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Dalit Students Commit Suicide at BK School Due to Bullying

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2019
by ex-l
A dalit student has committed suicide at BKs' Saroj Lalji Mehrotra Global Nursing College, part of the J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre, due to bullying a newspaper reports.

It is the second instance of a student committing suicide in the college in the last five months.

Read about the usual money grabbing. Pictures of Geetha Venugopal clearly show her dressed in Brahma Kumari whites meditating up at Mount Abu.
Rajasthan Dalit student accuses principal of harassment in suicide note

Ravindra Meghwal, a second-year BSc student at Saroj Lalji Mehrotra Global Nursing College in Abu Road town, hanged himself on May 12 inside his room. “I told ma’am she is harassing me and I would die ... She said my death won’t make any difference to her. Now, I just want to die,” Ravindra wrote in the suicide note referring to BK Geetha Venugopal, principal of the college.

“I will ruin you, she said to me,” Ravindra, who repeated his second year and recently did his exams, wrote. The college is associated with the Brahma Kumaris spiritual movement.
‘College officials used casteist slurs’

His Father Muknaram Meghwal, a government school teacher from Jalore district, also accused college officials of torturing his son mentally and abusing him with casteist slurs. “The college administration and principal pressurised us to deposit extra fees and threatened to fail him once again. He couldn’t bear all that,” Meghwal said.

“Last year, the college administration failed Ravindra in his second year in 3 subjects by 4-5 marks. However, before the exam results came out, they had already taken money from us for the third year. After the results, they asked for more money,” he alleged.

This is the second instance of a student committing suicide in the college in the last five months. A 21-year-old student, Shivpratap Singh, had also committed suicide by hanging himself.
When the Hindustan Times contacted the acting director of the college, Nikhil Patel, he said that an internal investigating committee has been constituted to probe into the matter. “The principal has been relived from her duties ... We have also employed a permanent counsellor to engage with the students,” Patel said.

Dalit rights activists have strongly criticised the police and administration for its inaction on the matter.

“A Dalit student has been forced to commit suicide after facing harassment and casteist abuses and it’s about time that the administration understands the seriousness of the case.”

Students of the college went on a strike and also organised a candle march in Ravindra’s memory.
“We are shocked by his death. Some of us had overheard his conversation with the principal and felt that he was worried but never thought that he will take this extreme step. All we want is justice for Ravindran.

Re: Dalit Students Commit Suicide at BK School Due to Bullyi

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2019
by ex-l
In an entirely separate incident,

a young girl in contact with the Brahmakumarij Center in Shihori committed suicide by burning herself to death, again, not the first time for a BK.
The Father of the 25 year old deceased, Vardhilal Ganpatlal Thaku, has filed a complaint at Shihori Police Station on Tuesday alleging that his sister-in-law, the Brahmakumarij organization, had repeatedly forced his daughter to abandon her worldly life.

It seems that the daughter, Jagriti, had been married, the BKs even attending it, but that they deceived her to stay in Mount Abu, after which she returned "in a daze", then committed suicide shortly afterwards.

If anyone can offer a better translation or more facts, please do.