affected her health... she does not eat food cooked by me.. even though she is unwell.. And even after doing all this no change in her thinking style or behaviour e.g. anger, some stupid rituals and all.. and i blame brahmakumaris for my mother's ill health.. so I hate them a lot.. they are misguiding people..

Re: 16 year old writes, "Help save my family from this cult"

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2019
by OceanIam
I remember this post on Reddit, it was trending on that day on r/India sub. I texted and talked to him.

I also remember few other cases that came my notice in 2019, there was one DIVORCE IN 3 DAYS BECAUSE OF BKs, & there was, if I remember the age right, a case of Vasectomy of a 22 year old.

Re: 16 year old writes, "Help save my family from this cult"

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2019
by ex-l
A 22 year old male BK follower wanted a vasectomy? Why if it he is going to live a life of celibacy?

Perhaps he thought it meant castration?

Links please.

Re: 16 year old writes, "Help save my family from this cult"

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2019
by OceanIam
Dear Ex-I,

What he thought or what he did not, I have no idea about. He was from a different city. All I know is that he actually did that after getting affected by BK classes and their theory of purity.

Well, I don't have links because it wasn't any published news. It was a thing that I heard in there, and then I checked the facts. It was true.

Similarly, there was a news of a BK student who got lost after the morning class. The center did not help the family of the lost one as they demanded CCTV footages. Later, after 2-3 days, the family found the lost one in mental hospital. The police raided the center though. It couldn't became a published news again

Although the FIR mentioned the BKs' name, the case got closed after he was found.

Re: 16 year old writes, "Help save my family from this cult"

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2019
by Pink Panther
For the sake of any readers who may think along the same lines or be influenced by the idea, let’s make it clear that physical castration or vasectomy will do nothing to affect mental processes concerned with sexual attraction.