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Re: Dadi Janki's death

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2020
by GuptaRati 6666
In the pathophysiology of COVID-19, one of the end points is hypo-volumeic shock. The shock arises from toxemia, toxins from the damaged cells lining the lungs.

Re: Dadi Janki's death

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2020
by ex-l
GuptaRati 6666 wrote:Thank you for your extended and valid account of Janki.

Yes, that one memory, the "Good Soul" one, is probably the most outstanding of my BK experience. Of course, I am pretty sure *she* did not believe what she said to me either!!! It was just so empty.

We've documented & discussed Janki's history in more detail elsewhere on this forum. Briefly, as I understand it, her parents were Om Mandli attendees but married her off anyway to an much older man. She was impregnated and, hence, unique among the inner circle that she'd actually had some sort of sexual relationship, albeit unlikely to be a wonderful one. She was long criticised at least in her early Western days as being a bit of a 'man disliker' with an aversions to beards (?), and "antiquated" views towards Black people, who she considered the most impure.

She had a child but "conveniently" it died in infancy, circumstances of which we will never quite know. Not once did I ever hear her speak about the love of it, or the tragedy of the loss of it. Someone else may have to fill in details here but, clearly, its death allowed her to escape back to the Om Mandli. From memory, I think they portrayed her husband as a bad man who physically abused her. We don't know is that is true or to what degree.

Without condoning domestic violence, I can imagine she was as equally unreasonable as other cases of those women who were infatuated with Lekhraj Kirpalani. History records the unrest, unhappiness & unreasonableness the Om Mandli caused.

She got back there late. The BKs say 1937. Bearing in mind it was said in original books to have started as early as 1932, it's hard to believe anything they say. She was certainly not on the list of the original founding members. She does not exist in the history of the early days. The BKs, for the sake of the Janki Foundation, cast her in the mould of being their "nurse". That's not quite true, however, her job at one point was in their sick bay. By all accounts, in the early days, she was a background figure.

After they ran out of Lekhraj Kirpalani's money, she was sent out on service in the early 1950s. This interests me because it was prior to the announcement of a God Shiva (Post-1955). At that time there was only God Brahma Lekhraj Kirpalani. She never spoke about this and presided over the Grand Fraud, the lie, that was the Ad Dev book in the early 1980s that established the "official" but falsified history of the cult.

I wondered if that was when she came to equate bring in the cash, with gaining the love and attention of Lekhraj Kirpalani?

She had a distinct infatuation with Lekhraj Kirpalani. There can be no denying this. He rescued her. The story goes, when she was sent to the West, to save a dying centre in London that another BK had not managed to make work, she demanded to bring the "Trance Light" practise, ie the backlight, life sized transparency picture of Lekhraj Kirpalani.

Many of us, and those that became the PBKs, found consternation in this as the Murlis were full of "no photographs, no remembering Lekhraj Kirpalani" exhortations. Yet she denied them and instituted the practise, that in the last 20 or more years have developed into full-sized, deification and guru worship not just of Lekhraj Kirpalani, but also the inner circle Dadis.

By far, young women and teenage girls, got the worst of Dadi Janki's attentions and many feared her but I have no idea what that was all about as I don't speak Hindi. We did, however, see translated classes of her exhorting them to be so "pure" that they remained even alert in their dream to any sexual or emotional feelings.

You could argue she practised gross hypocrisy as I have seen her split up and divide young, essentially, poor and worthless (to the BKs) couples on one hand' while feting and tolerating wealthy, potentially beneficial couples. As in what you were worth to them in material benefits determined how you were treated, not any degree of "spiritual" enlightenment ... or even personal needs and personal spiritual growth, of which having relationships is an important part.

Personally, I accept that badly managed arranged marriages are little more than community sanctioned rape for the business & monetary benefits, albeit "practical" in a time like 1930s India where there were no women's rights or social welfare. One has to wonder why she was married off and what additional load her sexual experiences led to as regards her attitudes towards love, sex and emotions.

The other shame I think is that no one really ever discussed what Lekhraj Kirpalani taught as far as running the business of the Yagya. He had been a successful businessman, surely he must have given more guidance than what was in the Murlis?

Re: Dadi Janki's death

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2020
by ex-l
Official statement.
Thanks to BapDada that the Brahmin Family is under the protective canopy of BapDada in the present critical times of COVID-19.

Dadi Janki has also ascended to the angelic region which indicates that it’s time for the world drama to restart.

Re: Dadi Janki's death

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2020
by GuptaRati 6666
My concern is the health of the residents of the BK ashram at Mount Abu. Protective canopy, right? I wish not to speculate. How extensive was the PPE gear of the BKs taking care DJ? I also wish not to speculate on an endemic at Mount Abu. PPE is not just a mask and glove, a face shield or safety glasses or chemistry splash goggles are needed.

Re: Dadi Janki's death

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2020
by bkti-pit
This came in today:
Dear family,

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from your unlimited home, Madhuban.

After Dadi Janki's ascension to the angelic realm, a meeting of the Management Committee of PBKIVV was convened on 30 March 2020. After paying respect to Dadi Janki with 2-minutes of silence, and sharing deep and loving sentiments for Dadi and all that she accomplished on the field of service, the members discussed the future running of Yagya systems.

According to the Bye-Laws of the Divine Constitution of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Dadi Hirday Mohini (who was previously the Additional Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris) is to be appointed as Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris; Dadi Ratan Mohini is to be appointed as Additional Administrative Head and Dadi Ishu will continue her role as Joint Administrative Head.

The other systems for Service/Centres already in place will continue as they are. This Yagya, established by Shiv Baba, the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, has always progressed in the past, and will continue to do so.

In Baba's loving Yaad,

Dr Nirmala
Sr Jayanti
Sr Shashi

Re: Dadi Janki's death

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2020
by Pink Panther
bkti-pit wrote: From the letter: This Yagya, established by Shiv Baba, the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, has always progressed in the past, and will continue to do so.

When an organisation exists simply so that it can perpetuate its own existence, its original reason for being established is either forgotten, shown by events to be false or no longer necessary, it becomes what is called "riding the gravy train" - those on it get the best handed to them by virtue of simply having a seat.

Re: Dadi Janki's death

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2020
by ex-l
Pink Panther wrote:... it becomes what is called "riding the gravy train" - those on it get the best handed to them by virtue of simply having a seat.

And those who have remained on it the longest, get the best seat?

I don't know. Obviously, in the background, there is an inner circle who decide things. The old Sisters have value beyond their capacities on a symbolic level of being "Original Jewels"; their physical proximity to Lekhraj Kirpalani, and ability to recount memories - the BKs are big into remembering things - bestowing some kind of status upon them, like the first wife of a pop star, based largely on the interest in their apocryphal stories with which the organisation can make real their existence.

Within the BKs, there's an assumption that the longer you've been doing their meditation, the better or purer you have become, the higher the spiritual status within eternity you have ... with no way to equate how deep, or how well one has applied any practise.

For me, that's all the facade.

What really matters is a willingness to conform within the system, to act & repeat in certain ways, and to maintain the hypocrisy. Certainly not a striving for a greater true, or even better organisational ethics.

For me, the entire inner circle are corrupt. They sustained a lie about their history. They maintain lies about their various revisions and modifications. They close ranks and cover up endless malfeasances within the organisation. And given the extremely strongly likelihood it is all a load of self-serving nonsense on their behalf - and their vague and unrealistic predictions of the past, present & future are never going to happen - what does that really say about the depth or value of their spiritual practises?

"Purity" and "spiritually" re-defined as a willingness to conform to an ever shifting illusion. "Service" as a willing to promote and project it.

The toxicity of their PR sickens me even to have to analyse, never mind swallow and consume.

Re: Dadi Janki's death

PostPosted: 15 Apr 2020
by GuptaRati 6666
The transition of DJ should be a wake up call for the BKs, in terms of PR. It has always exhibited the image of their system of Yoga as a potent means for maintaining optimal health and wellness. Such an exhibition has been done in the face of research and development in the anti-aging community demonstrating that many of the prevalent and incident aging related health conditions in the BK sub-culture can be reversed and are not part of the normal aging process. The BKs have regarded hatha Yoga as Bhakti and body conscious and think that only by sitting in meditation can maintain optimal health. Some schools of martial arts were developed thousands of years ago to counter the negative physiological effects of prolonged meditation. There is even one scholarly publication demonstrating that Jesus was a practicing martial artist (Overill, 2009).

Overill, R.E.(2009). Was Jesus a martial artist? RAMA,4(3).